Spring 2007

Vermont – Connecticut in May

In May, I shall be back on the East Coast and available for In-Person Astrology Sessions. On Saturday, May 19th and Sunday, May 20th, I shall be in Westminster, Vermont [southern Vermont near Brattleboro] sponsored by Bobi Jentis and Murray Krugman [802.722.3468]. I shall be in the New York metropolitan area in Stamford, Connecticut, from Tuesday, May 22nd through Sunday, May 28th. Convenient to I-95 and the Merritt Parkway, I will be staying a short distance from the Stamford Railroad Station, forty-four minutes by Express train from Grand Central Terminal.

If you, or someone you know, would like to schedule an Astrology Session with me while I am in Connecticut, please contact me by phone toll-free at 1.866.790.5344 or 1.866.885.4914, by email at FRANKMDON@aol.com, or through my website www.frankdon.com

While in Connecticut, I shall be giving a talk on Tuesday, May 22nd, at 7:30 PM, at Greenwich High School sponsored by Greenwich Continuing Education. My talk is entitled:
Like the caterpillar emerging from the chrysalis as the butterfly, we too are now having the opportunity and challenge of shape-shifting. The challenge for each of us in today’s world is to re-create ourselves from our early conditioning and from our habit patterns that no longer work for us. The opportunity for each of us in these transformational times is to rediscover our soul, and from this awareness of our essential being to then create the ingredients of a life truly worth living.
Tonight’s program explores these transitional times as seen from the prospective of astrology. We shall discover the cultural epochs of the past that have brought us to the present time of humanity’s most significant paradigm shift.
Come learn about the ingredients of this new world, the paradigm shift, and how each of us can best navigate these uncharted waters. Will we try to crawl upon the earth scraping our butterfly wings by reason of drawing upon our old caterpillar consciousness? Or will we embrace the unique and unknown, spread our wings, and soar and choose to to fly? The choice is ours. The map of these transformational times is provided by astrology with its observation and charting of the unfolding and development of the energies now and forthcoming.
For registration please contact Greenwich Continuing Education: http://www.greenwichace.org/
Phone: 203.625.7474 Fax: 203.625.7476 Phone: 203.625.7475
* Course: 27090A * Date: Tuesday, May 22nd * Time: 7:30-9:20 PM * Price: $34 * Place: Greenwich High School, 10 Hillside Road, Greenwich, Connecticut

This Spring begins with the Vernal Equinox and the Sun’s entrance into the Cardinal Fire Sign of Aries on March 20th-21st. This entry of the Sun into Aries begins the astrological New Year as we end the last cycle of the zodiac wheel and enter a new cycle. Happy New Year!

And this Spring is something to celebrate. At the time of the Vernal Equinox, the chart set up has a kite pattern chart with a Grand Trine in the Fire Element with the Sun and Moon in Aries, Saturn in Leo and Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius. The ‘kite tail’ is the Mars Neptune conjunction in Aquarius which sextiles the planets in Sagittarius and the planets in Aries and opposes the Saturn in Leo.

We can certainly say that this Spring is ‘busting out all over’.

At the time of the Vernal Equinox, we have five planets in Fire Signs, one planet in an Earth Sign, two planets in an Air Sign and two planets in a Water Sign. There are two planets in a Cardinal Sign, four planets in Fixed Signs and four planets in Mutable Signs. Seven planets are in Positive Signs [Fire – Air] and three planets are in Negative Signs [Earth – Water].

We start the Spring with both a kite pattern chart and a bucket pattern chart.

While the kite pattern is a Grand Trine in Fire giving us a sense of expressing our selves and focusing on our interests, this kite also emphasizes the Saturn Neptune conundrum of fact or fiction. Are we dealing with reality or are we seeing life through rose-colored glasses? Added to the mix is the Mars Saturn opposition prodding us to take action, any action, even to the point of being less than judicious in our approach or in our intentions. If we are willing to harness the thrust of energy to ‘get it done’, then we could actually blend very effectively a visionary, intuitive quality with a structured method to achieve our goals. We could blueprint our ambitions in a detailed step-by-step manner.

