April could be a real whipsaw month, a month of extremes, and a month of paradoxes.  Like the old western classic movie, it’s a month of the good, the bad, and the ugly.  We are likely to be high energy (or is that high anxiety?) during this month.

We may want to jump ahead, advance our personal interests but possibly without due diligence or proper consideration of how it might impact other people.

The first half of the month encourages impulse and initiation but perhaps without the necessary grounding or focus as much as wanting to take action, any action.  As we move through the month, we are likely to slow things down, take things step by step and provide a more grounded, focused approach rather than our impetuous primal screams of self-assertion.

April starts with three planets in a Fire Sign, two planets in Earth Signs, three planets in Air Signs and two planets in a Water Sign.  There is a Stellium of three or more planets in Aries with the Sun, Mercury and Venus transiting the Cardinal Fire Sign to begin the month.  Four planets are in Cardinal Signs, two planets are in a Fixed Sign, and four planets are in Mutable Signs.  There is a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon in Gemini, Saturn in Virgo and Mars and Uranus in Pisces.  Six planets are in positive Signs, and four planets are in Negative Signs.

As we have had in recent months, April begins with a bucket pattern chart, although this one not as concentrated as in recent months past.  Saturn continues to be the singleton, the handle to the bucket.  We still have delays, frustrations and old issues impeding our desire to leap forward.  Although we may feel challenged by past actions, the Saturn singleton could also allow for a tempering of wild abandon and jumping forcefully forward without having dealt with baggage that could impede our movements further down the road. 

The Mutable Sign T-Square can have us juggling a number of projects and activities.  We need to avoid losing sight of the big picture and instead dealing solely with the various pieces to the puzzle.  It would be important not to fall prey to a victim role, a reactive stance, whereby we are addressing situations as they come along.  Some situations may be unexpected and force us to add more onto our plate than we had planned for.  If we can keep an optimistic, philosophical attitude about life, then we are likely to far better handle things that come at us or demand our attention.  It would be wise to keep in mind the saying that life’s too mysterious, don’t take it serious. 

Although many of us may feel that the old securities and reliabilities have fallen by the way side, these changing times also allow the opportunity of catalytic growth, of being able to change situations without a moment’s notice.  Yes, it could prove dizzying, but only if we get caught up in the movement and lose sight of the distant horizon.  Looking up now and again, taking time to reflect and consider the possibilities for our future, are both important elements for us not to give into anxiety or concern about where we are going. 

We may not be totally clear regarding where we are headed, and may even question whether we can get to where we are going, but it would be essential to keep in mind that we are going through a paradigm shift, a transitioning time, and a time when we are moving away from the linear, sequential progression of reality into the asequential, non-linear unfolding of reality.  Serendipity, synchronicity and things coming out of the blue are our future.  And we don’t have to make it all happen but rather to be open to receiving and work with peripheral vision in order to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.  Although we might question it in the moment, increasingly we are likely to realize that the universe does work.

The first few days of April can be rather intense.  We continue with the Venus retrograde in Aries that has gone on since early last month.  Venus is uncomfortable in Aries, tends to make us concentrate on our personal interests in our relationships, looking out for number one, rather than what works for the other participants in the relationship.  If we have had relationship issues over the past month, we might hit another blip on the screen in early April, as Venus squares Pluto on the 3rd, followed by Pluto turning retrograde on the 4th.

There can be blow-ups, radical actings out and explosions during this time frame.  We need to be rather cautious, emphasize diplomacy and decorum in our interactions.  Otherwise, people could be drawing lines in the sand, challenging other people, and even becoming rather belligerent.

I have found that when Pluto turns direction, whether from direct to retrograde motion or vice versa, there tends to be a ratcheting up of violence, martial actions, and bomb blasts. 

On the 4th, we also have Mercury sextile Jupiter and Mars opposed Saturn.  From a false sense of confidence, we have to be wary of missteps, of acting without thinking but having confidence that our actions are divinely inspired.  Around this time, we also have to watch for accidents as a result of moving ahead without considering the conditions.  Old issues, old patterns could trip us up.  It would be important for us to look at specifics, study the details and scratch below the surface to see what is truly going on. 

