January 25th – 31st, 2021

The astrology for this week of January 25h through the 31st of 2021 continues with the push pulls of our idealism and our future plans against the reality of our capabilities and our resources.

The Taurus – Aquarius squares are engaged, as they will be throughout this year. With Taurus and Aquarius being Fixed Signs, we have to expect some rigidity and fixity. But in these times of the paradigm shift we need to be flexible and adaptable. As the Taoist saying suggests: ‘bend like a reed or break like an oak’.

The more reed-like we can be, the better able we shall be to deal with the vagaries and changing circumstances of these times.

We begin the week likely to have a head full of ideas with more questions than implementation regarding how best to go about our intentions. Narcissism and arrogance could be our downfall with a liability of our falling into an old mindset of thinking that we are the ones to make things happen rather than being open to our being co-creator with the asequential realities of this new paradigm. Our new ‘normal’ demands that we be ever attentive to the shifting tides and altered conditions.

Mid-week may have us falling into old patterns. We might be trying to juggle too much without being effective at any one thing. How many times will we need to bang our head against the wall until we try different options or alternatives to the ways we had been doing things? The currents of these times are not the ways of our past.

The Leo Full Moon on Thursday might have us more interested in having a good time rather than addressing pressing demands. But it would be wiser for us during the latter part of this week to resolve various matters, since on Saturday we are coming into the year’s first Mercury retrograde with Murphy’s Law of ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’ engaged for the following three weeks.

The weekend is geared to errands and dealing with what needs to get done, but let’s keep in mind that the Mercury retrograde could throw some curveballs and trip up our progress. Let’s be careful out there.

Monday, January 25th – Touching Bases – Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course. Monday begins the week with the Gemini Moon trine Mercury in the early morning hours. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over eleven and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Gemini and before the Moon enters Cancer. We might be far more interested in the gift of gab rather than implementation today. Reaching out to various people to see what is going on with them and to bounce some of our ideas off them as sounding boards could light up the phone wires, create a deluge of emails and constant texts tapping. This Monday is a day when we are likely to ‘talk the talk’ but unlikely to ‘walk our talk’. Our focus may be more on our future goals and plans rather than our immediate concerns. Perhaps we are feeling too pent-up without in-person social interaction, and we just need to reach out to assure ourselves that we are not the last human on the earth plane. If we can keep the conversations up and lively, we are likely to feel more optimistic and enthusiastic. Already, there has been a significant shift in what is being presented to us and how it is being presented. It’s as if some dark cloud has been lifted, and we are able to see the sunshine. With the promise of vaccines and of lessening lockdowns, we may feel as though there is a loosening and freeing up as though we have been granted a semblance of liberty and getting on with our lives. As the age-old nursey rhyme lyric goes:
“With a knick-knack paddywhack,
Give a dog a bone,
This old man came rolling home”

Tuesday, January 26th – And so it Begins – Uranus, Mars, Sun. Tuesday has the Cancer Moon sextile both Uranus and Mars both in Taurus. The Aquarius Sun squares Uranus in Taurus. We may wish to change things around in our home today. We might be looking at making our base of operations our home with all the functionality necessary to develop our future projects. We could realize that we are not going back to old ways but rather need to incorporate a new approach to dealing with the regularities of our life. Change is not easy for any of us, and we might assume that the changes we need to instill are a leap too far. The push pull between our stable security [as if we ever truly had such] and the unknown future can seem like a very narrow balance beam with us unfamiliar with the crossing and fearful of stepping forward. This is a day when we might feel highly conflicted between taking risks in the new and a risk aversion that would prefer to hold on to the familiar. No worries if we make a mess of our forward movement due to our trepidations. This year will offer us a series of starts and stops, holding on and letting go, moving forward and digging in our heels. Are we ready to do the Texas two-step?

Wednesday, January 27th – Picking Up the Pieces – Neptune, Venus, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course. Wednesday starts with the Cancer Moon trine Neptune. The Moon then opposes both Venus and Pluto before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for nine hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer and before the Moon enters Leo late on Wednesday. Our sleep state can be chock full of dreams, illusory fantasies that either can be close to idyllic or anxiety-provoking. Let’s realize that often our dreams provide a doorway to better understanding what is going on in our lives that we don’t truly get except by deciphering the hieroglyphics of our dreams. We might awaken to a call for action as we feel impelled to address outstanding matters and clean up our messes. We might be intuitively aware that we are fast approaching the Mercury retrograde on Saturday with our need to complete significant issues before the three-week cycle when important decisions are best postponed. This Wednesday is a day to pick up the pieces of our routine affairs and not to venture forth into new terrain.