The bucket pattern chart of the Vernal Equinox has all the planets in a bowl scenario except for the one singleton planet which is the handle to the bucket, and that singleton being Saturn. Although this Spring may feel like the race horse in the starting gate with the gate thrown open wide to gallop ahead, the Saturn influence could also have us looking over our shoulder to see what is behind us. Our past may influence our decisions and impact our present. We might find ourselves having to take a walk down Memory Lane, reflecting on the past, reconnecting with people from the past, or even recreating past scenarios. We might feel compelled to draw upon the ‘tried and true’, perhaps effective once, perhaps no longer relevant or productive for the now.

On the positive level, the Saturn influence can provide a healthy braking motion, preventing us from running headlong forward without monitoring our movement, without maintaining note of where we are going and what we are doing.

To start the Spring, we have an additional braking motion in the T-Square by Sign in the Fixed Signs with the Saturn in Leo square Venus in Taurus and opposed both Mars and Neptune in Aquarius. While we may have this rush of energy and the feeling that we want to accomplish things yesterday, we could experience delays and frustrations in getting things done. Things may take longer than we like. We might question our resources, our capabilities and our finances to do what we want to do. Any delays and frustrations can serve as both an important braking system but also allow us to check and re-check our course without which we could be like ‘wrong way Corrigan’ heading in a direction totally opposite than the one we’ve intended for ourselves.

A curious aspect of this Vernal Equinox is the Noah’s Ark syndrome of pairs. To start Spring we have two planets in Aries [the Sun and Moon], two planets in Pisces [Mercury and Uranus], two planets in Aquarius [Mars and Neptune] and two planets in Sagittarius [Jupiter and Pluto]. Each of these Signs is accentuated and they emphasize a universal understanding or being aware of the macro of the world-at-large and the way we not only fit into that world but how we take our place in the world.

Whatever we initiate in this Spring, and this is the season of initiation, we are likely to find that we are considerate of what is going on around us, the parameters of our conditions, the circumstances of our situation.

This Spring is an exciting time. As we enter into it, we have a good amount of Mars energy around: Mars opposed Saturn on the 22nd, Mars sextile Jupiter on the 23rd and Mars conjunct Neptune on 25th. We could feel like we’re caught in a frenzy of activity, at times stalled, other times at full speed, and other times wondering which way we’re going. While we start the Spring with a burst of energy, we do have to keep in mind the kite tail of the Mars Neptune conjunction opposing Saturn. We can especially feel this during the first week of Spring thanks to these various Mars aspects. As Mars opposes Saturn, we could feel like we’ve hit the wall. If we don’t cave into the resistance or delays, then any sense of blockage could prove momentary and used as a time for reviewing and restructuring. After Mars opposes Saturn, Mars sextiles Jupiter. We can gain a second wind, regain our confidence but we do need to watch for blind optimism. Let’s be careful not to ramp things
up for Mars conjuncts Neptune to end this Mars trilogy. Our determination could better our common sense.

And that is a key aspect for this early Spring period — not to allow our passions or our desires to blind us to the reality of the situations. Again, we come back to the fine line of reality and fantasy. Again, we have to see whether we are dealing with fact or with fiction.

On the 31st of March, Pluto turns retrograde until the 7th of September. At its station, Pluto is just a little over one degree from entering Capricorn which Pluto will do in early 2008. And this Spring is punctuated by the Sun square Pluto. Authority figures may come increasingly under attack or under the piercing gaze of a skeptical public. We may feel, at times, like the camel trying to squeeze through the eye of a needle. We are going through a birthing process, but with every birthing there is a dying to the old.

