February 2021

We begin the month of February with the Sun square Mars and Venus exiting Capricorn to enter Aquarius [9:05 AM EST] on the 1st. We now have five planets in the Fixed Air Sign as Venus joins the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. While we seek balance in our lives, we have anything but balance now with the huge concentration in Aquarius.

We may have all sorts of ideas in mind, prospects for our future, but our practicality and our resources might be missing. This may be a time to create our wish list without investing a great deal into implementing our plans.

Let’s keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde until the 20th with Murphy’s Law in effect of ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’.

If there are still elements of lockdown enforced, many people will have little of it. The emphasis upon freedom, autonomy and independence can spark reactions against the authorities. Regulations could be disregarded, and incidents of anarchy witnessed.

The 6th of February has Venus conjunct Saturn to begin the day, and Venus square Uranus to end the day. Although we are likely to find solid commitments and a stable relationship to begin the day, the latter part of the day can create havoc with our relationships and our setup as the rowdy and boisterous take hold and supplant the orderly and structured that began the day.

Change is not always easy, but does it have to be so hard?

The Sun conjunct Mercury on the 8th of February may have us brimming with ideas. Conversations can consider a wide range of topics, all with an innovative thrust. We are not looking to re-create our past. On the contrary, we are more interested in being a participant in the technological revolution of this Information Age, not merely an observer. While we may put our ideas into action, let’s keep in mind that the paradigm shift talks about unexpected incidents arising, serendipitous situations occurring. It will be important that we are not adamant about the how to accomplish our plans but have our antennae up as to a best practices approach being revealed. If we would begin the journey, the way will be made known. Let’s remember, and always remind ourselves, that we don’t have to do it all, but we do need to be open to receive surprising opportunities.

Mercury squares Mars on the 10th. Being flippant or cursory in our evaluations could create real difficulties for us. The lack of due diligence and being hasty in our movements might seem to get things done quickly but with all sorts of problems liable to eventually trip us up and bring our plans to rack and ruin. Fortunately, we are on the dark side of the Moon on the 10th, which might mitigate the possible liabilities of pushing issues better dealt with at another time.

The Aquarius New Moon on the 11th of February [2:06 PM EST] has the Sun Moon conjunction, and a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, the two ‘good guys’ of the planetary realm. There are six planets in Aquarius at the time of this New Moon, which is also the Chinese New Year, this year being the year of the yin metal Ox. With eight of the planets in Fixed Signs at the time of the New Moon, we can certainly see stubbornness, rigidity and fixity in play, and at a time when we are in process of building anew. The imprint for the next two weeks can have us feeling upbeat, optimistic and feeling the love. Everyone may want to accentuate their individuality, their freedom of movement, and the ability to do their own thing. No wing-clippers, please, for this two-week cycle speaks to marching to one’s own drumbeat. All options are likely on the table. Spontaneity and spur-of-the-moment actions could be the hallmark of this lunation cycle.

The first few days of this lunation cycle seem close to idyllic, and it would be wise for us to fully enjoy ourselves, recharge our batteries and celebrate the goodness in our lives. It might prove both a pleasant relief to life as we have known it and a healthy preparation for the intensity during the next week of mid-February.

The 13th – 14th of February can be a highly pleasant weekend. It’s Valentine’s Day weekend and social gatherings or quality time with that special someone may be inspiring and enlivening. Let’s breathe deeply and fully embrace the goodness of being alive.

Mercury conjuncts Venus on the 13th, and Mars sextiles Neptune. Mercury conjuncts Jupiter on the 14th. Everyone might be supportive of one another, looking for the best qualities and negating any flaws. While much of 2020 had the Eeyores and Debbie Downers whining and complaining, the burst of sunlight over this weekend could have most people walking on sunshine, upbeat with an optimism and enthusiasm that is contagious and spreads across the land. We may still have the negativities, but they are likely to get a lot less play than last year.

With our eyes focused on the horizon, we also have the opportunity of blending our determination with our intuition. We can be highly productive and effective and even whistling as we work. The sense of meaning and purpose might instill us with greater creative expression in everything we do.

The 11th through the 14th of February may seem like stepping across the threshold into a paradise with an idyllic setting where everything goes right, nothing goes wrong. Wouldn’t it be lovely to stay in such a realm?

I’m certain it would, but astrology talks about cycles, changing energy configurations, varied patterns. And as sublime as the 11th through the 14th may prove to be, we move into a most ridiculous time the following week on the 17th when Saturn squares Uranus.

There is a proverb, which I’m sure we have all heard, and a proverb that seems indicative of this mid-February period. The proverb states: “The higher you climb, the harder you fall”.

The eastern teachings of Buddhism suggest non-attachment as a quality developed in the process of en-lightenment. And non-attachment is detachment from the subjective view of looking at things emotionally and from a perspective of duality of good or bad, happy or sad. Rising to a non-attached perspective allows us to free ourselves, liberate ourselves from the whipsaws of emotions.

Life, through its opportunities and its challenges, allows us to experience the mood swings and emotional sways until we rise above them and are less impacted by life’s conditions and no longer judgmental of life experiences.

Until we get there, we are tossed about by life’s ups and downs.

