Monthly Archives: August, 2008

  • September 1st – 7th

    This week, we are likely to be feeling torn between getting back into our normal daily routine and spending pleasant times with our special someone[s]. This is a week for us to focus on outstanding matters, tie up loose ends, cut away the superfluous and consider how we can stretch without expanding into overwhelm.

  • September

    September is a month when we seem to get back on track with our normal routine, and this September seems no exception. Even if we have gotten back to our normal routine before the month began, September is a time when we give more focus to our day-in, day-out experience.

  • August 25th – 31st

    This week has a great deal of activity with various doses of extremes and intensity before we move into a more placid and accommodating time.

  • August 18th – 24th

    Like life itself, this week has its share of ups and downs.

  • August 11th – 17th

    This week allows us to step out in style, focus on outstanding matters needing to be resolved, and reconnect with friends present and past. We are able to juggle our responsibilities and still have some good times. We don’t want to leave the summer behind, but we are likely to get reminders that it’s nearing time to get back on track with our normal, daily routine.

  • August 4th – 10th

    This week can be extreme in its volatility with its ups and downs. Our relationships can take on greater meaning, if we are willing to acknowledge other people having their own point of view. If we are stuck in our perspective and our opinions, we might experience the universe giving us a lateral lobotomy, one of those whacks on the side of the head that force us to see things in a different light, from a different vantage point.

  • August

    August has something for everyone. Vacation days, focused intent and relationship matters are all part of this month’s makeup.