May 2nd – 8th, 2022

The astrology for this week of May 2nd through the 8th of 2022 sees spring busting out all over and us with it.

The ability to blend concept with implementation for successful manifestation is strong this week. Similar to nature itself in the northern latitudes, we may have indications of an upwelling of new births within ourselves and a thrust of energy to make our dreams come true.

What we have to be wary of with this infusion of energy are our tendencies to get a little ahead of ourselves, a little full of ourselves and a belief that everything will go our way. We could fall prey to our old mindset that what we want to achieve we can realize as sole creators of our own destiny. The game of life has changed. We are no longer in total control over our circumstance [as if we ever were]. Rather we are co-creators with the universe unfolding. We are going through a paradigm shift, a tumultuous time of disruptions and dislocations.

Consider the world in 2020 compared to the world today. It would seem as though we are on the brink of extinction, if we choose to see the half glass of water as half empty rather than half full and buy into the oft-repeated negativity of the tenor of today’s society. Choice, always our choice.

Even if we go down the road of belief in an unraveling dystopia, nature now and with the astrological energies this week show evidence of blooms and blossoms. Early May has always been a favorite time of year for me when living in Connecticut as the flowers started to bloom, the cherry trees and dogwood trees began to blossom, and the grass sparkled in green after a long winter’s nap.

This week could have us feeling at the top of our game with an emphasis upon being our game.

With Venus exiting Pisces to enter Aries, a Sign of Detriment for Venus, we gain some Fire and with a liability of being a little too self-absorbed where we consider situations in terms of it being all about ME. Narcissism and arrogance may be on display as people focus on how things impact them directly with little concern as to the impact on other people.

With confidence and optimism, we could virtually move mountains this week in both a skillful manner and utilizing advanced equipment.

It’s springtime, and we are looking for new directions or addressing routine situations with streamlined methodology. As the saying goes: ‘there is no time like the present’, and this week provides us a gift of being upbeat, effective and self-focused.

This is a week for us to en joy.

Monday, May 2nd – Work and Play – Jupiter, Pluto, Venus, Mercury, Venus Aries. Monday begins this week with the Taurus Moon trine Pluto, and the Moon sextile both Jupiter and Venus both in Pisces. The Moon then exits Taurus to enter Gemini where today the Gemini Moon conjuncts Mercury. Venus exits Pisces to enter Aries [12:10 PM EDT], a Sign of Detriment for Venus. If we make our plans early and get going, we could accomplish a great amount in the morning hours. We may be highly productive early in the day. Our concentration and focus might drop off as the day proceeds with our interest less in the heavy lifting of earlier and more a preference in chatting up people with some of our topics revolving around our latest exploits. This Monday allows us to both work and play. If we would devise our schedule and strategize our plans, we can get things out of the way, complete certain matters, take care of routine tasks, and clear the decks for some down time with a good friend or friends, whether in person or by text or on the phone. The key to this day is strategic planning and prioritizing what we need to get done followed by what we want to get done. This week allows for a beautiful blend of taking care of our responsibilities, considering new trajectories, changing things up, and enjoying the burst of springtime warmth and outdoor activities.

Tuesday, May 3rd – Biting Off More – Mars, Jupiter, Pluto. Tuesday continues with the Gemini Moon with the Moon today square Mars. Jupiter sextiles Pluto. We could be almost giddy as we think about how capable we are with likely encouragement from someone else. Our ‘can do’ attitude could go a long way in getting things done. We just have to be wary that we’re not biting off more than we can chew. People’s input may be supportive but liable to be short on substance. Either out of needing to prove our self or a feeling of overconfidence, we could try to do more than would be reasonable. This is a day to tone down our optimism and strategically plan our day before venturing forward. As the saying goes ‘haste makes waste’, and any impulsive actions might create more havoc and wasted energy than the effective actions proper planning would afford. If we take the time to schedule our day and utilize time management techniques, we could get a great deal done today by dealing with the specifics, addressing our responsibilities, and laying down solid foundation stones for our future involvements.

