January 18th – 24th, 2021

The astrology for this week of January 18th through the 24th of 2021 can have the intensity ratcheting up severalfold with us looking towards future possibilities but feeling stuck in moving forward.

The week begins with the new monthly astrological cycle as the Moon enters the first Sign of the Zodiac, Aries. We may feel as though we are on the threshold of new beginnings, but prospects often seem far easier in concept than in implementation. Getting from here to there might not be the smooth slide that we are imagining.

Tuesday has a major shift in energy as the Sun exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius. In so doing, the Sun closes out the Capricorn Stellium and reinforces the Aquarius Stellium as the Sun joins Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury in the Fixed Air Sign. Since Aquarius relates to human liberties, freedom and individual expression, we might assume that we are moving into a time when individual rights are celebrated and supported. If it were only so!

Throughout this year of 2021 we have an adversarial relationship best indicated by the Saturn Aquarius – Uranus Taurus square that goes on and off throughout this entire year. Being Fixed Signs, the pulls in the squares of Taurus – Aquarius can provoke significant destabilizations with a certain rigidity in positions, opinions and stances. We could be going through a major birthing in society, but like any natural birthing it may come with labor pains, growing pains, birthing pains, all with a sense of feeling pain.

The mid-week period on Wednesday is Inauguration Day in the US and has one nasty energy configuration – Mars conjunct Uranus. With a liability to being impetuous and reckless, this energy configuration could trigger extreme actions, aggressive behavior, and severe impositions. This mid-week period demands that we be aware, mindful and cautious in our movements. People’s anger may be off the charts, and it would be wise for us to recognize that there are many varied minor factors that can trigger violent responses. Let’s be careful out there during the mid-week.

This intensity and displays of anger could dominate much of the second half of this week. We need to take things down a notch or two, not get caught up in the immediate, but take a longer view perspective.

If we are impetuous and hasty this week, we could exhaust ourselves to the point of utter deflation. No matter what goes on this week, let’s not get caught up in the immediate. Instead we need to recognize that we are on a roller coaster ride with ups and downs and bumps along the way. Drawing upon a significant connection can help us take off our blinders and make us aware of an alternative viewpoint.

Monday, January 18th – Good Intentions – Saturn, Jupiter. Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, for some a holiday, for others a routine day. This Monday begins the week with the Moon entering Aries, the first Sign of the Zodiac Wheel, indicating new beginnings. The Aries Moon sextiles both Saturn and Jupiter. Our thoughts and plans could center on future goals. We might want to engage other people, use them as sounding boards or just get together with good friends. Although this day is geared to initiations, it might be better if we use it for planning rather than implementing, especially in light of the fact that this week could throw us some curveballs that may knock us off center or force us to reconsider our trajectory. This is the last day of the Capricorn Stellium, and we might want to tie up loose ends and bring certain matters to completion before tomorrow when the Sun’s entry into Aquarius puts much of our focus on autonomy, free movements and future goals. This is also a good day for us to catch our breath and recharge our batteries prior to an eventful second half of the week.

Tuesday, January 19th – Easy Way Out – Venus, Mercury, Sun Aquarius. Tuesday continues with the Aries Moon with the Moon today square Venus and the Moon sextile Mercury. The Sun exits Capricorn, ending the Capricorn Stellium, as the Sun enters Aquarius reinforcing the Aquarius Stellium as the Sun joins Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in the Fixed Air Sign. We may have certain things that we have to do, but we would prefer putting matters on the back burner and just chatting up about how we see things going. This is a day when we may be ‘talking the talk’ but not really ‘walking the talk’. If we can find an easy way out today, we are likely to take it. Much of that could be our procrastinating with a feeling that people are on pins and needles waiting for whatever shoe is liable to drop. We are also feeling the Mars Uranus square exact tomorrow, so it would be suggested that we keep fully aware and mindful of what is going on around us. Many people may have hair triggers and can be acting recklessly with little thought to their parameters or what is really going on around them. This is a day for us to work with peripheral vision, have eyes in the back of our head, and not let our guard down. Spending time in our creative outlets and engaging future proposals would take the edge off and prevent angry outbursts.

Wednesday, January 20th – Impetuous and Reckless – Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Saturn, Mars, Uranus. Wednesday is Inauguration Day in the US, but the astrology today provides the signature for this day and consequently the incoming US Administration [if inaugurated on this day as dictated by the 20th Amendment to the US Constitution, which moved the Inauguration of the US President from March to 12 Noon on the 20th of January]. The day begins with the Aries Moon square Pluto. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost ten and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aries and before the Moon enters Taurus where today the Taurus Moon squares both the Sun and Saturn both in Aquarius. Mars conjuncts Uranus. There can be various blockages and impediments today. Something could occur in the early morning hours that disrupts plans. When we have the Moon Void-of-Course, there is not a great deal of energy to accomplish much. Often, things started under a Void-of-Course Moon come to naught. The Taurus – Aquarius kerfuffle continues into the weekend but highlighted on this Wednesday with Mars conjunct Uranus. Hasty actions and angry interactions can ratchet up to violent outbursts. This Wednesday and the next two days demand caution and care in anything and everything that we do. We are liable to be accident prone. Stuck energy can often be released with a dramatic unleashing, and we might experience something of that ilk the latter part of this week.

