June 2010

This June could prove a most exciting month, a time when we explore new facets of ourselves and commit to emphasizing our own personal interests.  There can be various social occasions, various comings out and various activities that allow us to test the waters of new interests and new characteristics of ourselves.  The main focus of this month is the ‘ME’ factor.

Perhaps we’ve had enough hand wringing about how life has changed.  Maybe we have finally given up on so-called leaders, realizing that they all have a knack of being bozos on the bus.  We might realize that our lives have become a kaleidoscope of different events, people and incidents, all of which can offer us lessons and insights into the paradigm shift that we are going through.  And the beauty of these times is the fact that pearls of wisdom can be found in the most unexpected and even the unlikeliest places.

Life now, and especially this June, is reminiscent of the story of the yogi who while traveling in New York City decided to try a Sabrett’s hot dog from a street vendor.  The yogi asked the street vendor for a hot dog with all the works and handed the vendor a twenty dollar bill.  When change was not forthcoming, the yogi asked the street vendor for change, to which the street vendor replied: ‘change comes from within’.

In deed it does.  In various governmental elections, whether in the US, the UK, or other national elections, the word ‘change’ has been bandied about.  To some degree, the use of the term reflects the times in which we live, the paradigm shift that we as a society are all going through.  To a larger degree, the term reflects what is occurring within each one of us.  We are going through change, a metamorphosis and major transformation.  Our change may seem forced upon us as a result of the economic vagaries of these times.  Our change may be initiated by some external shift we make to try and effectively deal with these times.  And our change may also be more internalized whereby we know where we’ve been, are not looking to re-create our past, but might not be fully aware of where we wish to go.

And this is the beauty of this June — a month of exploration, self-discovery and self-expression, and a time when any semblance of balance seems shaken ever more so by events happening in the world around us.

June begins with two planets in Fire Signs, four planets in Earth Signs, two planets in Air Signs, and two planets in Water Signs.  Four planets are in Cardinal Signs, three planets are in Fixed Signs, and three planets are in Mutable Signs.  Four planets are in Positive Signs, and six planets are in Receptive Signs.  These are the beginnings of June and the imprint of early June for Europe and through the Central Time Zone of the US.  For the Mountain Time Zone of the US and further West, June begins with two planets in Fire Signs, three planets in Earth Signs, three planets in Air Signs, and two planets in Water Signs.  Three planets are in Cardinal Signs, four planets are in Fixed Signs, and three planets are in Mutable Signs.  Five planets are in Positive Signs, and five planets are in Receptive Signs.

Whether East or West, the month of June begins with T-Squares by Sign in all three quadruplicities and a Grand Trine by Sign in the Earth Element.

There may be a great deal of scurrying around during this month of June with various new concepts and alternative solutions presented to ‘fix’ the world.  Such projects can occur both in our individual, personal worlds and in the world at large.  Where a problem could arise is in the paradox of this month — the early part seeming so advanced, iconoclastic and radical with ‘outside the box’ solutions and new initiations.  The latter part of the month could be a practical testing of some of the new beginnings, some on the new initiations, only to find some of them having holes and not holding water.

The beginning of June feels the impact of some of the significant shifts that occurred during the latter part of May.  Back on the 27th of May, Uranus exited Pisces and entered Aries for its initial and brief transit of the Cardinal Fire Sign through much of this Summer, before retrograding back into Pisces and prior to its multi-year transit of Aries starting next year.  On the 30th of May, Saturn ended its retrograde cycle and turned direct to finish its transit of Virgo before entering back into Libra during the latter part of July.  And on the 31st of May, Neptune turned retrograde and will retrograde until turning direct in early November.

June has us feeling like we need to get on with ‘it’, even if we are not certain about what the ‘it’ might be.  We might feel determined that any action is far better than inaction or the sense of spinning our wheels.

