May 23rd – 29th, 2022

The astrology for this week of May 23rd through the 29th picks up the pace, even into overdrive, as we look at proceeding ahead with little interest or concern about the obstacles that might be placed in our way.

This is a week when we are likely feeling upbeat, get a thrust of energy, and look to initiate our projects. Even if the powers-that-be and media rattle the fear rainstick with cascading threats of another wave of the virus, masking up, and possible lockdowns, we are liable to have none, or very little, of it. Especially with various people in the news getting Covid after having gotten the vaccine and several rounds of boosters. Where is the efficacy of these drugs?

The week begins with us in an upbeat attitude and a desire to ‘go for it’. It would be wise for us not to put on blinders but to work with peripheral vision and be open to unexpected surprises.

Tuesday has Mars exiting Pisces to enter Aries triggering briefly a Stellium in the Cardinal Fire Sign. Narcissism and a dash or more of arrogance may be in the air, on the ground, and in our interactions. Things can get heated with a liability of impetuousness and knee-jerk reactions. Should be interesting as to what unfolds with the Russia – NATO war going on. While we might assume that Ukraine with extraordinary help from friends can thwart the Russians, we tend to forget that when push comes to shove, Russia might not stand alone but could find support from China and India, both of whom are seeming to provide Russia economic support presently. And then there’s always the question of Taiwan, following on the heels of a pro-China Chief Executive installed [voted in without opposition] in Hong Kong.

Mars is in its own Sign in Aries and reinforces both the pioneering spirit of the individual and the self-absorption of the personality. If we thought people were acting out previously, the fiery energy can ratchet up severalfold with people assuming their being laws unto themselves.

If we would harness the energy, we could be very productive this week, able to advance our interests expeditiously and without stepping on toes. There could still be some relationship dustups at the end of the week with a tug-of-war between sole personal interests and collaborative interests.

The brief Stellium in Aries ends on Saturday as Venus exits Aries, a Sign of its Detriment, to enter Taurus, a Sign that Venus rules. From the Aries Stellium to the Taurus Stellium, as Venus joins both Mercury and Uranus in the Fixed Earth Sign.

The weekend, which in the US is the long Memorial Day holiday weekend and the unofficial start to the summer season, seems especially pleasant for springtime shopping, planting, and getaways. We can accomplish a great deal over the weekend — mundane matters and fun events — with an attitude that ‘variety is the spice of life’.

Monday, May 23rd – Open to the Possibilities – Uranus, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars. Monday begins this week with the Pisces Moon and the Moon sextile Uranus. The Sun sextiles Jupiter, and retrograding Mercury, having just re-entered Taurus, sextiles Mars, which exits Pisces tomorrow to enter its own Sign of Aries. We could be feeling upbeat, ready to take on the world, and open to a wide range of possibilities. We might feel as though ‘the more the merrier’, but it would be wise for us not to allow arrogance or narcissism get in the way of situations happening in the most unexpected manner. If we would work with peripheral vision and be amenable to shifting, even changing, direction, this day could be a highly productive day when we can prioritize our involvements, streamline our operations, and get a great deal done. We are likely to be optimistic and confident of our abilities, but let’s bear in mind the liability of getting in our own way by limiting our perspective and feeling the need to control the process. The universe works, often far better than how we would manage things, so let’s be willing to adapt to the shifting currents and accept surprising opportunities that could come our way. Today is a day to heed the signs from the universe.

Tuesday, May 24th – Stepping Ahead Before Leaping Forward – Neptune, Pluto, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mars Aries. Tuesday continues with the Pisces Moon with the Pisces Moon today conjunct Neptune, the Moon sextile Pluto in Capricorn, the Moon sextile Mercury in Taurus, and the Moon conjunct Mars, before both the Moon and Mars enter Aries. The Aries Moon conjuncts Jupiter, and Mars exits Pisces to enter its own Sign of Aries [7:17 PM EDT]. Proper planning and effective strategizing can make most of this Tuesday a time when we can deal with various specifics and take care of details. We might want to attend to our responsibilities earlier in the day, since late in the day the energy shifts dramatically. Tying up loose ends and bringing things to completion would be suggested, since our focus can later turn to new beginnings and an assertive expression of our personal interests. The entry of Mars into Aries triggers a brief Cardinal Fire Stellium, as Mars joins Jupiter and Venus in Aries. With Venus exiting Aries to enters its own Sign of Venus on Saturday, this Cardinal Fire Stellium lasts until then. Although Mars rules Aries and can give us a greater fire in our belly with our being more self-assertive and promoting our personal interests, there is the liability of impetuousness, knee-jerk reactions, and moving ahead ‘come hell or high water’. With various geopolitical disagreements, we might witness a ratcheting up in confrontations. For us personally, it would be essential that we keep a handle on our frustrations, find effective ways to vent our anger, and not get embroiled in any dustups or become totally self-absorbed. It has been a while since we’ve had so much Fire energy, with Mars last being in its own Sign of Aries in the summer of 2020 into the first week of 2021.

