February 15th – 21st, 2021

The astrology for this week of February 15th through the 21st of 2021 has some dramatic shifts and changes that require that we be careful out there.

The most significant energy configuration this week comes mid-week with Saturn square Uranus. The square between Taurus and Aquarius is fully engaged with its push pull between old and new, liable to be destabilizing and putting our semblance of security at risk, especially with unexpected situations arising.

This Saturn Uranus square occurs all year-long with the first square on this Wednesday, the 17th, followed by the second square on the 14th of June, and the third and final Saturn Uranus square on the 24th of December.

This week’s Saturn Uranus square is followed on Thursday with the Sun entering Pisces and late on Saturday with Mercury turning direct ending Mercury’s three-week retrograde cycle.

Things may be intense, and we need to avoid jumping to conclusions or feeling victim to circumstance.

We begin the week seeking out new directions and trajectories that allow us to put our imprint on things. We might feel the world is our oyster with no holds or restrictions imposed upon us. Yes, we may be operating from a sense of grandeur divorced from the reality of lockdowns, openings up, restrictions, more freedom, going back and forth, creating a dizzying sense of ‘what’s up?!’

Mid-week can have us raising the question: who’s in charge?

The battle between old and new, between restrictions and freedom, between conformity and individuality, is fully engaged. Rage against the machine can have a sense of people’s uniqueness vying against the dehumanization of technology with its algorithms, artificial intelligence and profiling. People versus power may trigger anarchistic characteristics. Already, trust in government, trust in the powers-that-be, trust in virtually everything including what we assume to be reality, are near an all-time low. A feeling that the government no longer serves the people but rather bullies the people into compliance, and a compliance that often seems nonsensical, can fuel outrage and a willingness to go against whatever edicts are being handed down or imposed.

This push – pull goes on throughout the year, so it would be wise for us to be attentive as to what is going on this week that give indications of this battle between old and new, between tradition and the avant-garde, between societal concerns and individual rights.

The latter part of the week has the Sun exiting Aquarius to enter the last Sign of the Zodiac, Pisces. We are one month away from the Spring Equinox, the beginning of the astrological new year, when the Sun enters Aries.

While we may feel frustrated by everything that is going on, not going on, feelings of the train off the tracks or hopes of better days ahead, it would be wise for us to prevent the metronome of emotions and connect instead with our spiritual self. Contemplations, meditations and reflections could provide understanding to the puzzling characteristics of present life.

The weekend could have us geared up to do any number of things and possibly more in shorter time periods than one particular focus. We do have to watch that our running around is not an escape mechanism from the craziness of the world. And we especially have to recognize that with Mercury turning direct on Saturday things can get convoluted and squirrely during the shift over the weekend.

Monday, February 15th – Who Be the King – Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus. Monday begins the week with the Moon in Aries and the Moon today sextile four of the five Aquarius-transiting planets: Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus. Our focus may be more on our venues of creative self-expression, those areas where we can express our unique talents. We are more interested in what could be and what could come rather than much consideration of our present reality. We are not shy about shouting out our abilities. This is a day when each of us may embrace the sentiment in the classic song by Sly and the Family Stone: Everybody is a Star. People might be pontificating, grandstanding, and self-absorbed. If everyone is talking, who is possibly listening? This is a day for us to do our own thing. If we want appreciation for what we can do, we had better seek out those ‘yes’ people who affirm anything and everything we do. No matter whether today we have a choir to preach to, we are likely to do our own thing with our vision concentrating on the possibilities and prospects rather than our present reality. Who be the king or queen or the non-binary nobility when each of us is feeling it today?

Tuesday, February 16th – Stubbing Our Toe – Pluto, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course. The Moon continues its transit of Aries on Tuesday with the Moon square Pluto and the Moon sextile the Sun. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for three hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aries and before the Moon enters Taurus in the evening. In a perfect world, we might be able to do whatever we damn well please, and such a reality could be true on a desert island with a population of one. But not many of us live on a deserted island and most of us would not want to do so, being the social animals that we are. Present circumstance, outstanding matters, and past conditions could put a crimp on the idyllic meanderings we might have engaged yesterday. Tuesday can give us a wakeup call to our responsibilities and tasks at hand. And therein lies much of the conundrum of these times — what we need to do in the present, while pining away over a perfect future world. The push – pull of Taurus – Aquarius is heightened, especially with the Aquarius Saturn square the Taurus Uranus exact tomorrow. We may be uncomfortable in our own skin, but the stress and strain can be alleviated by recognizing where we are today and where we want to go in the future. Intention is the prelude to the first step on the journey. Each of us is going through a major transformation. Society is going through a major transformation. Let’s keep in mind during these times the wise and true saying that ‘pain is part of the life experience. The suffering is optional’.

Wednesday, February 17th – Turned Upside Down – Saturn, Uranus, Mercury. Okay, there is no sugarcoating this one. Wednesday can be one highly intense day. Atmospheric storm systems could be harrowing, geophysical phenomena of earthquakes and volcanic activity increasing. Wednesday has a particular energy, a most intense energy configuration itself, amplified by the Taurus Moon, which today has the Moon square Saturn, the Moon conjunct Uranus, and the Moon square Mercury. The most intense energy configuration is the exact aspect of Saturn square Uranus, an aspect that goes on throughout the year, the second exact aspect being on June 14th, and culminating with the third exact aspect on Christmas Eve, December 24th. Each of us might sense some drastic, unexpected changes going on in our lives and all around us, all of which may feel like the sentiments expressed in the classic Carole King song:
“I feel the earth move
Under my feet.
I feel the sky tumblin’ down.
I feel my heart start
To tremblin’”

This Wednesday and the days bookending this Wednesday are days when we need to be especially careful in our movements, actions and decisions. We might want to leap across present circumstances, make drastic changes, and be impulsive and spontaneous; but a better course of action would be to restrain our urges and keep in mind the idea of building a suspension bridge, slat-by-slat, to get from where we are to where we want to go with the recognition that there may be times when we need to go back in order to move forward. We just need to be really careful today.

