February 1st – 7th, 2021

The astrology for this week of February 1st through the 7th of 2021 has us in the first week of Mercury retrograde with a conglomeration of Aquarius transiting planets demanding ‘freedom’ but without clear intent.

The week begins with the Taurus – Aquarius square that may challenge us all year long spiked due to the Aquarius Sun square Mars in Taurus. We add to the Aquarius overload with Venus exiting Capricorn to enter the Fixed Air Sign as Venus joins the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius.

While we might be champing at the bit to get on with things at the start of the week, our energy may be best focused on dealing with mundane matters and engaging friends in uplifting conversations.

Certainly, the narrative is shifting from the despair and despondency of the past year to hope and uplift for the future. Although not all of our problems, or even many of our problems, have been resolved, there is a different spin on things with the narrative being that we have turned the corner and ‘happy days are here again’. Whether the change in the metrics of the virus or the sudden lifting of the restrictions imposed, we may be told that the worst is behind us.

Never mind that many of the decisions made by the powers-that-be proved to be bone-headed. At least, there is a lessening of the chokehold on our lives. Even the virus cases and death counts are lessening with vaccine-related deaths not being recorded except as a mere blip on the narrative screen.

The mid-week period can have us doing some significant pruning. Some of our greatest hopes and wishes might seem now like idle mental meanderings, escapes from our recent reality with us having thrown open wide our considerations of future prospects. Instead, we could now be taking a more sober approach to what we might engage and the resources, or lack thereof, that we have to implement our grand designs.

Although we may feel stymied towards the end of the week, a fresh breeze and a greater buoyancy can take over as we come into the weekend. We can be in a far more expansionary disposition and embracing the belief that ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’.

The weekend is geared to fun and having a good time. It’s Super Bowl weekend! We’re not interested in any ‘naysayers’ but might prefer spending our time with the Mutual Admiration Society, where we compliment each other, look at the bright side of life and encourage everyone’s hopes and wishes.

Ah, the yo-yo of these times.

Monday, February 1st – Petulant Before Easygoing – Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Venus Aquarius. Monday begins the week, the first full week of our year’s first Mercury retrograde, with the Virgo Moon trine Venus in Capricorn, just before the Moon enters Libra and before Venus enters Aquarius [9:05 AM EST]. The Libra Moon trines both Saturn and Jupiter both in Aquarius. The Aquarius Sun squares Mars in Taurus. We may be petulant as we start the day and begin this week. We might want to get on with things, put our mark upon our projects, yet feel blocked in advancing our interests. People could be throwing tantrums with a combination of verbal and physical outbursts. We need to tone things down as we start this week. As the day progresses, interactions are likely to be far more pleasant. While we could be our own worst enemy as we start the day, our connections with other people can help us get out of ourselves and appreciate our interactions and discussions. Things lighten up as this Monday unfolds. Good feelings continue on into Tuesday, but Wednesday and Thursday could prove trying. After a dustup early on Monday, the rest of the day and Tuesday can help us catch our breath, enjoy the good things and blessings in our lives, and prepare for the roller coaster with bumps and grinds mid-week.

Tuesday, February 2nd – Brighter Days – Sun. Tuesday continues with the Libra Moon with the Moon today trine the Sun. The good feelings we might have felt as yesterday unfolded continues on into this Tuesday. Much of this day can be spent in conversations and with considerations of our future plans. We are less interested in what is straight in front of us, far more interested in the distant horizon of future prospects. Should we refer to this Tuesday as a day of escapism? Possibly so, but why not when Wednesday and Thursday might seem like a tug-of-war with the consequent effect of every which way but loose. Tuesday is a good day for us to enjoy the company of other people, engage people in discussions, and keeping everything on a positive note with our eyes focused on the possibilities, prospects, and brighter days through better ways. No naysayers for us today. We want to keep things upbeat, look at the big picture, and not get enmeshed in the details, the specifics or the negatives. Let’s bear in mind that attitude is everything, and today is a day to reinstall optimism, confidence and enthusiasm. These times may seem geared to a manic – depressive disposition, but today allows us to discount the depressive and concentrate on our having witnessed incidents of the new paradigm where things can happen in a most unexpected manner.

Wednesday, February 3rd – Twist and Shout – Pluto, Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course, Lunar T-Square, Venus, Saturn, Uranus. Wednesday begins with the Libra Moon square Pluto and the Moon trine Mercury. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for eight hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra and before the Moon enters Scorpio. The Scorpio Moon today and tomorrow triggers a Fixed Sign T-Square accentuating the Taurus – Aquarius square as the Scorpio Moon today squares both Venus and Saturn both in Aquarius, and the Moon opposes Uranus in Taurus. We might feel as though our resources are limited, our forward movement stalled, and various impediments placed in our way. Although we could be frustrated by the developments, or lack thereof, let’s bear in mind that sometimes stuck energy creates delays until there is a snap, crackle and pop of getting unstuck. Wednesday and Thursday of this week may have us feeling stuck, but let’s avoid popping off at this person or that person. If we can avoid resentment over whatever is causing delays, then we might better appreciate the truth to astrology, and to life itself, that ‘timing is everything’. Right now, the timing may be one of champing at the bit, wanting to get on with things, but the consequential outcome could also be honing our creative skills and finding the correct ways to navigate the currents, even when those currents seem like the Sargasso Sea of eerie calm. Even when things seem stuck, calm with little or no movement, more is going on than we might realize. And so it may be on this Wednesday and Thursday when things seem stuck, but in truth there is subtle movement or movement beyond the appearance.

