Monthly Archives: November, 2008

  • December 1st – 7th

    We might start the week by making our holiday plans, prioritizing how we intend to spend our time during the festivities and checking our list of what we want to achieve before the year is out.

  • December

    This December is a tale of two phases. The first half of December is off the charts with extreme actions, knee-jerk reactions and various twists, turns and spins. We may not know whether we’re coming or going, but we could find ourselves being pulled in different directions like a bizarre tug of war.

  • November 24th – 30th

    This week is highlighted by the Sagittarius New Moon and, more significantly, Pluto moving into Capricorn for its sixteen year run of the Cardinal Earth Sign.

    A prelude of this Pluto transit occurred at the end of January through mid-June, a time that evidenced the fragility of various structures and systems, even to the point of wondering whether as a global society we were heading for another Great Depression. The fundamental factor of this Pluto transit is the question as to whether we have built upon rock or built upon sand.

  • November 17th – 23rd

    Too much of a good thing could leave us a little dazed as we start the week. Possibilities might confuse us as we try to figure out what is real and what is only wishful thinking. It would be wise to take time and allow things to develop before we make any commitments.

  • November 10th – 16th

    As though the starting gun has fired, we can accomplish a great deal this week. We have the energy, the drive and the desire to get things going. Now is a time when we can work smarter rather than harder.

  • 2009 The Year of the Visionary

    Connecticut 2008 October 28th in Greenwich, Connecticut [2 Hours] [media id=1 width=320 height=240] — October 30th in Fairfield, Connecticut [2 Hours] [media id=2 width=320 height=240]

  • November 3rd – 9th

    The early part of the week can be fraught with tension and confusion. We may want to push forward without considering the parameters or the conditions. If we take some time to quietly and objectively evaluate the situation, we could strip away the non-essentials, focus on the key elements and come up with a clear intention.

  • November

    This November begins at a frenetic (or is it frantic?) pace. We may feel that we are all over the place, having to address our responsibilities and dealing with unexpected situations that could arise. We might even feel the earth shifting under our feet, both figuratively and literally. Yes, November starts with us betwixt and between, but we can easily question betwixt and between