July 2010

Whether we have experienced it ourselves or witnessed it amongst our family and friends, it seems as though a great number of people are having some very difficult times. The difficulty could be associated with job situations, financial affairs or health matters, other personal issues or a combination of the forementioned, but these times are a crescendo of the past with characteristics of the new hard to recognize. At times, it may feel as though we are like camels trying to squeeze through the eye of a needle. Every now and then it is essential that we get a respite from our daily existence.

This July is a month when we might want to engage the summer activities of recreation, holiday trips and relaxing in the summer sun. Our attention may be more on looking for good times with family and good friends rather than the events occurring in the world. We might feel as though we would prefer to enjoy our lives instead of being anxious about how the world at large, spinning out of control, might impact us. Besides, we could easily rationalize that there is nothing we could do about world events anyway. While there is a great deal of truth that we, as individuals, may not have much influence on the powers-that-be, it would be advised that we keep our ear to the railroad track, maintain an element of awareness and mindfulness regarding worldly affairs and make necessary adaptations to our lives as circumstances might warrant or changing conditions could portend. Obliviousness is not an option during these times.

The month begins pleasantly enough with many people, particularly in the US with the upcoming Fourth of July long holiday weekend, looking to get down to the shore, into the water and escape their mundane realities no matter how briefly.

July starts with three planets in Fire Signs, three planets in Earth Signs, one planet in an Air Sign, and three planets in Water Signs. Five planets are in Cardinal Signs, two planets are in Fixed Signs, and three planets are in Mutable Signs. Four planets are in Positive Signs, and six planets are in Receptive Signs.

The Cardinal T-Square is in play by Sign with the Jupiter and Uranus in Aries square the Sun and Mercury in Cancer and square Pluto in Capricorn, which by Sign is opposed to the Sun and Mercury.

We might be looking at major, even drastic, changes this month. Unless we have plans to do something different and stretch our wings and possibly explore new realms, we could find ourselves champing at the bit, antsy, wanting to get on with things but not fully knowing what things we might want to get on with. We may feel as if there is an itch under our skin, something that we can’t scratch nor relieve of ourselves. We could seek refuge in our home, family and the familiar patterns of the past. But such a refuge might be more of a retreat than true solace. We might seek escapism in new possibilities, trying out different things but feeling as though nothing really measures up.

What is essential during this month of July is to let go of our expectations. We might have great expectations that could lead to grand disappointments. If we let go of our judgment, our opinions and our expectations, we might discover that things are far more exciting and thrilling than anything we could have planned for.

The month does feel the influence of last month’s Lunar Eclipse that highlighted the Pluto energies of transformation, sometimes a crash and burn scenario, other times an easy unfolding of the caterpillar into the butterfly. The unfolding, however, does not have to happen all at once. It is a process and part of the challenge for all of us during this paradigm shift is to let go of the notion of completion, resolution and definitive endings and accept the process of unfolding, with its twists and turns, its shapeshifting and its morphing with no beginning and no end.

The significant T-Square of Uranus opposed Saturn and both square Pluto is operational this month as it has been for recent months. Walks down Memory Lane countered by giant leaps into a void-like future continue to daze us, possibly confuse us, as we find the semblance of our security rocky at best. But, as the wisdom teachings encourage us, we are never given more than we can handle. And during this paradigm shift, our opportunity is to let go of control over situations, and accept our contributory part in the unfolding of our lives. No judgment, no opinion but the alchemical process of transformation.

The conundrum of the T-Square is evident every week of this month of July. On Saturday, the 3rd, the Pisces Moon opposes Saturn before the Moon moves into Aries where it conjuncts both Uranus and Jupiter before squaring Pluto. On Saturday, the 10th, the Gemini Moon squares Saturn before entering Cancer where it squares both Uranus and Jupiter in Aries and opposes the Pluto in Capricorn. On Friday, the 16th, the Virgo Moon conjuncts Saturn before entering Libra where it opposes both Uranus and Jupiter and squares Pluto. On Friday, the 23rd, the Capricorn Moon squares Saturn which has just re-entered Libra, squares both Uranus and Jupiter in Aries and conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. And on Friday, the 30th, the Aries Moon conjuncts both Uranus and Jupiter, opposes Saturn and squares Pluto.

