February 22nd – 28th, 2021

The astrology for this week February 22nd through the 28th of 2021 suggests we keep our head down, deal with our responsibilities and avoid the blustering storms outside our door.

This is the first week of Mercury direct after the three-week Mercury retrograde cycle, and the last week of February. We survived the first assault of Saturn square Uranus, although there were some interesting indications of the Saturn square Uranus that we should note for the next two exact configurations of this aspect later in June and on Christmas Eve.

With Saturn square Uranus engaging the battle of old and new, we certainly saw evidence of trying to leap too far too fast and the negation of critical thinking to the galloping advance of a singular narrative.

There is a saying that ‘the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions’, a statement that seems repeatedly borne out by humankind’s miscues, misunderstandings, misdirections.

This past week, while the Saturn square Uranus was in full effect, Texas was slammed with a winter storm that left their wind turbines frozen and the solar panels covered in snow. With wind and solar power providing 28.6% of the state’s power, a disruption to these two renewable powers sources could have a devastating effect if they went down, an event which occurred this past week.

This issue of leaping across the chasm from old ways to ‘better’ ways was also evidenced this past summer in California, where for the first time in nearly twenty years the state resorted to rolling blackouts. With the intention of relying on renewable sources of energy, California had retired about 9 gigawatts of natural gas generation over the past five years.

On a national level, after having achieved energy independence through natural gas and increased oil production over the past four years, the shift away from energy independence to energy dependence on foreign sources could prove calamitous at some future date.

The dialectic method of thinking, where thesis is countered by antithesis to come up with a wiser synthesis, has given way to the NARRATIVE, the ideologue of what should be without any consideration of the practical means to get to the Emerald City.

It would be lovely to live in an idyllic world of love, health and good cheer… and why not?

In order to get there, however, we cannot just leap across the chasm and hope that we land on the other side. For the liability might instead be like Wily E. Coyote, who often leapt and wound up going splat at the bottom of the ravine.

A wiser idea, similar to not throwing the baby out with the bath water, would be to create a suspension bridge slat-by-slat to get to the other side, to the promised land with the recognition that there are times when we need to go back before we move forward.

Even those people who draw upon renewable energy sources have more conventional fuel sources as a backup if the wind dies down or the sun refuses to shine. Eventually, renewables are likely to be more state of the art, possibly drawing upon some of Nikola Tesla’s concepts of ‘free energy’, but we are not there yet.

While we are coming off the Saturn Uranus square this week, the influence and the ongoing Taurus Uranus square can bedevil us through the year.

The early part of this week could be pleasant if we putter around our home, draw upon the love and appreciation of our loved ones, and not get involved or incensed by the bizarre world in which we find ourselves.

The mid-week period and the end of the week can have us highly productive if we don’t become too full of ourselves. We might want to put our mark upon things, but it would be wise for us not to be arrogant or so self-focused that we close ourselves off from input from sources other than our own beliefs. Should we get ahead of ourselves, we could find that unexpected situations trigger delays or thwart our plans with a cost in time, energy and monies.

On Thursday, Venus exits Aquarius to enter Pisces, a Sign of Exaltation for Venus. With Venus entering the Mutable Water Sign, we now have Stelliums in the two universal Signs with three planets in Aquarius and now three planets in Pisces. We can look beyond our mundane affairs and enlist the intention of ascension, an awakening to a higher dimension and a greater understanding of the cosmic connections.

The weekend has the Virgo Full Moon and completes a second half of this week when we could have virtually moved mountains. In the process, it would be wise for us to fully embrace the biblical proverb to be ‘wise as a serpent, gentle as a dove’.

This week is a week for us to raise our consciousness above the collective morass of fear, anxiety and hardship, and instead appreciate the many blessings in our life and our talent to make our personal world both a sanctuary and a high vibration of self-fulfillment and self-expression.