Whenever Pluto turns from direct to retrograde motion, or from retrograde to direct motion, there is a tendency for a dramatic release to occur. Sometimes this takes the form of geophysical phenomena of an earthquake or volcanic eruption. Sometimes it takes the form of explosions, bombings and violent actings-out. The purpose of the retrograde Pluto is for us to internalize some of the transformations that we are all going through, to reflect on the dramatic, even if only subtle, changes occurring in our lives. This whole transit of Pluto through Sagittarius has been one of defining our ‘quality of life’, what we consider the essential characteristics of our lives, and seeking to make our lives more meaningful and with greater purpose. Each of us is going through our own personal metamorphosis. And the metamorphosis, transformation and shapeshifting we are going through is akin to the caterpillar going through the chrysalis and emerging as a butterfly. During the Pluto retrograde, we can reflect, review and reaffirm the transformations we are going through.

Also on the 31st, Venus sextiles Uranus. We could run into some interesting people. Our appetite is whetted for the new and the different. We might also consider a personal makeover, shopping for stylish additions to our wardrobe or accent pieces for our home.

On April 1st, we have to watch for playing the Fool. Mercury conjuncts Uranus. While insights can be strong, communications could go awry. Computer glitches, travel problems and misunderstandings might occur. This energy ranks up there as a cautionary flag regarding air travel. I avoid flying during Mercury Uranus conjunctions, squares or oppositions. By thinking outside the box, we could arrive at significant answers to any perplexing problems.

The Libra Full Moon on the 1st – 2nd accents our relationships as Venus squares Saturn. Our personal needs may conflict with the interests of others, and we do have to watch that we’re not drawing lines in the sand or harping on old slights. We could be somewhat adamant in our positioning, losing compromise for our own personal wants and desires.

On the 4th, Mercury squares Jupiter, Venus squares Neptune and Mars sextiles Pluto. Let’s not get carried away with wishful thinking or assuming that we can bend things to our will. It is important to go slow, carefully consider what is going on and not buy into the appearance without evaluating the true reality of the situation.

On the 5th, Jupiter turns retrograde for the next four months. We could easily get carried away with a sense of self-importance and casual confidence. Some people may even fall into the pitfall of being a ‘legend in their own mind’. There could be a tendency to cut corners, seek the easy way out and not always be totally upfront and honest about our feelings or our dealings.

On the 6th, Mars enters Pisces, creating a stellium of three or more planets in one Sign, as Mars joins Uranus and Mercury. We could get caught up in a frenzy of activity and our emotions could influence our thinking. This stellium is brief however, with Mercury leaving Pisces and entering Aries on the 10th.

The 7th and Easter Sunday of the 8th are quite pleasant, as Mercury sextiles Venus and the Sun trines Saturn. We can talk through relationship issues that may have been confusing recently and we can establish firm foundations by which to move our interests forward. Everyone is likely to be putting on their best for this weekend and there would seem to be some enjoyable get-togethers with family and friends.

We continue with a ‘feelgood’ attitude as the Sun trines Jupiter on the 9th. We’re optimistic, confident and looking to broaden our reach. The Sun Saturn trine on the 8th and Sun Jupiter trine on the 9th reinforces the Spring’s Grand Trine in the Fire Element with the Sun in Aries trining Saturn in Leo and trining Jupiter in Sagittarius. Yes, we’re likely to be feeling upbeat and able to put our greatest desires into action.

Where a problem could arise is that we may be caught up in our exuberance and not look at the fine print. On the 10th, Mercury squares Pluto. We could easily skip over details. And we don’t want to hear from any parade rainers. We might easily buy into our illusions, our hopes and wishes. We might feel the naysayers to be jealous or seeking company for their misery. That’s not for us.

After squaring Pluto, Mercury enters Aries, also on the 10th. We want what we want and we’re willing to put our interests first and foremost.

On the 11th, the Sun sextiles Neptune. We can become slightly delusional, entranced by wish fulfillment and easily be swayed by what we want to occur.

