Jupiter in Scorpio Transit

On October 10th, Jupiter exited Libra and entered Scorpio for its transit through the Fixed Water Sign until November 8th of 2018.

The astrological influence of Jupiter speaks to expansion, enthusiasm, confidence and optimism. Jupiter is considered one of the ‘two good guys’ of the Zodiac, the other being Venus.

The Sign Scorpio is intense and passionate, cuts to the core to find the essence of any situation, to get to the heart of any matter. Scorpio is unlikely to do anything in half measures, tends instead to be all or nothing. Scorpio looks to strip away the superfluous and extraneous to get down to the basics and to the bare bones of any situation.

With Jupiter in Scorpio there can be a tendency to go for it, whatever ‘it’ that might be. With a certain fixity in its quest, the Scorpio energy could go to the extreme, never letting go and willing to go through any adversity, any obstacle to get to the basic fundamentals of a situation. Success is achieved by dogged determination, persistent perseverance and fearless faith.

While ‘the middle way’ is a Buddhist theme and ‘moderation in all things’ is an ancient Greek concept, Jupiter in Scorpio is likely to have none of it. Too much may not even be enough.

As energy is energy, it can also exhibit itself in both positive and negative ways.

With Scorpio being a Water Sign and Jupiter being the planet of expansion, we are likely to find extreme mood swings and an embrace of ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’.

Gamblers might up their risks with a liability to betting the ranch. We could see some wild swings in the equity markets but with an undercurrent that there’s no stopping us now during this indefatigable bull run.

For those who lay it all on the line, there can be an either / or quality to this transit.

Like a volcanic eruption, Jupiter in Scorpio can be seething below the surface until suddenly something triggers a vehement release. The negative characteristics of Jupiter transiting Scorpio could contribute to a discouraging factor of increased deaths through suicides and murders.

Although we already have an epidemic of opioid and drug use in this country of such great abundance, the epidemic could become ever greater over this next year.

On a positive level, the Jupiter in Scorpio is likely to give the thrust to focus on the truly meaningful in our lives. We can be ever more resourceful with a tendency to strip away the extraneous, superfluous and distractions that take us away from doing life on a substantive level.

With expansion in the watery element, we might experience intense atmospheric storm systems with stalled fronts drenching areas with great amounts of precipitation and flash floods. We could witness more geophysical phenomena in the form of earthquakes, volcanoes, and sinkholes.

While Jupiter in Libra has accentuated our relationships, Jupiter in Scorpio can create a more secretive environment with a great deal of intensity but little transparency. More can go on behind the scenes, and people may hold their cards close to their chest.

On a collective level, the governmental stimulus packages of the past ten years, which have increased debt levels, can bring a sense of ‘dance to the music, pay to the piper’. Being boxed in and unable to raise interest rates for fear of the consequent increase in interest payments, governments may have less at their disposal in regard to monetary policy.

And the consumer in the US has gone on a tear racking up significant debt, forgetting the admonition that ‘those who don’t learn from their history are doomed to repeat it’.

One of the triggers of the 2008 ‘Great Recession’ was the subprime mortgage crisis, offering mortgages to people who did not have the credit history nor could truly afford the payments when things turned south. Financial commentators now warn of an impending crisis in the deep subprime auto loans, providing car loans to people who do not have the financial backup to afford the loan payments if things get tough financially.

Time will tell, but certainly Jupiter in Scorpio will bring up issues regarding our financial resources, personal and societal.

We can use this thirteen-month transit of Jupiter through Scorpio to focus on the deepest meanings of doing life. We have the opportunity of plumbing the depths of our being, kindle the soul fire of our self and express the beauty and creativity of our spirit in our projects, involvements and everyday life.