May 30th – June 5th, 2022

The astrology for this week of May 30th through the 5th of June of 2022 could have us doing the two-step of one step forward, two steps back; two steps forward, one step back.

We begin the week, Memorial Day in the US completing the long holiday weekend often considered the unofficial start to summer, with the Gemini New Moon, which impacts the next two weeks up to the Full Moon on the 14th.

We could spend the first half of this week dithering around, trying this, trying that, but without being highly productive. Perhaps we are extending the long holiday weekend in the US, taking advantage of being able to be out and about. Distractions and diversions from our regular routine can prove enticing.

Much of this week’s action occurs at the end of the week and over the weekend.

The Mercury retrograde that we have suffered through over the past three weeks ends on Friday with Mercury turning direct, followed on Saturday with Saturn turning retrograde. Push – pull, forward – back, might seem the disconcerting rhythm as we enter into the weekend.

Although not a holiday weekend, we might start our weekend on Friday for an extended three-day excursion into fun events and good times. It’s interesting to note that increasingly we are hearing calls, even implementations, of a four-day work week.

The weekend is geared to fun, relaxation and ‘summer’ activities, but we may encounter various hiccups that might stall or disrupt our plans. Ah-yes, doing life’s two-step rag.

Monday, May 30th – And so it Begins – Gemini New Moon, Sun. Monday begins the week with the Gemini New Moon as the Moon conjuncts the Sun and influences the next two weeks. This Monday is also Memorial Day in the US, completing the three-day holiday weekend that marks the unofficial start to the summer season. We might feel as though we have stepped across a threshold and have regained our independence and freedom of movement. The fear porn can be circulating, but we may give it little heed. We are more interested in trying this, doing that, anything and everything that captures our fancy. There is little concentration or perseverance as we skip from one activity to another, like a bee alighting briefly on a flower to suck the goodness out of it before flying on to the next flower. And so it could be for us, brief interests in any one involvement but a tendency toward a kaleidoscope of various activities, different engagements. It’s the unofficial start to the summer season, and we are likely out and about in search of good times with good friends. Let’s keep in mind that Mercury is still retrograde, and consequently we are liable to experience miscommunications, misdirection, and other types of misses.

Tuesday, May 31st – Illusions, Delusions, or Practical Thought – Neptune, Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course. Tuesday continues with the Gemini Moon with the Moon in the latter part of the day square Neptune, and the Moon at the same time trine Saturn. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for nine and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Gemini and before the Moon enters Cancer early on Wednesday morning. With the unofficial start to the summer season this past weekend, we might be considering and discussing all sorts of plans for our future engagements. Our intentions can range from the truly fantastic and implausible to the sensible and realistic with wide swings between the two. Whatever we decide upon for our summer activities, it would be wise that we take into account expense variables and recognize that inflation might not be merely temporary but rather like a snowball going down the mountain and gathering speed could become an avalanche of increasing costs. Some estimates of a family’s daily cost at a Disney park runs to $500.00. One family of four, two adults and two children, estimated their four-day trip to Disneyworld in Orlando would cost over $7,500. More so than ever before, it would be wise for us to carefully budget our expenses and the costs of virtually everything with wide parameters accounting for the increasing costs of inflation. We need to be grounded, practical and not fall prey to our illusions or any insatiable desires. We can make it through the night if we draw upon due diligence and conscious spending.

Wednesday, June 1st – Don’t Fence Me In – Jupiter, Venus, Mars. The Moon moves into Cancer on this Wednesday with the Cancer Moon sextile Venus, and the Moon square both Mars and Jupiter both in Aries. We may want to spread our wings, do what we want to do, but we might feel restricted. Either we are feeling somewhat tentative in our actions or we are having a sense of restrictions being re-imposed. Time spent at home or with family and friends can help dissipate any perception that our options are limited either by regulations or by rising costs. These are times when we may wish to engage the sentiment that ‘living simply is not simply living’. Increasingly, toning down our wants and realizing that our desires are not our essential needs could give us relief from the anxiety and pressure upon us, some of which is largely self-inflicted and exacerbated by the constant harangue of fear porn. After a while, the various curveballs thrown at us must elicit a bemusement at the crazy antics and bizarre behavior of the powers-that-be. It might be wise to keep in mind the wise proverb that ‘it’s always darkest before the dawn’. Life is about cycles — good times, bad times, with the eventual realization of the Buddhist concept of ‘non-attachment’. This is a day for us to enjoy ourselves, keep a grip on our expenses, and engage whatever catches our fancy. We don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot out of many varied experiences.

