October 2017

The astrology as we begin October 2017 is likely to give us increased determination and aroused passion to make manifest our greatest hopes and dreams.

Mars trines Pluto on the 1st of October. If we have taken the time to strategically devise our plans, taking into account both the picture of our intended result and the little picture of all the specifics necessary to achieve our goal, we might find that we are virtually moving mountains. There may be no stopping us with the power, passion and determination we may be exhibiting.

There can be few people wishing to stop us during this first week of October. Not only do we have Mars trine Pluto on the 1st. The 3rd of October has Venus trine Pluto. We can gain advocates and win people to our side for our greatest ambitions. We might have a greater sense of being on the right track, feeling as though we are being divinely guided, and ever closer to realizing our personal destiny.

This phenomenal energy crescendoes with the Harvest Moon, the Aries Full Moon on the 5th of October, a day when Venus conjuncts Mars. Much can be accomplished during this first week of October. Things may run far more smoothly at this time than during the second week of October.

The 8th of October has the Sun conjunct Mercury and Venus square Saturn. We may have some great ideas for our future and could be encouraged by a loving advocate. Although our thoughts are turned towards what lies ahead, we might be tripped up by outstanding matters or details to situations thought once resolved that come back to nag at us. Let’s avoid traipsing off into la-la-land, since hard cold reality might give us a lateral lobotomy, one of those universal whacks on the side of the head as a wake up call.

The Sun Mercury conjunction on the 8th can be pleasant, but this aspect is followed by the Sun and Mercury both square Pluto on the 9th. Our hopes may be dashed as we realize the various obstacles that stand in our way. We might not have the resources at our disposal, or we could find that our plans run afoul of standards and regulations. Whatever comes up could prove a downer to our ambitions.

The 10th of October has Jupiter ending its year transit of Libra as Jupiter enters Scorpio. Jupiter transits through the Fixed Water Sign until early November 2018. While Jupiter in Libra has accentuated our relationships, Jupiter in Scorpio can create a more secretive environment with a great deal of intensity but little transparency. More can go on behind the scenes, and people may hold their cards close to their chest.

On a collective level, the governmental stimulus packages of the past ten years, which have increased debt levels, can bring a sense of ‘dance to the music, pay to the piper’. Being boxed in and unable to raise interest rates for fear of the consequent increase in interest payments, governments may have less at their disposal in regard to monetary policy.

And the consumer in the US has gone on a tear racking up significant debt, forgetting the admonition that ‘those who don’t learn from their history are doomed to repeat it’.

One of the triggers of the 2008 ‘Great Recession’ was the subprime mortgage crisis, offering mortgages to people who did not have the credit history nor could truly afford the payments when things turned south. Financial commentators now warn of an impending crisis in the deep subprime auto loans, providing car loans to people who do not have the financial backup to afford the loan payments if things get tough financially.

Time will tell, but certainly Jupiter in Scorpio will bring up issues regarding our financial resources, personal and societal.

The 11th of October has Mars square Saturn. Acting impulsively and without forethought could make us accident-prone. Our actions might be ill-conceived. It would be important for us to rein in our enthusiasm and our passion, for we may want to force issues and advance aggressively ahead during less than fortuitous conditions. Let’s always keep in mind that ‘timing is everything’, and astrology offers us a window into how the energies are operating, whether favorable or more difficult. This time would be more difficult.

The 12th of October has Mercury sextile Saturn. These two days of the 11th – 12th could prove to be a case of putting the cart before the horse. If we raced forward on the 11th and scraped our knees, or worse, the 12th allows us to rethink what we have done. We can rectify any mistakes we might have made by reason of our impetuousness. While it would be preferable to think things out before launching forward, there are times when our passion gets the better of us and we just go for it no matter the conditions. This could be one of those timeframes.

The 14th of October has Venus exiting Virgo and moving into Libra, the Sign that Venus rules. We now have a Stellium of three planets in the Cardinal Air Sign as Venus joins the Sun and Mercury in Libra. We can be far more considerate in our relationships, less critical of the flaws we might see in other people and less judgmental of the foibles of humankind.

The Libra transiting planets will oppose Uranus in Aries, the first of these transits being on the 15th of October when Mercury opposes Uranus. Communications can be severely off. There can be misunderstandings, traffic delays, travel problems and computer issues, to name a few. Adverse aspects between Mercury and Uranus, and the Mercury Uranus opposition being one of them, are my least favorite times for air travel.

The Sun sextiles Saturn on the 16th of October. We might hear from old friends who live far from us and with whom we have seldom contact. We could also draw upon the sage advice of someone who can objectively critique our plans and our future goals. We are often too close to what we want to do to have a detached and truly objective perspective. Having someone we trust to evaluate our plans can prevent us from missteps, and they could also offer suggestions regarding the right template and the appropriate means to achieve our goals.

Mercury exits Libra and enters Scorpio on the 17th, ending the Libra Stellium. With Mercury transiting Scorpio and with Mercury conjunct Jupiter on the 18th our mind can be sharp, our tongue caustic. Under this energy configuration, we can take a focused look at our finances, determine a budget for ourselves and consider how best to manage any debt that we maintain.

The 19th of October has the Libra New Moon with the Sun Moon conjunction opposed Uranus. Libra being the Sign of balance, with an appreciation that balance is often found by swinging between extremes, we may find that the next two weeks ask us to balance our personal needs with the needs of someone else. We could swing between being totally self-absorbed to being overly accommodating to someone else’s concerns. We might be itching to start something new, but it would be suggested that we keep in mind that we do not operate solely in a vacuum, all by our self, but rather that we operate within our community, whether that be a community of one significant other person or a community of many other people. This two-week period asks us to refrain from acting without thinking about the ramifications of our actions with an additional nod to the law of unintended consequences. What we might set into motion can have a life of its own, no matter our best intentions.

The 22nd of October has Mars exiting Virgo to enter Libra, a Sign in which Mars is in Detriment and rather uncomfortable. With Mars in Libra we might find ourselves indecisive, all over the place, trying to do this and then shifting to try to do that, without a clear direction. The metronome may be engaged but without finding the median or balance point.

The 22nd – 23rd has the Sun exiting Libra, ending the Stellium in the Cardinal Air Sign. The Sun enters Scorpio, triggering a Stellium in the Fixed Water Sign, as the Sun joins Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio. Intensity can be ratcheted up, but it may prove hard to figure where people are coming from as they reveal little.

The Sun conjuncts Jupiter on the 26th of October. Even if we are hiding our intentions from other people, something is welling up deep inside us. We are ready to expand our involvements but doing so both with passion and a real intense commitment. We do have to be wary of our finances and keep in mind the old proverb ‘a fool and his money are soon parted’. This is not a time to bet the ranch on anything but rather to be judicious with our finances and devise the means to pay down our debts.

The 27th of October accentuates the Pluto energy with Venus square Pluto and Mercury trine Pluto. We can do our due diligence, cut to the core of any problem with a laser-like concentration and the ability to ferret out the most significant issues. Even if we have naysayers to our plans, we are unlikely to heed their objections. Being clear and focused, we are likely to know what we know, may not reveal everything we are aware of, but certainly won’t take lightly to anyone choosing to get in our way. We may be like a steamroller right now, moving forcefully ahead and plowing under any resistance to our plans.

We can feel driven, divinely inspired and fulfilling our destiny as we end October.

October 2017… Seeking Balance Amidst the Turbulence…