Monthly Archives: October, 2008

  • October 27th – November 2nd

    We can accomplish a great deal this week, virtually to the point of moving mountains. We have unlimited energy and a desire to get things done. Working smarter rather than harder allows us to accomplish more in a shorter period of time. We could expand our activities especially if we take into account a best practices approach and use streamlined operating methods.

  • October 20th – 26th

    This week we can straighten things out and focus on what needs to get done. A good Autumn cleaning may be in order. We are far more interested in cutting to the core, concentrating on those involvements that have real meaning for us and looking at how we can best pare down the irrelevant and superficial in our lives.

  • October 13th – 19th

    This week can have us initiating new projects, dealing with expenses and making purchases and enjoying a weekend of get-togethers with friends from near and far. Much of the confusion of the past few weeks can finally be sorted out and even resolved. If we haven’t forged ahead impulsively, then we can figure out a good plan for the ever-changing conditions in which we find ourselves.

  • October 6th – 12th

    This week continues the volatility we have all been experiencing over the past few weeks, months… While we may feel like we are on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, the main thing is to hold on, accept the stomach-churning excitement and not get caught up in the flavor of the moment or the instant grab bag of immediate solutions. Now is NOT a time to make knee-jerk reactions. It would be important for us to catch our breath, count to ten and consider long-term implications before making rash decisions.

  • October

    This October can have us seeking solutions to problems that have long been lying below the surface, niggling at us for attention but issues that we preferred to avoid or deny. While resolution may be something we all seek, we could experience ourselves going through the whipsaws of emotions and actions. Old ways may no longer work. New techniques might seem at best skeptical. We might feel confused wondering which way to go especially as we see impediments in all directions.