Also on the 11th, Venus enters Gemini. We’re feeling light and breezy. Let’s ‘live for the moment’ may be our motto during much of this time. With Venus leaving Taurus, we’ve lost our connection to the Earth element. Our practicality could prove minimal. We have a great deal of Fire, a lot of drive, passion and desire. But without the Earth we may have difficulty putting our energy into solid application.

On the 17th, the Aries New Moon trines Pluto. We’re feeling good and we’re able to see the distant horizon. We know where we’re going and we have the drive and the desire to get there.

On the 19th, the Sun trines Pluto just as Saturn ends its four and a half month retrograde cycle. With Saturn direct, we could find that recent delays and obstacles are being removed. We may feel like we can start to make forward progress. Saturn retrograde which often occurs during the winter season is like winter itself. More is going on internally than on the external level. Saturn turning direct is like the bursting forth of Spring, more energy is externalized. There is greater movement and expression.

On the 20th, we regain some Earth, as the Sun enters the Fixed Earth Sign of Taurus. Our passions can now be made more manifest, for we’re looking at taking our dreams and bringing them into form. Now is a time for us to plant the seeds of those projects we want to bring to fruition.

On the 21st, Mercury in Aries trines Saturn in Leo and Mercury trines Jupiter in Sagittarius triggering the Grand Trine in the Fire Element which is a major focus of our Spring season. We can expand our operations in a methodical, creative and structured manner. Now is a time when we can engage brain and brawn. e have the ingenuity, the passion and the energy to be highly effective. We’re working smarter not harder. We can get more done with less expenditure of energy.

On the 23rd, Mercury sextiles Neptune. Our intuitive sense is strong and we can present our ideas in an appealing, even seductive manner. Not everyone may be appreciative, for we also have Venus square Mars on the 23rd. Someone might feel uneasy about us and try to block our progress. Our minds are sharp, but our interactions with others could prove problematic.

This dance between our agile, visionary, penetrating minds and our clumsy, awkward and even dysfunctional relationships continues on at this time.

For on the 26th, Mercury trines Pluto and Venus squares Uranus. Our mind is penetrating. We can dispel any arguments against our viewpoint and win adherents to our side both by the force of our presentation and the incisiveness of our case. Unexpected situations might arise in our relationships. People may be acting like weathervanes, whichever way the wind blows.

On the 27th, Mercury enters Taurus. We may be less taken with ourselves and more considerate of other people. Our contacts with others seem to improve, both as a result of a change in our attitude and because we’re more attentive to other people’s needs. Venus sextiles Saturn on the 27th and then Venus opposes Jupiter on the 28th. By creating win-win situations, we can gain adherents to our cause and impress people with our determination.

On the 29th, Mars conjuncts Uranus. Storm systems could be intense. We need to be careful of rash actions and possible accidents. The month of April ends on the 30th with Mars square Jupiter and Venus trine Neptune. We may want to stretch our wings and go in new directions, feeling supported by a soulmate connection. Let’s just be careful that we don’t do a Daedalus play trying to fly too close to the sun.

In the beginning of May, on the 2nd, we have the Scorpio Full Moon and with it a Fixed Sign T-Square with the Scorpio Moon opposed both the Sun and Mercury in Taurus and by Sign square to Saturn in Leo. We may consider where we can cut the dross and eliminate the excess in our commitments and obligations. Spring cleaning is in order by clearing out the stuff, situations and even people that no longer serve us.

On the 5th, Mercury sextiles Uranus and Mercury squares Saturn. Thoughts of how we can do things more expeditiously can keep us from being ensnared in outdated methods. The ‘tried and true’ may have been tried but could no longer be true or effective in our today’s environment.

On the 6th, Jupiter trines Saturn while Venus opposes Pluto. We can devise the ways to broaden our scope
and create a format to expand into activities that have greater meaning for us. We do have to watch our relationships. In our eagerness to clean house, we could find ourselves throwing the baby out with the bath water. Although we may feel as if we were getting our act together, extremes need to be avoided for we might get carried away in getting rid of things only to realize that some of the things gotten rid of still have meaning and purpose for us.