Thursday, January 28th – Staccato Crescendo – Leo Full Moon, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Uranus, Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Pluto. Thursday can be one intense day and with a great deal of stress and strain. The Leo Moon today comes to a Full Moon [2:16 PM EST] with the Moon opposed the Sun. The Moon triggers a Lunar T-Square engaging the Taurus and Aquarius planets with the Moon opposed the Sun, Saturn and Jupiter, all in Aquarius, and the Moon square both Uranus and Mars both in Taurus. Venus conjuncts Pluto, and the Sun conjuncts Jupiter. The energy today is ratcheted up many-fold, but there can also be a stuck quality that might only be released with an explosive outburst of a boom and a bang. Nothing is likely to be done in half measure. Everything today could seem over-the-top. People may be grandstanding, bellicose and wanting their way with little, if any, discussion to the contrary. This is a day for us to count to ten before response. Impetuous actions can have severe consequences. Taking things down a notch or two, or more, is suggested, especially in light of the fact that situations may easily get out of hand. Everyone is liable to be jockeying for position. It would be wise for us to concentrate our energy on what needs to be done prior to Mercury going retrograde on Saturday. We might far prefer to enjoy ourselves and do so to the limits and beyond, but overconfidence and over optimism might have dire ramifications. Braking action, deep breaths and maintaining awareness would prevent us from acting like lemmings racing towards the cliffs.

Friday, January 29th – Worn Out, Time Out – Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course. The Moon continues its transit of Leo with the Moon opposed Mercury late in the day prior to the Moon going Void-of-Course for six hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before the Moon enters Virgo early on Saturday morning. Yesterday may have had us flat out with various starts and sudden stops and with a sense of frustration as if we’re trying to roll a boulder up a mountain. We could have easily exhausted ourselves yesterday by the amount of either physical or emotional energy expended. Today is a ‘me’ day, a day when we are likely to look for fun escapes and creative outlets whether they are activities that we create and express ourselves or events where we observe and enjoy the creative presentations of other people. This Friday may be best served as a ‘mental health’ day, a day to catch our breath, recharge our batteries, and reinvigorate ourselves. We might be worn out by the high energy day yesterday and just need to use this Friday as a ‘time out’. Things are liable to get a little squirrely with Mercury being stationary and about to turn retrograde early on Saturday. Whenever Mercury is about to change direction, and as Mercury changes direction, things can get convoluted with missteps, mistakes and misdirection.

Saturday, January 30th – Murphy’s Law – Uranus, Mars, Mercury retrograde. The Moon moves into Virgo early on Saturday, and the Virgo Moon today trines both Uranus and Mars in Taurus. Mercury turns retrograde [10:52 AM EST], and we all know what that means: Murphy’s Law is in effect where ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’. If we are attentive to our regular routine and aware of the liability of things getting screwy, we might be able to deal with our mundane matters, but it would be wise to check and re-evaluate in order to be certain that we have dealt with the details and have not gotten off track. This Mercury retrograde goes back through Aquarius. Plans for our future goals may need to be reconsidered. Information coming to us might prove to be disinformation. This is a day when we need contingency plans, options to implement if our plans are not working out. There can be traffic delays, computer problems, and misunderstandings. It would be wise for us to slow things down and not jump to any conclusions. We are in a three-week cycle when the future might not seem as rosy as we had hoped, but our perspective is liable to be skewed so let’s avoid rushing to judgment.

Sunday, January 31st – What’s Up Is Down – Neptune, Pluto. Sunday has the Virgo Moon with the Moon today opposed Neptune and the Moon trine Pluto. With these energy configurations and Mercury just having turned retrograde yesterday, we might find ourselves in a world of confusion. While there can be tantalizing activities for us to engage, we have to prioritize our interests and with the realization that anything truly significant might have to be reworked when we have a clearer vision. Have you noticed how surreal life has become? It seems as though the world has turned upside down with substantial impacts on our own personal world to the extent of things seeming even crazier than before. While there can be times when we fall into a confused state, I always suggest that confusion is the starting point of wisdom, for when we are in a confused state we can no longer rely on our old ways or our old beliefs. Life becomes a blank slate where we can draw anything we choose and make our life anew. The dynamics of these turbulent, tumultuous times allow for radical changes and major transformations. We just have to ‘go with the flow’, try to maintain an even keel, and not get upset or flummoxed by the shifting tides or the rapid currents.