Thursday, January 21st – No Rush to Judgment – Uranus, Mars, Jupiter. Yesterday we had the Mars Uranus conjunction. This particular influence will continue into early February, with the Saturn Uranus square operating throughout this entire year. We need to keep on our toes and fully aware of the sudden twists and turns likely to occur. Thursday accentuates the Mars Uranus conjunction by the Taurus Moon today conjunct both Uranus and Mars, and the Moon square Jupiter. We might awaken to a world quite different from the one we knew when we went to bed last night. Although our tendency may be to jump to conclusions, it is essential that we not rush to judgment. We are unlikely to have full information, more liable to have misinformation or disinformation. Even Lewis Carroll with his adventures with Alice would be hard-pressed to devise the craziness we seem to be experiencing. The more we can slow things down and apply the brakes frequently, the less likely we are to make some sort of hare-brained decision or do some reckless, impetuous action. Even if we have to make definitive commitments, it would be wise for us to have contingency plans in case we need to shift or change quickly and dramatically. This may be a time for each of us to take a ‘chill’ pill.

Friday, January 22nd – Getting a Grip – Venus, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course. The past two days may have been frenzied. This Friday allows us to get a grip. Perhaps we are numbed by the crazy antics going on, or we have developed a better handle on the crazy making. The Moon continues through Taurus on this Friday with the Moon sextile Neptune, the Moon square Mercury, and the Moon trine both Venus and Pluto both in Capricorn, the former to begin the day, the latter to end the day. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over ten hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Taurus and before the Moon enters Gemini early Saturday morning. While things may be less frantic today, it will only be so if we keep our head down, focus on our personal priorities, and deal with what we need to get done. The more detached we can be from the antics in the world-at-large, the less likely that we’ll be drawn into the craziness. And craziness there is liable to be. With much of society wrenched by the fear mongering and reacting by anxious hand wringing, it is hard not to get drawn into the knee jerk reactions of accepting with little reservation, if any, the edicts handed down by the authorities. Let’s focus on our personal realm and activate a sense of sanctuary in our happy, safe space. Why do these times seem so reminiscent of some of the 1960’s films e.g. King of Hearts?

Saturday, January 23rd – Up, Up, and Away – Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Neptune. Saturday has the Moon entering Gemini where today the Gemini Moon trines three of the Aquarius-transiting planets: the Sun, Saturn, and Jupiter. Mars squares Jupiter, and Venus sextiles Neptune. There could be a flurry of activity on this Saturday, and this is a day when too much is too much. Although we might prefer juggling any number of things, all with a sense of exploration, much of our activity might be to close ourselves off from the harsh realities of what appears to be going on in the world-at-large. A lot of information can be bombarding us today, so it would be wise to let it all fall into our inbox rather than deal with it today. Time spent with a good friend can provide necessary grounding, comfort, and an appreciation that what truly is important in our world is companionship with a special individual. This is a day for us to embrace a world of possibilities without being concerned about how we might realize our dreams. Let’s keep in mind that we are going through a paradigm shift, a change in the art of living where we are co-creators with the universe unfolding and a phase when things can occur in the most inexplicable manner. This new style of living may challenge our beliefs and our stability, but there could be magic afoot. We do not have to live in a dystopian future but rather a paradise on earth. We just have to take off our blinders, let go of our negative mindset of whining and complaining, and see the world as a bountiful realm of opportunities and individual talents expressed.

Sunday, January 24th – Foot in Reality – Neptune. After a highly intense week, this Sunday could be used as a day of rest or as a time of free-flowing engagements. The Gemini Moon squares Neptune. Social engagements can be appealing, seductive, idyllic or illusionary, or perhaps a kaleidoscope of many emotions and feelings. This would be a good day for us to step away from our familiar routine. Although it is important for us to maintain a connection to reality, like some silver cord tying us to the earth plane yet still connecting us to the soul realm, this day is best served as a day for us to engage our fantasies, to allow ourselves a dream-like state. Things that have been happening and are even now occurring in the world may seem bizarre at best, nightmarish at the worst. Creating our own perfect world and a peaceful sanctuary for ourselves are great tonics to offset the impact of the world events. Walks in nature, getting down by the seashore, reading enlightening literature or listening to uplifting music are all ways to reduce our stress and help us realize that there can in deed be ‘brighter days through better ways’. Let’s keep in mind that our attitude about life and living is our choice, always our choice. We might not always change circumstance, but we are able to alter our attitude and look on the bright side of things.