Monthly Archives: March, 2009

  • April

    April could be a real whipsaw month, a month of extremes, and a month of paradoxes. Like the old western classic movie, it’s a month of the good, the bad, and the ugly. We are likely to be high energy (or is that high anxiety?) during this month.

  • March 30th – April 5th

    We may do a good Spring cleaning as we start the week. Fixing things around our house, clearing away clutter and giving thought to Spring projects can keep us engaged.

  • March 23rd – 29th

    Feeling uncomfortable in our own skins, we could be looking at a good Spring cleaning this week, eliminating those things, situations and people that no longer have meaning or value for us. We should, however, avoid being impetuous. There could be a rush to judgment whereby we decide impulsive action is better than accepting delays or taking no action.

  • Spring 2009

    As we start this Spring, the energies are focused on new beginnings. Our sensitivity is likely to be turned up severalfold and we do have to be careful not to fall into a reactive, regressive or victimized role. Certainly, old issues may cloud our mind or impact our initiations at this time. While we might have to do a strong Spring cleaning, dealing with outstanding matters, old issues still unresolved and the consequences of past actions; this is a time for us to launch forward with new projects. If we draw upon the lessons of our past, then we are not compelled to repeat the same actions, the same mistakes, or going back over ground already covered.

  • Connecticut in April

    I shall be in Connecticut from Saturday, April 4th, through Tuesday, April 14th,

  • March 16th – 22nd

    This week ends Winter and begins Spring, the Vernal Equinox being the beginning of the astrological new year. We may be looking to expand our interests, broaden our horizons and even get out of Dodge and go somewhere exotic and exciting.

  • March 9th – 15th

    This week could be an emotionally charged week. It’s the last full week of Winter, and we might find ourselves sighing a lot. It may be the winter doldrums, or our reaction to the craziness of the world right now, but our sensitivity is turned up severalfold.

  • March 2nd – 8th

    This week could have us considering all sorts of possibilities. Nothing may seem impossible. While it might be fun to engage potentials, it is important that we look at things closely before moving ahead.

  • March

    This March reinforces the sense of betwixt and between that all of us may have been feeling over recent months. We might question whether we can move ahead without being hindered by our past or our daily obligations. We could wonder whether we have moved too far too fast in trying to implement changes in our lives.