Thursday, June 2nd – Changing Up – Uranus. The Cancer Moon sextiles Uranus today. A statement often attributed to Albert Einstein: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” More so than ever before, these times call for different trajectories, different approaches, different methods. We are in a paradigm shift from linear sequential reality into asequential reality where things occur in the most unexpected manner and without necessarily having a beginning, middle and end. In this paradigm shift, we also open the door to magic and mini-miracles, both of which are only extraordinary occurrences, exceptional situations seen as such from our conditioned mindset in sequential reality. We do not have to do it all. We are no longer in total control of our life’s direction but rather co-creators with the universe with its rhythm, pace and natural unfolding. This Thursday could give us a glimpse into how the universe works. Whatever we have planned for this day, it would be wise that we make our plans in pencil with a large eraser. Unexpected developments can alter our day’s involvements. We are looking at changing things up and this could take the form of adjustments to our environment, a personal makeover, or streamlining our operations. This is a day for us to be open to embracing changes with the intention of being more productive with less expenditure of energy. We do not have to do a huge makeover, but even slight alterations may lead to greater revisions, all in an easy flowing manner rather than feeling like the rug is being pulled out from under us.

Friday, June 3rd – Clearing Away the Webs – Neptune, Mercury, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course, Jupiter, Mercury direct. Friday has the Cancer Moon trine Neptune, the Moon sextile direct Mercury, and the Moon opposed Pluto. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over three hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer and before the Moon enters Leo where today the Leo Moon trines Jupiter. Mercury ends its three-week retrograde cycle and turns direct [4:00 AM EDT]. We may have greater clarity today, but let’s keep in mind that whenever Mercury turns direction, things can get squirrely until we have gotten use to the change. The early part of the day gives us the impetus, even if reluctant, to attend to matters that may have been perplexing or on the back burner over the past few weeks. The more we can tie up loose ends and bring certain issues to completion early in the day, the more we can take off early for what we are intending to be a weekend of good times, fun events, and stretching our wings. The evening hours may have us taking in entertainment, enjoying the company of a special someone, and kicking off the weekend in fine fashion. Although Mercury turning direct might seem like freeing us up and clearing the cobwebs from our mind and allowing us to get on with things, Saturn turning retrograde tomorrow could feel like the brakes being slammed on our forward movement.

Saturday, June 4th – Slow Down, You Move Too Fast – Mars, Venus, Sun, Uranus, Saturn retrograde. Saturday continues with the Leo Moon with the Moon today trine Mars, the Moon sextile the Sun, and the Moon square both Venus and Uranus both in Taurus. Saturn turns retrograde [5:47 PM EDT]. Even if we were fast out of the gate yesterday and today, we might find that the brakes are being applied to our fast forward movements. Delays and frustrations are liable, so it would be wise for us not to get carried away by impetuousness or our race for the fun. This weekend can have fun activities foremost in our mind. We do have to watch for expenses. Our appetites can be larger than our finances would allow for. Oh well, we are always able to pull out the plastic and charge it on our credit cards, and there could lie a problem. We might be more inclined to enjoy ourselves without fully considering the costs involved. Our nemesis of last year, the Saturn Uranus square, is engaged this weekend with Saturn highlighted by turning retrograde and the Moon square Uranus today, the Moon opposed Saturn tomorrow. This is a day when ‘moderation in all things’ should be considered but likely ignored. Let’s slow things down today and not try to move too fast. We may want what we want, but we need to take into account both the expenses involved and other people’s interests not solely our own.

Sunday, June 5th – Going Against the Grain – Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course. Sunday continues with the Leo Moon with the Moon today triggering a Fixed Sign T-Square as the Moon opposes Saturn and the Moon squares Mercury. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for seven hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before the Moon enters Virgo early on Monday. This weekend is geared for fun and games, but there could be some bumps along the way. Delays and frustrations can impede our plans and dampen our excitement. These times, and this weekend, call for, even demand, that we be flexible and adaptable to changing circumstance. Even if things don’t go according to our plan, events and engagements may prove far more exciting than what we intended. We can either bang our head against the wall or go with the flow of whatever is being presented to us. We just have to get off our high horse and appreciate that the universe may have far greater plans for us than those we have conceived for ourselves.