Monthly Archives: May, 2009

  • June 1st – 7th

    We may start the week off on the wrong foot. Things might not go right and unexpected situations could demand our attention.

  • June

    June seems a largely upbeat, flying high kind of month when we may want to engage in various social activities, have some fun adventures and get out of Dodge to explore new terrain. We are looking at spreading our wings, fixing up our homes and our lives, and looking to get the past behind us in order to start anew or, at least, rebuild on more solid foundations.

  • May 25th – 31st

    We could be ready to take on the world and make it our own this week. Our desire to put our mark on things can lead to an expansive, exuberant desire to add on more and more to our activities roster. Nice concept for a Super Being

  • May 18th – 24th

    Life can accelerate this week as though moving into a turbothrust. Much is going on and the ability to keep it all together may be challenging.

  • May 11th – 17th

    Spring fever may be in the air. We may be more interested in getting out-of-doors, going for a walk in the countryside or just expanding our realm. Feeling upbeat to start the week,…

  • May 4th – 10th

    This week could be slow starting. We might have a great deal on our plate, and unexpected situations to cope with as well. Other people’s needs may place demands on us, taking us away from what we wanted to do.