Volatility and extremes can be ratcheted up during these times of July, and it would be wise for us to recognize that the push – pulls between old and new, the alchemical process of turning base lead into gold, may be in operation. The process might not be a comfort zone and it would be wise for us to recognize that the intensity can be heightened severalfold at these times.

Although this T-Square can prove challenging and even vexing, much of July can be enjoyable and pleasant. The enjoyment might be more in our personal worlds than in the world at large. Any upset in geopolitical matters during this period is a precursor of situations that could get more heated and adamant during 2011. But why go there in our summer of intended fun? It would be wise to be aware and mindful of situations simmering in order to see what could be percolating to a boiling point during this forthcoming year of 2011.

July can be a dreamy month, a month when we see possibilities for ourselves that we might not ever have considered before. Although the prospects may seem momentary glimmers, they could also give us a heads-up regarding where we want to put our energies in the future and how we can be. But before we get there, we may have to do a certain amount of shedding, ridding ourselves of the outworn and the outmoded, eliminating the superfluous and extraneous from our lives.

July 5th has Uranus turning retrograde. Some of our new involvements, the testing of our waters, a new sense of ourselves may have to be put on hold. We need not forget what we have seen as to who we could become, but we may have to put some of our activities and interests aside before we can fully embrace them. We might still have old patterns, outstanding issues and certain responsibilities that we have to attend to before we can jump ahead into a new sense of our being.

If we keep in mind that life is not a straight line but rather a labyrinth where we may seem to step away from the realization of our dreams only to find the dreams awaiting us further down the road, then we do not have to become discouraged and despondent that immediate gratification is not always available. Let’s always remember that that which we are seeking is also seeking us — the law of attraction, the law of magnetization.

With Uranus turning retrograde on the 5th, we do have to be wary of travel problems, computer glitches and unexpected events liable to get in our way of smooth sailing. If we are traveling during this time, it would be wise to add on extra time, drive defensively if we are driving and not put ourselves at risk. Internet problems could be evident with hacking a liability or overload of the infrastructure.

There are some pleasant energies towards the latter part of that week. We may be in a shopping mood, giving thought to additions to our wardrobe or to our house.

The 8th has Venus finishing its transit of Leo opposing Neptune. The 9th has Mercury sextile Saturn just before Mercury exits Cancer to enter Leo where it trines Uranus. We might seek out some fun activities with that special someone in our lives, an activity that we have not tried before. And we might do so in a spontaneous manner but with all the details at the ready. Whether we go away for a few days, or take a day trip, we want something different and exciting and something that invigorates us. Our thoughts can be inspired and this is also a time when all the pieces fit neatly into the puzzle. If anything has been perplexing us, now is a time for the right approach and appropriate solution to come out of the blue. Wonderful surprises, great opportunities could come forward by our being in the right place at the right time.

The 11th has a Solar Eclipse in Cancer with the Sun Moon conjunct sextile Mars. Mercury trines Jupiter. We may be a little defensive, unsure of ourselves and feeling as though no one truly understands us. We might even be concerned about our financial picture, especially if we hear about additional economic problems. We don’t have to fall into fear but can use this time to devise a good financial strategy for ourselves — paring down our expenses while buttressing our revenue stream. It is important that we not assuage any concern by being extravagant or overspending. It would be far wiser to use this energy as a call to action whereby we accept responsibility for our financial future and recognize the implications and long-term consequences of decisions made by the powers-that-be. I would also suggest that we take a conservative, even bearish, approach to our investments.

Saturn exits Virgo on the 21st and moves into Libra for its two + year cycle of the Cardinal Air Sign. During this period of transformation, some of which might be like greased wheels, other times like being on an ever tightening rack; we have to be aware that any frustrations we suffer might be vented through our personal relationships. The question of personal needs and the needs of the partner doesn’t have to be a tug-of-war but rather can be a synthesis seeking best case scenarios for each and developing win-win situations for both.

The Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd and trines Uranus on the 23rd. We may want to step out and go beyond our normal parameters. Travel may be the tonic for us, getting away from our daily routine and being free from our ordinary matters. Our creative juices may be flowing and we’re looking to put our mark on new activities and involvements that allow us to discover new aspects of ourselves. Like a blank canvas, we can use this time to paint in textures and colors that we might be unaccustomed to. None of us is looking at re-creating our past and, even if we were, that was then, this is now. It is important that we discard the old program, the old patterns and accept the reality that we have stepped off into a whole new realm of living. While it may seem scary to those attached to the past, we can initially try things out rather than committing to any one thing for the long haul.

The 23rd also has Jupiter turning retrograde. The two Aries transiting planets, Uranus and Jupiter, are now both retrograde, about to retrograde back into Pisces before turning direct towards the latter part of the Autumn and coming back into Aries in 2011 for their full transit of the Cardinal Fire Sign. Let’s take note of some of our new ideas, new interests, new ways of seeing ourselves. For while we might have to put some of our ‘newness’ on the back burner, we can develop these interests and the new sense of self more in the 2011 period and on.

We are not who we were, but we are also not who we are becoming.

The 25th has Jupiter square Pluto followed by the Aquarius Full Moon on the 25th, and on the 26th Mercury opposed Neptune, the Sun trine Jupiter and the last of the Saturn Uranus opposition. This is a powerful time and suggests the paradox of increased consolidation of power by governments and corporate entities opposed by the ‘power to the person’ theme abetted by technological advances. On the one hand, we may hear of greater restrictions and regulations from the powers-that-be. On the other hand, we may see the individual expression having no bounds and afforded full expression by means of the new technologies. Transparency may not come by means of authority but rather through individual revelations.

This period could see demonstrations, protests, people making their voice heard, and not merely questioning authority but casting a blinding light on actions and decisions made by traditional institutions.

For each of us, this period is also a time to do a major inventory taking of our lives, seeing what is truly important and that which has served its purpose and is no longer relevant for our present, much less our future. Clarity may not be our strongest suit at this time, so it would be judicious in going slow with any significant decisions or major commitments. If we are not fully convinced of our actions or our decisions, then it would be wise to wait until the timing is more appropriate for us. Eventually, all will be revealed, for this time speaks to the stripping away of the veil of Maya, pulling back the curtains of illusions and hype in order to see what is truly going on.

On the 27th of July, Mercury moves into its own Sign of Virgo. Our analytical ability is sharpened and we can dissect the varying presentations to see where the facts hold true and where the particulars don’t quite fit together.

The 29th has Mars moving out of Virgo and moving into Libra, triggering the Cardinal Sign T-Square, as Mars opposes Uranus on the 30th and Mars conjuncts Saturn on the 31st.

The end of the month can be quite intense and may be a prelude to the first week of August, especially around the 4th of August when Mars squares Pluto and opposes Jupiter. Fortunately on the 30th, we also have Mercury trine Pluto. Although people can be belligerent with some degree of sabre-rattling likely to go on, thanks to the Cardinal Sign T-Square, we can also cut to the core, focus on the essence of a situation and then determine the best means to resolve matters. The key element is to avoid knee-jerk reactions, for the energies during this time could trigger impetuous actions and even accidents as a result of haste. If we can temper our energy, avoid taking offense to whatever might be said or done to us, then we could devise the most effective means to address situations.

This end of July could be a significant trigger point, and it would be wise for us to stay out of harm’s way. The end of July and early August might prove explosive and eruptive and seems the high point of tension during these summer months.

We are living in volatile times, times when things seem to go relatively smoothly, other times when it feels as though the rug is being pulled out from under us. Maintaining awareness and being mindful are the keys in safely navigating the changing currents of these times. We can enjoy ourselves, have some exceptionally good times, all the while that we keep in mind that life and our living and even our sense of selves are shifting and changing.

July 2010… surfing the precipice…