Wednesday, May 25th – Firing on All Cylinders – Sun, Mercury, Pluto. Wednesday has the Aries Moon sextile the Sun, and Mercury trine Pluto. This Wednesday can be a day when we blend our personal ambitions with being highly effective. We have a thrust of doing our own thing and putting our personal mark on our projects. We also have the ability to devise a best practices approach utilizing due diligence and prioritizing our involvements. Our mind is sharp and incisive and combined with a convivial nature today we could not only prove our point but might also win over skeptics or naysayers to our advocacy. We may be impressive, seem confident and excited about our involvements, and able to back up our enthusiasm with deeply considered thought and an understanding of both the big picture and the slightest specifics. This is not a day to be lost on the trite or trivial. This is a day for us to move mountains, or at least, advance our personal interests. Let’s focus on the substance and the essentials, for the force may well be with us and bringing along various supporters.

Thursday, May 26th – If Pompous then Blocked – Saturn, Venus, Pluto. Hopefully, we used yesterday and will use much of this Thursday to be effective and productive. By focusing on what we need to accomplish, we have the drive and perseverance to get a lot done. If ever days to advance our interests successfully, Wednesday and Thursday of this week are two of those days. The Moon continues its transit of Aries, and the latter part of this Thursday has the Aries Moon sextile Saturn. To end the day the Moon conjuncts Venus, and the Moon squares Pluto. Life is about balancing — balancing work and play, balancing personal interests with collaborative efforts, and other daily acts of balancing. Unfortunately, to find that balance, we are sometimes like a metronome, going from one extreme to the other before finding a balance point. We were advised of such a process in historical reference to Goldilocks and the Three Bears. With all the Aries energy this week, we have to be careful not to get arrogant and narcissistic without considering other people or taking into account the world around us. We may be determined to do our own thing, could draw upon the objective perspective of a trusted confidante, but still be headstrong and go our own way. If we are overconfident, pompous and assume we can do no wrong, the end of the day might give us one of those lateral lobotomies, whacks on the side of the head, as we hit the wall of impenetrable obstacles or are tripped up by our own limited perspective.

Friday, May 27th – Disentangling – Venus, Pluto. Friday has the Moon moving into Taurus but making no connections to the planets today. Venus squares Pluto. We ended Thursday night with the Aries Moon conjunct Venus and the Moon square Pluto. We start this Friday with Venus square Pluto. Something may be off with a relationship, and this Friday could call for making amends for either our being too much for someone or our taking offense from someone. Either way, our interactions with people Thursday and Friday could be a little dicey. Today is a day for us to slow things down, avoid rushing ahead, and taking things step by step. We may be less impulsive, more willing to be gracious and could present ourselves in a more put-together manner. Instead of being blinded by our perspective solely, we may be able to see situations from a broader perspective and take into account someone else’s take on things. If we have gotten ensnared in personality conflicts, this Friday would be a day to disentangle ourselves. Bad blood taints situations even to the point of being toxic. Friday would be a day for us to catch our breath, slow things down, and avoid rushing around. This week has been a highly active week, even frenetic, and we can use this Friday to bring closure to the week and prepare for a weekend, and the long Memorial Day holiday weekend in the US, of social engagements and exciting surprises.

Saturday, May 28th – These Magic Moments – Uranus, Venus Taurus. Saturday has the Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus. Venus exits Aries, a Sign of its Detriment, to enter Taurus [10:46 AM EDT], a Sign ruled by Venus. This day may be filled with exciting surprises. It would be wise to keep in mind the saying that ‘if you want to make god laugh, tell god your plans’. If we have commitments for this Saturday, it would be wise to consider contingency plans in case unanticipated variables upset and alter our intentions. The most unexpected situations could occur. This is a day to take off our blinders and be open to the magic of these times. We could experience opportunities of which we were not aware. Like being on a scavenger hunt, we might have some interesting clues that reveal a sense of serendipity and our being in the right place at the right time. With Venus coming out of Aries and entering its own Sign of Taurus, we lose the brief Stellium in Aries we’ve had since Tuesday when Mars entered its own Sign of Aries. We now have a Stellium in Taurus as Venus joins Mercury and Uranus in the Fixed Earth Sign. Instead of being overly self-focused, wanting to make our individual statement through our wardrobe, actions and behavior, we might be more interested in presenting ourselves in a stylish manner with greater grace, charm and decorum. Things may slow down, or we could slow things down. When we take a break from the frenzy of daily living, we allow ourselves to work with peripheral vision and be open to receive the mini-miracles of these times where we do not have to do it all but rather acknowledge the power of the universe unfolding. This Saturday might have us witness magic moments. []

Sunday, May 29th – Fast Out of the Starting Gate – Neptune, Saturn, Mercury, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course, Jupiter, Mars. Saturday might have had us reveling in the serendipity of these times, where wondrous experiences occur not by our making them happen but rather by our being in the right place at the right time. Hopefully we rested yesterday or, at least, took our foot off the gas and were receptive to what the universe had in store for us. Sunday is a horse of a different sort. Today we could be fast out of the gate, energized and rearing to go. The Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune, the Moon squares Saturn, the Moon conjuncts Mercury, and the Moon trines Pluto. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for three hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Taurus and before the Moon enters Gemini where later today the Gemini Moon sextiles both Jupiter and Mars both in Aries. Mars conjuncts Jupiter. Our sleep state could be less than restful. We might awaken early, ready to do whatever we choose to do. This is a day when nothing is too much. We can feel turbocharged, ready to take machete in hand, and carve our own path of fun and good times. Whether we go it alone, with a close friend, or as part of a group, we re looking for excitement and determined to spread our wings. In the US, we’re on the Memorial Day long holiday weekend, the unofficial start to the summer season, and we may well want to kick summer off with a bang.