Monday, February 22nd – Rebuilding – Sun, Uranus. Monday begins the week with the Cancer Moon trine the Sun and the Moon sextile Uranus. This is the 22nd, a Master Number in Numerology indicative of the Master Builder. Our focus today may be on the structure and template of our lives. We might be interested in rebuilding our ways of doing things with a concentration on ‘building upon rock rather than building on sand’. Perhaps over the course of this past year when we were hard pressed to dramatically change our ways of doing things, we gained a greater awareness and a more developed skill set. We could also have gained greater humility with various unexpected situations having upset our applecart of feeling totally in control of life situations. We may have even acknowledged the truth to the paradigm shift that we are no longer in control of our life conditions [as if we ever truly were] but are now co-creators with the universal unfolding. By being more aware and adaptable to the shifting tides, we can more fully embrace surprising incidents that can streamline our operations and make our ways of doing life far easier and far more effective. This Monday allows us to engage the skills developed to put down solid foundations for our days ahead.

Tuesday, February 23rd – Spirit in Action – Neptune, Mars, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course. There are times when we seem guided by a force other than our own conscious mind. We sometimes call these prods spirit guides, otherworldly impulses that open us to alternative trajectories of which we might not otherwise be aware. Tuesday may have us directed in certain ways. The day begins with the Moon continuing its transit of Cancer with the Moon today trine Neptune, the Moon sextile Mars, and the Moon opposed Pluto to end the day. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course at the end of this Tuesday for seven and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer and before the Moon enters Leo early on Wednesday. Tuesday can be a highly productive day if we would trust our instincts. By avoiding distractions from the outside world and listening to our own muse, we can be guided as to what to do and how to do things more effectively. This Tuesday and Wednesday can be two primo days for getting things done. We are likely to be more receptive today with a liability to arrogance tomorrow, which could put a damper on our productivity. Let’s recognize that much could be accomplished by our being open to signs and signals that light our way and indicate our ‘right’ course of action.

Wednesday, February 24th – Getting in Our Own Way? – Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Saturn, Mars, Pluto. Wednesday has the Moon moving into Leo where today the Leo Moon triggers a Fixed Sign T-Square as the Moon trips off the Saturn Uranus square. The Leo Moon squares Uranus in Taurus and the Moon opposes Saturn in Aquarius. Mars trines Pluto. Perhaps yesterday we saw the ease of operations when we don’t get in our own way. Things can unfold when we are ‘in the flow’ of the shifting currents and present conditions, and we don’t muck it up by our insistence on what should occur and the way things should happen. We might start this Wednesday in a similar mood, being cognizant of the parameters and working with them rather than trying to force them to our will. As the day unfolds, our old mindset of being in control of circumstance could get in our own way. We may try to force situations and impose unexpected events to our will and to our whims. And therein lies a problem, for we could become our own worst enemy. Our arrogance and narcissism could close us off to the magic of these times and the ability for things to operate easily and effectively. We need to get with the program, the new rules in accord with the paradigm shift and not the old ways of the world. Change, and especially change in our mindset and in our belief system, is extraordinarily difficult. It is hard for us to let go of our beliefs and our assumptions, since it forces us to raise questions of who we are and how we fit into the world. Change, transition and transformation are all happening right now, for us as individuals and for us as societies. Time to get with the program.

Thursday, February 25th – Shifting Tides – Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Uranus, Venus Pisces. Thursday continues with the Leo Moon with the Moon today opposed both Mercury and Jupiter. The Sun sextiles Uranus. Venus exits Aquarius to enter Pisces [8:11 AM EST], a Sign of Exaltation for Venus where our compassion is engaged, and our spiritual nature enhanced. With Venus entering Pisces, we now have a Stellium in the two universal Signs, Pisces and Aquarius. The more we can accept the paradigm shift of moving from sequential, linear reality into asequential reality, the easier it will be for us to surf the waves. Where a problem arises is our ego getting in the way and our wanting to determine the course of events. If we would accept the shifting tides in society and in our lives and in our individual personality, we shall have a far easier time of dealing with these disruptive, tumultuous times. An attitude change may be called for. Instead of people focusing on what is bad and whining their negativity, changing our perspective to where we see opportunities, wondrous surprises and a wide realm of possibilities would encourage us to cross the threshold into a new dimension, a world of light, love and abundance. It is not to negate problems but rather to recognize that there are solutions to problems and for us not to obsess over the difficulties in getting from here to there.