We may have a realization that our so-called leaders and authority figures have little clue, or perhaps no clue, regarding how best to deal with the problems at hand.  Consequently, we might decide that we are no longer willing to ‘wait for Godot’ but rather determine to take things in hand and get on with our lives.  And we could have a sense that the wind is to our backs and serendipity in our stars, especially during the second week of June.

Before we get to the second week of June, we may have some upsets with friends or with our plans.   The 4th of June has the Leo Mars opposed the retrograding Neptune in Aquarius, a time when we might try to force our will to make our desired objectives a reality.  The question of whether our personal interests are in line with or in conflict with the greater good and the collective will could be raised.  Finding the balance of accentuating our individual needs within the realm of society could be an interesting issue as some people feel like an island unto themselves, other people feeling like they have to acquiesce their personal desires to the mores of social decorum and political correctness.  For each of us, we shall have to find how we can best blend our individual expressions and self-assertions within the larger context of society at large.

But these times do speak to the concept of ‘power to the person’, and this instigation can be flamed by Jupiter moving into Aries on the 6th and conjuncting Uranus in Aries on the 8th.  We are feeling the heat of the coming Summer, and our interests lie in asserting ourselves, trying out new interests, involving ourselves in new activities and generally expressing the importance of our own being.

The second week of June seems a time for us to experiment, investigate and self-discover.  Jupiter enters Aries on the 6th, Mars moves into Virgo on the 7th and Mercury moves into its own Sign of Gemini on the 10th.  We want to stretch our wings, feel the power of our individual expressions and stretch beyond the constraints of our past and our past definitions.  And the interactions between the planets provide the impetus for us to do so.  On the 8th, Jupiter conjuncts Uranus and Mercury trines Saturn.  On the 9th, Mercury squares Neptune, followed on the 10th by Mercury sextile Uranus and Mercury sextile Jupiter.  On the 11th, Mercury squares Mars, and on the 12th we have the Gemini New Moon with Venus sextile Saturn.

This second week of June can feel like a carnival with various sideshows that are exciting and thrilling.  This is a week when we might feel as though the dark clouds have parted and there is only radiant sunshine streaming down on us. The world suddenly may seem as though it had righted itself, with many of the worries and concerns dropping away as a result of innovative approaches and thinking outside the box.

We may feel as though we have finally found the right track for our trajectory, but it would be wise for us to take our steps judiciously with continual evaluation and re-evaluation to see whether our steps are in the right direction for the long-term or whether the steps taken are but stepping stones to some alternative trajectory and a far different direction as we proceed.

Although most of us might prefer a semblance of balance and ‘normalcy’ during these times, such a quality would also speak to stasis.  We are certainly not in a stasis period.  On the contrary, we are in a wildly volatile time, yet a time that in its volatility allows for an incredible dynamic whereby things can shift and change without a moment’s notice.  And we might truly see that truth as we compare the early part of June with the latter part of the month.

And the volatility, dynamics and radical shifts of these times also force us out of our egocentric personality whereby we assume that we can make things happen by the power of our will and master the universe.  Increasingly, we are likely to see the importance of accepting our role not as masters of the universe but rather as co-creators of our destiny with the twists and turns of the universal energies unfolding.

This second week of June allows for exploration and even initiating new projects and developing new interests.  But in so doing it would be wise that we make our plans in pencil with a large eraser, that we not overly commit ourselves for the long-term to a specific and narrow vision of our future, and that we be like little children embracing the awe and wonder and magic of the world.

Apart from a couple of hiccups on the 4th, the 9th and the 11th that may keep us humble, the first half of June can seem like an idyllic paradise.  The Gemini New Moon on the 12th can signal a fortnight of family get-togethers, reunions, celebrations and good times, although some of these social occasions may seem more obligatory and made earlier before we got this new impulse of doing our own thing and emphasizing our personal interests.  The acceleration of time now may seem especially poignant, for we may feel as though commitments made for this time are more a hindrance than a joy.  The mirror for us at this time is to allow ourselves to see how much we have changed, how our interests have gone into new directions and how fast life is moving.