On the 7th, Mercury squares Neptune. We may be somewhat dazed, a little confused. We need to take things with a grain of salt and not personalize them, for there may be misunderstandings and miscommunications. The more we can maintain clarity amidst the turbulence, the less we’ll get entangled in sticky situations.

We have a trilogy of Sun aspects during this time with the Sun sextile Uranus, on the 8th, the Sun square Saturn on the 9th and the Sun square Neptune on the 12th. While we want to be free to do our own thing, we could find our responsibilities get in the way. In fact, our commitments may provide a necessary braking pattern keeping us from rushing headlong into an abyss. We may feel a little out of sorts, wondering whether we’re coming or going. The lack of solidity and terra firma could prove a good thing, for it may prevent us from jumping at things before considering them in depth.

With Mercury sextile Mars on the 8th and Jupiter square Uranus on the 10th, we might try to fast forward without considering our itinerary, our direction or our means.

Also on the 8th, Venus enters Cancer followed by Mercury moving into its own Sign of Gemini on the 11th. Pampering ourselves and entertaining many different thoughts could help us from leaping brashly ahead. Testing the waters and trying different things out would be far wiser now than a long-term, definitive commitment that appears sound, reasonable and a good focus for us from first impression but might conceal some real pitfalls once we get seriously involved. Moderation during this time would be advised, but we’re more likely to be operating in fits of starts and stops.

Certainly moderation would seem to be out the window on the 13th when Mars squares Pluto, a highly combustible, potentially explosive combination. Eruptions are likely so it would be best to count to ten before any reaction. People are likely to be acting out, pushing the envelope and adamant in their position. Not an energy configuration for compromise, so let’s keep in mind the wisdom of picking our battles and not engaging every single adversarial situation.

On the 15th, Mars moves into its own Sign of Aries giving greater emphasis to our drive and self-assertiveness. With a passionate desire to take the lead in our lives, we come to the Taurus New Moon on the 16th. We can begin to create the structure and to fashion the means to achieve our aims. We do have to review our methods, adapting to changing variables and finetuning our procedures as we go along. Our enthusiasm may know no bounds and we need to be careful not to re-create past situations and not to accept things at face value. Checking and testing to be certain that we’re on the right track are key this week.

We may be doing a great deal of juggling and we can handle various things, as long as we don’t skip over details. While we might want to go as quickly as possible, haste could make waste and force us to go back over and redo.

From the 20th through the 27th, we have a great deal of Mercury energy jumping around.

On the 20th, Mercury opposes Jupiter and Mercury squares Uranus. Our self-confidence can get the better of us and we may be blindsided by unexpected situations. Not my favorite time to fly, and it would be wise to keep a close eye on the specifics and not get overwhelmed by a barrage of stimuli.

On the 21st, the Sun moves into Mercury-ruled Gemini along with Mercury sextile Saturn on the 21st, Mercury trine Neptune on the 23rd and then Mercury opposed Pluto on the 27th before Mercury exits its own Sign of Gemini and enters Cancer on the 28th.

We may be doing several things at once during this highly charged Mercury period. With a desire to add more things to our daily mix, we could come up with stimulating and creative ways to handle the various activities of our lives. Not only can we address our daily activities, but we can also fantasize about what we want to do and where we want to go. Our mind awhirl entertaining various interests, we could add on more and more to our ‘to do’ list. We can be, and we may need to be, a master juggler. If we don’t keep up the pace, we might find that we have overloaded ourselves and taken on too much.

Amidst all the Mercury flurry, Venus trines Uranus on the 25th. Not content to be competent in our routine matters, we could be looking at springtime projects around our home, enlisting redecoration or renovation projects to our living space. We may also find ourselves infatuated by situations and people who are not usually part of our lives. Feeling adept at juggling the activities of our lives, we could add on even more embracing the idea that variety is the spice of life.

The month of May ends with the Sagittarius Full Moon. We have a greater ability to sift through the various activities we’ve gotten involved with and to focus on those that especially have meaning for us. We are looking for passion not distraction. We only want those things that serve a purpose in our lives.

