Monthly Archives: July, 2008

  • July 28th – August 3rd

    Whether we are traveling or just staying at home, this week is one when we want to get off the track of our normal daily routines. We want a breather, some excitement and enjoyment. And if we don’t find some, we could get annoyed. This week is a week to showcase our talents, stand in the spotlight and be interested in what we want without accommodation to the interests of others. Of course, everyone may want their own spotlight so the skies are likely to be ablaze with individual standouts.

  • July 21st – 27th

    Whether we have been on vacation or just dealing with the summertime blues, this week opens the door to greater creative self-expression in the name of FUN. With first the Sun and then Mercury moving into Leo this week, a Stellium of three or more planets in the Fixed Fire Sign is created. We are looking for good times, summer adventures and emphasizing play more than work.

    No matter the crazies operating in the world nowadays, we want to have a good time and are looking to focus our energies on pleasurable pursuits.

  • July 14th – 20th

    This week allows considerable opportunities to focus, structure, to incorporate changes more in tune with our own personal changes and put plans into action. Instead of feeling at the whim of the vagaries of these times, we can be co-creators, utilizing our creative sense to come up with a best practices approach to dealing with both changing conditions and the changes we wish to make in our lives.

  • July 7th – 13th

    This week may have us feeling like we are not operating on all eight cylinders but rather exhausted and perhaps even a little lethargic. We can address the necessary matters of our daily lives, but we probably would far prefer calling a halt and taking a long summer’s nap.

  • July

    July epitomizes Summer, a season when we take the time to step off the track of our daily affairs, focus on the pleasures of life and seek out recreational activities and enjoy some down time. This July might not allow so much for down time as much as ratcheting up the energies with us hotly in pursuit of involvements that take the edge off and provide a much needed pumping up of our self-appreciation.