Thursday, February 4th – Here We Go Again – Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Neptune. Thursday continues with the Moon in Scorpio and with a Fixed Sign T-Square triggered similar to yesterday except with different players. The Scorpio Moon today squares both Jupiter and the Sun both in Aquarius and the Moon opposed Mars in Taurus. Late in the day, the Moon trines Neptune. The frustrations, or the push – pulls, that we might have experienced yesterday can crop up again on this Thursday. Wednesday and Thursday could be better served by ridding ourselves of certain projects and involvements that are merely a waste of our time. Cleaning up and clearing out might be a better use of our time rather than trying to initiate or implement. If we try to advance our interests, we may find that we are huffing and puffing Sisyphus-like to roll the boulder up the mountain, only to have it fall back on us. Why go against the energies when another time can allow us to winch the boulder up the mountain? With the Fixed Signs in play as a T-Square, Wednesday and Thursday are two days when people may be fixed, rigid in their position and their opinion, inflexible and unwilling to alter their position. If people are unreceptive, why would we waste our breath trying to have them accept, much less hear, a counter perspective? As I am often reminded of the Taoist saying, it would be wise for us to keep in mind to ‘bend like a reed or break like an oak’.

Friday, February 5th – Go Our Own Way – Mercury, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus, Saturn. Friday has the Scorpio Moon square Mercury and the Moon sextile Pluto. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for eight hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Scorpio and before the Moon enters Sagittarius where today the Moon sextiles both Venus and Saturn both in Aquarius. If we could attend early in the day to any routine matters that need to get done, then we could use this second half of the day to kick off an early weekend of fun and exploration. We all need to take a break from the daily ordeals, and the last two days might have had their fair share of difficulties. If we could get out of Dodge in the afternoon or prepare for Super Bowl parties, whether it’s a party of many [properly social-distanced, of course] or a party of one, this weekend is geared to good times. For many people, this weekend of the Super Bowl is the last blowout before we enter the doldrums of winter. Even for those who are not into football, this weekend is a weekend of high excitement and good times. With the Moon in Sagittarius we are geared to spreading our wings, putting a good spin on things, and concentrating on the upbeat and the optimistic.

Saturday, February 6th – Good Times – Jupiter, Sun, Neptune, Venus, Saturn, Uranus. Saturday continues with the Sagittarius Moon with the Moon sextile both Jupiter and the Sun both in Aquarius, and the Moon square Neptune. Venus conjuncts Saturn in the early morning hours, and Venus squares Uranus at the end of the day. Whether we are involved in the gaieties of the upcoming Super Bowl game or not, this Saturday seems a highly pleasant day to get together with friends, either in person or by any of the forms of communication. We may reconnect with people whom we have not been in contact for a while. Relationships seem better during the day into the evening, but overindulgences to end the day can provoke difficulties with someone. Despite what might seem to be going on in the world, we are able today to divert our attention and concentrate on an upbeat, enlivening time. Spreading our wings by getting out of Dodge or by considering our future plans can help take off the edge we might have harbored over the past few months when many of us have felt an economic squeeze and severe limitations to the breadth of our movements. This weekend is a time to forget about the negativities and focus instead on how best to enjoy ourselves. No matter the conditions and circumstance in which we find ourselves, it is always essential that we en joy ourselves. We might not be in total control of our life situations, but we can determine our attitude and how we choose to regard our conditions. Let’s appreciate our blessings, for they are many, and let us discount the apparent negatives.

Sunday, February 7th – Taking it Down a Notch – Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course. The Sagittarius Moon sextiles Mercury in the early morning hours before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for fourteen and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before the Moon enters Capricorn. If we didn’t tie one on yesterday, we still might have spent a fair amount of energy on goods times with good friends. We might even have overdone it last evening, and today we could be paying the price. Many of us may be geared up for the Super Bowl game, the crescendo of an abbreviated football season due to the virus contagion response. We are excited looking forward to the festivities whether we watch the game or just use it as an excuse to connect with other people. Towards the end of the day, we may have the sense that the party is over and we are back in the doldrums of winter, a winter aggravated by our discontents over the virus, the bone-headed decisions of governmental ‘leaders’, and the narrative based upon one perspective, one opinion, rather than relying upon critical thinking of thesis – antithesis – synthesis. Towards the end of the day, our focus could turn towards our own goals, our own ambitions with a determination to do whatever we can to be productive and successful no matter the backdrop of the theatrics playing out on the world stage.