Friday, February 26th – Push Pulls – Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus. Friday has the Leo Moon square Mars before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for five and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before the Moon enters Virgo where today the Moon opposes Venus. Since Wednesday, when the Moon entered Leo, we have had to deal with the Taurus – Aquarius square as the Leo Moon triggered squares to the Taurus-transiting planets and opposed the Aquarius-transiting planets. Concluding today, we may still feel resistance to our plans and to what we wish to do. We might just not have the resources to pull off our plans. But astrology is about cycles and providing an awareness of different phases within the cycles. This Friday can prove that point, for the shift of the Moon from Leo to Virgo brings an end to the T-Square in Fixed Signs and now begins a Trine in the Earth Signs through most of the weekend. We can focus both on the big picture and the most appropriate means to accomplish our goals. A key question today and tomorrow is whether our willingness to be of service degenerates into self-sacrifice. We would be wise to adopt the sentiment of the Chinese proverb: “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Saturday, February 27th – Intuitive Foresight and Innovative Means – Uranus, Virgo Full Moon, Sun, Neptune. Saturday has the Virgo Moon trine Uranus, the Moon opposed the Sun at the time of the Full Moon [3:17 AM EST], and the Moon opposed Neptune. Yesterday might have allowed us to break free from the tangles that our ego often gets us ensnared. We may have expressed greater humility and in the process opened ourselves to an inner knowing more adept at being aware of the surroundings and the workings of the new paradigm. The key elements in successful journeying through the new paradigm are receptivity to altered and altering conditions, flexibility and adaptability. Life can be a great deal easier than the difficulties we often create for ourselves. This Saturday allows us to blend both an intuitive sense of what is occurring with a practical application of streamlined means. We could accomplish a great deal today and tomorrow and do so in an expeditious manner. These times call for us to work smarter rather than harder and to be more effective with less expenditure of energy. An awakening is happening and by being open to the magic of these times we may find ourselves rising above the muck and the mire and developing an idyllic state where we blend effortlessly our material nature and our spiritual character. There may be an integration of self, which offers us greater happiness and self-fulfillment. This Saturday could prove one of those days when the dichotomies of life blend together into a harmony, much like the Taoist symbolism where the dualities of yang and yin have their apparent seeds of opposite within their individual nature [the seed of the yang within the yin, and the seed of the yin within the yang] and bring harmony and completion in the Tao.

Sunday, February 28th – Optimum – Lunar Grand Trine, Pluto, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course. Sunday has the Virgo Moon triggering the Grand Trine in Earth as the Virgo Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn, and the Moon trines Mars in Taurus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost three and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Virgo and before the Moon enters Libra later in the day. This Sunday culminates a weekend when we may have dealt effectively and quickly with many of our mundane tasks, outstanding matters and our usual responsibilities. As if driven by an irresistible force within us, we could have checked off any number of items on our ‘to do’ list. The first half of this Sunday gives us the impetus to put finishing touches on unresolved issues. We may feel like a bulldozer knocking off one item after another with very little resistance. Our persistence and perseverance can be unstoppable, and it would be advised that we use this Sunday morning to deal with material matters. As the day proceeds, we might acknowledge to ourselves that we have succeeded in a job well done. The second half of this Sunday shifts the energy where our determination might lessen, and we choose to use our time to enjoy the company of someone else, or just take our energy down a notch or two in order to recharge, reinvigorate and ready ourselves for the week ahead.