Monthly Archives: September, 2008

  • September 29th – October 5th

    This week allows us to get our house in order, especially in regard to our relationships. We are looking more outside ourselves than merely at our personal self-interests. The complements to ourselves — our relationships, our activities, the ways by which we define ourselves — are front and center this week. We can be accommodating and conciliatory and willing to go out of our way.

  • Autumn 2008

    Relationships and a sense of filling a void in order to seek completion are strong as we begin this autumnal season. There may a great deal of hot air — any surprise with elections occurring in the US and in Canada? People could be offering ‘fix it’ approaches that conceptually seem grand but may have little staying power.

  • September 22nd – 28th

    This week seems somewhat less disjointed than earlier weeks this month. We might be provided a respite, but that’s not too likely. We need to keep on our toes, work with peripheral vision and be able to adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

  • September 15th – 21st

    We may have a lot on our plate this week, but the fact is that we can handle it all. By prioritizing, strategizing and working with the energies, we can initiate new projects, advance some of our future plans, take care of our responsibilities and even have time for meaningful social interactions.

  • September 8th – 14th

    This week is a week of great potential for both getting things done and focusing on our relationships. There is more forward movement thanks to both Jupiter and Pluto turning direct at the beginning of the week. We may feel like the starting gun has fired and that we are racing out of the starting blocks. What we do have to watch for is going overboard, falling into overwhelm or just doing too, too much.

  • Events | 2008

    I shall be in Connecticut and available for In-Person Sessions in Stamford from Saturday, October 25th – Sunday, November 2nd. If you or someone you know would like to see me while I am in Connecticut, please contact me by phone toll-free: 866.885.4914 or 866.790.5344. While in Connecticut, I shall be giving two talks on »more