Thursday, February 18th – Ramifications – Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, Mars, Sun Pisces. Thursday continues with the Taurus Moon with the Moon square both Jupiter and Venus both in Aquarius, with the Moon sextile Neptune, and the Moon conjunct Mars. The Sun exits Aquarius to enter Pisces [5:44 AM EST], the last Sign of the Zodiac wheel. We are still feeling the influence of yesterday’s Saturn Uranus square with the Taurus – Aquarius push – pull reenergized today. This is a day that demands due diligence. Take nothing for granted but read between the lines, look behind the curtains and with a critical eye see what is really going on. We have been so conditioned by television and films that we get caught up in the narrative, the presentation, the hype and forget to consider the substance or go to any depth in considering what is really going on. The one thing that might be evident and may have been made ever so more evident yesterday is that life has become topsy-turvy. It is hard to know what is really going on, and so it is highly suggested that we not accept anything at face value and that we don’t rush to judgment. We might want to get on with things, have a thrust of energy to plow ahead, but it is still essential that we take note of the shifting tides and changing currents. While we are still under the influence of the Mercury retrograde, it would be wise to avoid initiations that may be started more on impulse than reasoned consideration. With the Sun moving into Pisces, our sensitivity can be ratcheted up. Let’s focus on our spiritual characteristics and draw upon our intuitive sense where we can know without knowing, where our inner voice can offer guidance as to what we feel is really happening. Meditating, getting down by the water, and completing certain tasks that we don’t want to deal with when we come into the astrological new year next month are all tonics for us during these most crazy times.

Friday, February 19th – Helter-Skelter – Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Venus, Mars. Early Friday morning the Taurus Moon trines Pluto. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for eight and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Taurus and before the Moon enters Gemini where today the Gemini Moon squares the Sun. Venus squares Mars. After days where our balance might have been sorely tested with us dodging curveballs that seem to come out of the blue, it would be wise for us to plan our intended course of action, all the while recognizing that plans made are but intended actions subject to change and alterations due to the radical swings of conditions and circumstance during these times. Whether we make plans or not, the day unfolds in a helter-skelter fashion. We might have too much going on with us going from one thing to another to yet another with little rhyme or reason. We could easily exhaust ourselves on this Friday, an exhaustion added to by the fact that Mercury is about to change direction, going from retrograde to direct motion tomorrow. Whenever Mercury changes direction, things get increasingly squirrely. Communications can be off, misdirection a liability, and travel a convoluted mess. Add to the frenzy and frustration we could feel today, relationships can also be sour with people fixated on their opinion and on what they want. Collaboration, receptive listening and appreciation for a point of view other than our own may be minimal at best, more likely non-existent. Friday is a day to attend to what needs to be done without being distracted or getting involved in too many things. We might not be able to accomplish a great deal under these energies but let’s cut ourselves and everyone else a lot of slack, since the energy is not conducive to being highly productive.

Saturday, February 20th – Taking a Powder – Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Mercury direct. Saturday continues with the Gemini Moon with the Moon trine three of the four Aquarius transiting planets. The Moon trines Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter. Mercury ends its three-week retrograde cycle and turns direct [7:52 PM EST]. After several days when we might have felt our back was up against the wall with us having to react to unexpected situations and various curveballs, all of which could have been both confusing and exhausting, this Saturday would be a good day to take a ‘time out’. We are ending the Mercury retrograde cycle, and things can get squirrely as Mercury changes direction, so this is a day better served being spontaneous but with the realization that there can be some screw-ups. Let’s not get frustrated by any upsets to our plans. On the contrary, it would be suggested that we embrace the sentiment of ‘go with the flow’, even if the flow today is a variation of different currents and tempos. Time spent with that special someone, or the special people in our life, could be uplifting with pleasant exchanges and enjoyable interactions, and especially if we can maintain a sense of bemusement at human foibles and the theatrics of these crazy-making times.

Sunday, February 21st – Stop the World – Neptune, Venus, Moon Void-of-Course. Sunday continues with the Gemini Moon with the Moon today square Neptune and the Moon trine Venus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost nine and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Gemini and before the Moon enters Cancer late in the day. Our sleep state might be less than restful. We could be agitated by situations we perceive in a certain way. Let’s keep in mind that our emotions and thoughts often exaggerate situations to the point of making ‘mountains out of molehills’. While our anxieties could be provoked in the early morning hours, it would be wise for us to either set an egg timer for five minutes and engage our very worst case scenarios with our washing our hands and changing our focus once the egg timer goes off or else dismissing out of hand our amplified concerns. Time spent with someone can alleviate our worries, as they set us right regarding our own personal situation and encourage us that there are better days ahead. This Sunday is a day for us to engage the sentiment ‘stop the world I want to get off’. This weekend is best served by doing things on a spontaneous level, letting go of expectations or fixated opinions, and enjoying the camaraderie of other people and the myriad fascinations in the beauty of living.