Actions in the world around this first weekend in April could send shivers down our spine.  It would be essential to remember that while the larger world can influence our personal world, it may not have as much impact as our choices amidst the changing parameters.  Let’s remember, in our thoughts, in our actions, we always have choice, choice as to how we choose to see things, choice to choose our actions within the changing paradigm.

The Libra Full Moon on the 9th puts greater emphasis upon our plans, our friends, our social interactions and our future intentions.  We may feel far more uplifted, especially with the fact that Mercury has just exited Aries to enter Taurus.  Mercury leaving Aries ends the Stellium of three or more planets in the Cardinal Fire Sign.  With its entrance into Taurus, Mercury creates the Earth Grand Trine with Mercury in Taurus, Saturn in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn.  On the 11th, Mercury trines Pluto, and on the 17th Mercury trines Saturn.

From an impetuousness and a rush to action we might have felt since the latter part of March, we are now taking our time, considering the details, and with focused intent coming up with a best practices approach.  This Earth Grand Trine, by Sign, continues on into early July.  We have several months when we can plant the seeds and develop our projects, all in a grounded and focused manner.

Much of the hand wringing can be behind us, as we will ourselves to step up to the plate, take action, all the while cognizant of the changing conditions, the new and varied circumstances.

The Full Moon on the 9th also brings completion to the Aries New Moon influence that we have been feeling since March 26th.  With its squares to Pluto, this Aries New Moon might have had us wanting to leap forward only to feel that we were banging our heads against the wall or dealing with insurmountable forces preventing us from moving easily ahead.

This mid-April period can be an especially pleasant one.  It is the time in Christian theology that celebrates Easter, the resurrection and ascension of Jesus in becoming the Christ.  It is a time of renewal and rebirth.  In Judaism, this period in April marks Passover, a time of liberation and freedom from bondage.

With the energies operating in this April we may, whether consciously or subconsciously, be feeling the same — a time of rebirth and renewal, a time of freedom and liberation.  We do not have to be bound by the shackles of our past — whether that past be our experience, our actions and decisions, or our conditioning.

Yes, we can free ourselves, liberate ourselves, and determine to move across the threshold into a new paradigm, that paradigm whereby we place our faith not in an individual, a Teacher, or a Messiah, but rather faith in ourselves and in the universe, recognizing that we can grow and develop under any circumstances, in any conditions.  I am always struck when I drive along Highway 1 around the Big Sur coastline, and see trees growing up from crevices in rocks.  The thrust of life cannot be thwarted in nature, or in ourselves.

On the 11th, Venus retrogrades out of Aries and moves back into Pisces.  This is also the day that Mercury transiting Taurus trines Pluto.  On the 10th, the Sun sextiles Jupiter.

Around this time, we may feel a true awakening, as though we have come out from under a dark cloud, as if we have regained our confidence in ourselves and in the universe.  Yes, this can truly be a time of rebirth and renewal.

Our thoughts are likely to be far more perceptive, looking at how we truly can utilize a best practices approach, focus on the fundamentals and be both effective and productive in our thoughts, in our discussions, and in our plans.

We may regain our spiritual self, no longer throwing tantrums or creating problems in our interactions.  Our compassion can be re-engaged and we have the opportunity of feeling, sensing and understanding that there is something far greater for us than anything we might have planned.  Our faith can be restored, renewed as we take a longer look, a deeper perspective and recognize that, in truth, all things work out in the end.

Around the 15th, it will be essential for us not to leap into new directions assuming that everything will work out according to our dictates.  No, part of the renewal and rebirth is for us to let go of the misguided concept of controlling the world, of being masters of our universe.  We can be co-creators but the days of making things happen, and bending things to our will, are behind us.  Besides, they were more a fallacy and an illusion rather than the true reality.  Increasingly, we can become aware that we can be co-creators, working with the universe, aware of the energies and working with them in a highly effective and most productive manner.