The 14th has Venus moving into Leo where its trines Uranus and followed on the 15th by Venus trine Jupiter and Mars trine Pluto.  We are looking for fun, for re-creational pursuits and able to see where we want to go with the most effective means by which to get there.  We have become impassioned by life and are accepting of the craziness around us, although seeing it merely as a backdrop and possibly like irritating mosquitoes an annoyance but not getting in the way of our doing our own thing.  Serendipity is in the air.  The magic and miracles of these times could prove more apparent.

We may feel as if we’re walking in sunshine, with few cares in the world and with a realization that people may be fiddling as elements of the world are on fire, but that we didn’t start the fire nor are we responsible for putting out the fire.  On the contrary, the fires raging may allow us to see how we cannot re-create the past even if we were interested in doing so, and how the fires can be an impelling force for us to seek and try alternative ways and consider alternative options for our lives.

There is a wise saying that states: when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

We may seem ever ready, as new doors open to us, and we walk across the threshold into new activities and new interests, during the first half of June.

More into the second half of June, we might feel as though life has become a Jekyll and Hyde scenario, and in truth it has.  Whenever we are about to make significant changes it seems as though elements of our past come forward to test us, to possibly seduce us and to try and entrap us in order to see whether we are attached to our past and the definition of ourselves based upon past experience or whether we are willing to step forward into the unknown of the future.

And so it is with this second half of June.  On the 19th, the Gemini Sun squares Saturn and trines Neptune.  Past issues and old matters may impinge upon our future plans.  We might feel certain constraints or restrictions on where we want to go.  We could sense that our confidence and enthusiasm earlier in the month was but wishful thinking, a hallucinogenic of what could be in all its grand illusions as opposed to what is and the true reality of life’s situations.

Our lives are often determined by our attitudes.  Our perspective of life is but an opinion, a judgment based upon how we choose to see life.  Like the half glass of water, our attitude can be to see the glass as half empty or as half full.  Our attitude is our choice, and our view of life only a judgment and an opinion.

While we may have had great enthusiasm early in the month, even to the point of irrational exuberance, and seeing the half glass of water as half full and filling up; the latter part of the month could be more of a dampener, even to the point of irrational depression, and seeing the half glass of water as half empty and leaking slowly away.

Summer of 2010 begins on the 21st and as the Sun enters Cancer it also squares Uranus.  During this fourth week of June, the Sun then goes on to square Jupiter on the 23rd and on the 25th opposes Pluto.  We may feel the push pulls of wanting to make changes but assuming we do not have the resources in order to do so.

This week also has Mercury square Saturn and trine Neptune on the 24th, followed by Mercury entering Cancer on the 25th when Mercury also squares Uranus.  On the 26th during the Full Moon Eclipse, Mercury squares Jupiter, followed on the 27th by Mercury opposed Pluto.

This latter part of June could prove somewhat traumatic.  Some of the projects initiated under a better attitude in the early part of June might seem to come to naught.  Events out of our control [and aren’t all events really out of our control and especially during this paradigm shift when we let go of the sense of being ‘masters’ and accept our role as ‘co-creators’?] may have an impact on us.  The world seeming to have righted itself and moving into a more idyllic phase earlier in the month now may seem as if spinning out of control.  Actings out, weather calamities and outrageous behavior could grab the headlines and give us cause for concern.

The Full Moon Eclipse on the 26th has the Sun Mercury conjunction opposed a Moon Pluto conjunction and both within orb of square to the Jupiter Uranus conjunction.  One cannot downplay the intensity of this period.  And in deed the paradox of the month may seem ever more evident.

If we can use the earlier part of the month for self-discovery, investigation of new possibilities and self-exploration, then the latter part of the month can provide a tempering process, a phase when we both look back at what has been, tie up any loose ends and also consider whether our new interests truly have staying power or were temporary distractions to move us off square one.

June… the Jekyll and Hyde of life in 2010…