The Saturn square Uranus on the 17th is the first of three adversarial connections between these two planets [the second on June 14th, and the third on December 24th]. The battle between old and new, between restrictions and freedom, between conformity and individuality, is fully engaged. Rage against the machine can have a sense of people’s uniqueness vying against the dehumanization of technology with its algorithms, artificial intelligence and profiling. People versus power may trigger anarchistic characteristics. Already, trust in government, trust in the powers-that-be, is near an all-time low. A feeling that the government no longer serves the people but rather bullies the people into compliance, and a compliance that often seems nonsensical, can fuel outrage and a willingness to go against whatever edicts are being handed down or imposed.

For us, as individuals, old ways bang up against new necessities. Our stability and security may be shaken up, but the dynamic provides us the impetus to make radical changes to the ways and whys of how we are doing life.

Let’s keep in mind that birthing often comes with growing pains.

The 18th has the Sun exiting Aquarius to enter Pisces [5:44 AM EST]. We are coming into the last Sign of the Zodiac cycle, the final phase of the astrological year before we come to the astrological new year at the time of the Vernal Equinox on March 20th.

This can be a highly spiritual time, a time when we pull back the veil of maya, dissolve the illusions of physical reality, and see true reality from our third eye of intuitive perception. We may serve either as savior of our own well-being, enhancing the expression of spirit and our soul, or we could experience ourselves as martyrs, victims to circumstance and merely pawns to powers beyond our control. How we choose to work with the enhanced sensitivity will be our choice, always our choice.

Aquarius and Pisces are the two most universal Signs of the Zodiac wheel. Their influence allows us to see beyond earth plane perspective. The understanding of life beyond our present comprehensions can become stronger as talk of extraterrestrials, time traveling, conscious deathing experiences, heightened psychic awareness and other ‘extraordinary’ phenomena becomes commonplace.

We are crossing a threshold, both in regard to the paradigm shift from linear reality into asequential reality and in our ability to take off our blinders and see a greater depth and richness to life far beyond our present knowledge and understanding. All of which could prove mind-blowing and perhaps a little much for those engrained in the old ways of the world.

This push pull between old and new is further engaged on the 19th when Venus squares Mars. Relationships can be dicey, especially if people are unable to allow other people to process their transformations with likely transitions in behavior and attitude. Not everyone likes changes, especially radical, dramatic change. It upsets the semblance of regularity, but we are living during times that are anything, and everything, other than regular.

The 20th of February has Mercury ending its three-week retrograde cycle and turning direct [7:52 PM EST]. Mercury is in the 2nd decanate of Aquarius, the Gemini decanate, and Mercury rules Gemini. We may have been involved with various plans for our future over the past three weeks, but our in-depth consideration may have been lacking, leaving us virtually without a clue as to how best to proceed. Although we shall continue in the ‘shadow’ of Mercury retrograde until the 13th of March when Mercury returns to the degree of Aquarius at which it had turned retrograde, we can begin to get greater clarity in regard to our goals and enjoy better interactions with our relationships. We do have to keep in mind that whenever Mercury changes direction, whether from direct to retrograde or from retrograde to direct, things get a little squirrely until we find our rhythm and our pace. This is a time to take everything with a grain of salt.

The last week of February alleviates some of the stress we might have experienced the week before. The Saturn Uranus can still bedevil us, but any distress from the push pull of this configuration seems offset by the energies on the 24th – 25th.

The 24th has Mars trine Pluto. Pluto is the higher octave of Mars and consequently their harmonious alignment provides us ‘right’ intensity where we can focus on our priorities, move ahead with persistence and determination, with all the specifics accounted for, and nothing falling between the cracks. We can be highly effective and productive, accomplishing more now than most other periods of time.

One of the moments when we can step away from mundane reality and step into a different dimension can occur on the 25th as the Sun sextiles Uranus and Venus exits Aquarius to enter Pisces [8:11 AM EST]. By being open to receive, we could become aware of interesting opportunities, innovative ways of doing things, and greater autonomy in our lives. After a year when we have been locked in, locked down, and forced to be compliant to the edicts from regulatory agencies, we are willing to more fully engage the different and the innovative. We might also have greater appreciation for the ways of universal unfolding, the inexplicable ways of the new paradigm in which we are entering.

Venus exiting Aquarius lessens the intensity of the Aquarius Stellium. With Venus entering Pisces, a Sign of Exaltation for Venus, where Venus is comfortable, we now have a Stellium in the Mutable Water Sign as Venus joins the Sun and Neptune in Pisces. With two Stelliums in the two most universal Signs of the Zodiac, much of our focus may be on the big picture, life true purpose, and a broader realm that diminishes the mundane and enhances the cosmic.

These are exciting times, notwithstanding the battles for primacy on the earth plane.

The Virgo Full Moon on the 27th [3:17 AM EST] accentuates the concept of spirit in action. Through our inner knowing and a willingness to do things differently, we can implement a best practices approach to develop some of our greatest heartfelt wishes. Let’s keep in mind the asequential reality of these times where things can occur not so much by our forcing things to happen but rather with us acting as co-creators with the universal unfolding. We are living during magical times if we would just believe in magic.

February 2021… Do you believe in magic?…