Monthly Archives: December, 2008

  • December 29th – January 4th

    This week brings an end to 2008 and a start to 2009. We may feel excited about the prospects of 2009 and thankful to leave 2008 behind. Getting together with other people before the new year can be invigorating and provide an added impetus to start 2009 on a new footing. Let’s share our thoughts of forthcoming planned changes with kindred souls, and enjoy a respite from our daily routine. We can allow ourselves to revel in the world of possibilities, for this end of year and beginning of the new year is like a blank computer screen…

  • December 22nd – 28th

    The beginning of the week could have us considering where we are and where we are going. A sense of making important changes to our lives can be front and center.

  • Winter 2008

    This Winter is a time of significant transformation. Like the mythological bird phoenix on its funereal pyre to rise from its ashes, like Christianity’s Jesus the Christ crucified to resurrect and ascend; we as individuals, as a society and as a global community are likely to go through significant transformations. Old structures, old patterns, old ways of being may be sorely tested.

  • December 15th – 21st

    We might start the week on overwhelm and exhausted, especially if last week knocked us for a loop. If it didn’t, we should count our lucky stars. This week we may be looking to have a good time, enjoy holiday celebrations. Some of the get-togethers could seem more like obligations than fun gatherings.

  • December 8th – 14th

    This week is a time to emphasize our personal needs. Spreading our wings could give us a greater sense of freedom, but we do have to watch for the wing-clippers who want us to conform. We can do our own thing, put our imprint on our actions but still maintain a decorum that doesn’t rock the boat.