In the early part of June, our sense of enthusiasm could lead us to the point of irrational exuberance. Grandiose extremes could be in style, as people seek to put their best foot forward and one-up each other, with everyone elbowing to be in the center ring.

On the 4th, Mars trines Jupiter followed on the 5th by the Sun opposing Jupiter, egging us on to do more and convincing us that we are invincible. Also on the 5th, Venus moves into Leo. We may find that our relationships are serving as a stage on which we can perform as we seek to be in the spotlight.

On the 9th, the Sun squares Uranus. We want to be free, to do our own thing and express our individuality. But at what cost? Unexpected situations can create twists and turns that demand we be nimble and quick by being in the moment and dealing with the spontaneous as things come up.

During mid-June, we have to be careful not to allow our passion, our drive and our desires to get the better of us. We are influenced by the Fire Grand Trine with Mars in Aries already having trined Jupiter back on the 4th, now trining the third point of our Grand Trine by the Mars trine Saturn on the 11th. With the Sun sextile Mars and Sun sextile Saturn on the 11th, we can focus our energies and create a plan for the realization of our goals. But Neptune can get in the way, as the Sun trines Neptune and Mars sextiles Neptune on the 13th. Suddenly, our plans can go from realistic concepts to hoped-for fantasies by embellishing and adding on to them. We could get swept up in possibilities and prospects. We might leap ahead envisioning what could be and leaving behind what really is.

The potential for confusion can ratchet up with the Gemini New Moon on the 14th offering a broad spectrum of options. Some alternatives might merely be seeking change for the sake of change. This Gemini New Moon occurs as Gemini-ruling Mercury is stationary, turning retrograde on the 15th for the next three weeks. Our thoughts and communications can get fuzzy. Before we make any significant decisions, let’s check the details, review the matter and be certain before committing. Instead of adding on more activities, we might consider those involvements that truly interest us contrasted to those situations that are merely distractions. A Spring cleaning to rid ourselves of the superfluous could be called for.

The Spring draws to a close, but before it does Venus trines Jupiter as the Sun opposes Pluto on the 19th. We may feel as though our soul has been laid bare, and in compensation we may look to live for the day. Any discomfort within ourselves is likely to find expression in extravagance. We could spend too much, eat too much, even enjoy ourselves too much. We are being asked to engage our transformation, the shapeshifting of transitioning from the caterpillar into the butterfly. The process may not always seem comfortable and we could mask it by focusing on having a good time, no matter the expense.

Spring is a time of initiation, of new beginnings. And this Spring allows us to emphasize our individuality and to focus on our self-expression. We shall do the dance between appearance and reality, fact and fiction. In so doing, we have the opportunity of honing, refining and transforming ourselves.

Spring 2007… busting out all over…


  1. Gayle March 23, 2007 1:39 am

    Hi Frank. I am so glad that you finally have your blog up. This should be interesting. This Spring seems to hold alot of promise for most of us. I heard that when Saturn is square your natal Saturn(which is retrograde in my chart{5th house}), you should avoid doing anything that has to do with those houses.With Saturn moving forward in my 2nd house and square Saturn in my 5th house, what can one expect? Mind you I am going through a tough time financially and having to deal with a surprise pregnancy( uranus in the 5th). I am feeling restless as the leaves on a windy day right now and I guess I am changing with the seasons. Thanks alot. And good luck on your blog.

  2. Celeste March 24, 2007 10:03 pm

    Hi. Frank. Nice to see that you have your blog up and running. With Saturn going direct on the 19th of April, A day before my 23rd birthday, what can one expect? I have Saturn retro in my natal fifth house and the transiting saturn is square it in the fifth house. April 20 1984 in arkansas. I have had a lot of delays with life and was hoping that the direct motion would clear things up. Still having trouble with people understanding my values and I hope that things get better for this upcoming year. Thanks.