On the 15th, Mars conjuncts Uranus and the Sun sextiles Neptune.  Based on misguided beliefs, this day could be one of accidents and unexpected situations that throw us a curveball.  Storm systems could be incredibly strong now, with a deluge of water.  Travel plans could be disrupted and it would be wise for us to dampen our recent feeling of rebirth and not assume that we are in control.  Contingency plans, flexibility and adaptability are key around the 15th of the month.

On the 17th, Mercury triggers the other part of the Earth Grand Trine, as Mercury trines Saturn.  On the 11th, we had Mercury trine Pluto and now Mercury trines Saturn.  The 17th is also the day that Venus ends its six-week retrograde cycle and turns direct.  Our relationships can improve and we may also discover that we can put plans into action in a structured, methodical manner.

On the 19th, the Sun exits Aries and enters Taurus, adding to the influence of the Earth Grand Trine, with the Sun trine Pluto exact on the 23rd just before the Taurus New Moon and the Sun trine Saturn exact next month, on May the 5th.

We shall have the opportunity of taking things step by step, but keeping in mind that our steps may not be a direct or linear progression but rather as we take one step the need to evaluate, consider our present parameters, be open to options and alternatives before taking a further step — whether that next step be a step forward, a step sideways, a step back, or a great leap forward.  At times, we may feel as if we were playing twister.

On the 22nd, Earth Day, Mercury squares Jupiter and Mars exits Pisces to enter its own Sign of Aries.  We may have far more energy now, feel less lethargic or tired by the caroming that has gone on.

The 23rd has the Sun trine Pluto, an energy in force at the time of the Taurus New Moon on the 24th-25th.  While last month’s New Moon in Aries squared Pluto, this month’s Taurus New Moon trines Pluto.  At this time, we also have Mercury sextile Uranus and Venus exiting Pisces to enter Aries.  While the thrust of energy allows us to develop our projects, come up with a best practices approach in moving our interests forward, we do have to keep a rein on our enthusiasm and our determination. 

During this time, we also have the Mercury square Jupiter on the 22nd and Mercury square Neptune on the 25th.  We could get easily enamored with prospects of expanding our activities and broadening our scope.  Feeling more enlivened and energetic, we could start traipsing down the yellow brick road, filled with hopes and visions of possibilities that only wish fulfillment might be able to fulfill.

Checking, evaluating, being flexible and adaptable are key elements to successfully navigating the swirling currents of these times.

Yet, as the saying states: ‘we never get more than we can handle.’  And to pile on the clichés, although true in substance: necessity is the mother of invention.

Our insights can be strong, coupled with the ability to generate options and alternatives that we might not otherwise recognize or appreciate.  And with our newfound sense of energy and determination, we could virtually move mountains, or at the very least, move mountains in virtual space.

There is magic in the air, and with appropriate and realistic seeds, we can plant our plans, projects and activities in fertile soil.

The swirling currents could turn to rapids around the 26th.  Mars having entered Aries squares Pluto on the 26th.  This is a powerful force, an explosive energy, when eruptions can occur and people can push the envelope with radical actings out.  The energy is ratcheted up severalfold and we need to keep a rein on our passion and determination.  Otherwise, we could find ourselves, and / or other people, being loose cannons, ready to pop off without a moment’s notice.

With Venus now in Aries, following Mars closely behind, early May has Venus squaring Pluto for a third time — first, back in February on the 5th, second, April 3rd, and now the third time with the Venus square Pluto on May 2nd.

But for April, we need watch the Mars square Pluto at the end of the month.

On the 30th, Mercury exits Taurus and enters its own Sign of Gemini, triggering by Sign a Mutable Sign T-Square with Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces.  The tendency towards juggling ratchets up once again, with our thoughts considering all sorts of options, dealing with the past and looking toward a radical future. 

This April may be a month of paradoxes.  We start with the thrust of energy to put our mark and imprint on things.  We move into a more focused, concentrated effort of best practices approach to take our intentions from concept into execution.  As we do so, it will be important for us to keep a rein on how we expand our interests and evaluate whether those activities in which we are engaging and developing truly serve us on an essential and fundamental basis.

The energy is there to accomplish great works but also to wreak havoc.  By not getting swept away in the swirling currents of these times, we can successfully navigate our journey.

April… the good, the bad and the ugly…