Wednesday, May 4th – Go Your Own Way – Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars, Uranus. Wednesday continues with the Gemini Moon with the Moon today trine Saturn and the Moon square both Jupiter and Neptune both in Pisces. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for two and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Gemini and before the Moon enters Cancer. Mars sextiles Uranus. Wednesday can be one of those days when we can be more effective with less expenditure of energy if we concentrate on our goals, avoid being distracted by all the drama all around us, and draw upon streamlined ways to accomplish our goals. Collaborating with those who have skill sets different from our own could help us accomplish a great deal. The key is working with people who are functional and not getting dragged into someone’s personal issues. If someone is too high maintenance, it would be better for us to go our own way. We don’t want to be bogged down by irrelevant problems, not when unexpected developments could ease our way and fast forward our plans. This week is a highly productive time by focusing our attention, being open to unexpected possibilities, and keeping a positive attitude. Life may seem crazy right now, but it doesn’t need to make us crazy. We just have to play the hand that we’re dealt.

Thursday, May 5th – Little Changes, Big Impact – Venus, Sun, Uranus. Thursday has the Cancer Moon square Venus, and the Sun conjunct Uranus. Old and new are often at odds. We have seen the conflict between the two over the past few years, and in consequence a sense of the greatening political divide that seems to be occurring in the US [progressives vs traditionalists], in China [Xi Jinping vs Jiang Zemin], and throughout the world as the hegemony of one bloc of countries faces growing strength in a forthcoming multipolar world. For each of us as individuals, the question as to how far to go out on a limb in rebranding ourselves, considering alternative trajectories, and creating a new vision of ourselves can have us battling our familiar with the unknown. The familiar is often comfortable but sometimes seems like the complacency of discontent. The unknown forces us to let go of preconceived notions regarding what is occurring, control over the situation, and demands that we be open, receptive, even vulnerable to the twists and turns of the unfolding. Even little changes can have big impacts. Let’s today consider what little changes we can make that will ease our way into a new sense of self and possibly new trajectories for our future.

Friday, May 6th – Feathering our Nest – Uranus, Sun, Mars, Neptune, Mercury, Venus. Friday can be an especially pleasant day, a day when we are able to sing our praises even to the point of charming the birds out of the trees. The Cancer Moon today sextiles both Uranus and the Sun both in Taurus, and the Cancer Moon trines both Mars and Neptune both in Pisces. Mercury sextiles Venus. We have the gift of gab with an ability to put our point across and win our case without stepping on any toes. We may have a nurturing and comforting sensibility today. We can devise a best practices approach by which we could achieve successful results with minimal effort and no excess. Today is a good day to fix up and refine our environment — our living space, our workspace, our wardrobe, even a personal makeover. Everything we do today has a strong sense of style without being edgy or garish. Relationships might seem close to idyllic as we see what we want to see in the people with whom we are interacting. As with everything, our attitude determines whether we embrace the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-sabi with its ‘perfection in imperfection’ and appreciate the unique characteristics in each individual, or we become critical of personal flaws and frailties that only mask our own insecurities. No need to dampen today’s energies by overly critiquing people or situations when life and our involvements could seem close to ideal.

Saturday, May 7th – Head out on the Highway – Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars. The early morning of Saturday has the Cancer Moon opposed Pluto and the Moon trine Jupiter. The Moon then moves into Leo where later in the day the Leo Moon sextiles Mercury, and the Moon trines Venus. The Sun sextiles Mars. We may be up and out the door early this Saturday morning. If we have obligations to attend to, it would be wise to do them early in the day, for as the day proceeds, we are more likely to look for good times rather than dealing with errands. This is one of those days to spread our wings and fly. Whether we get out of town or look for exciting activities around town, we are in a mood for adventure. Re-creational activities may be calling us whether we express our own creative juices or enjoy watching the talents of other people. This is not a day to just sit around. Let’s get the adrenaline going. Interactions on Friday and Saturday can be lively and fulfilling. The Debbie Downers and Eeyores may be nowhere to be found. Perhaps it’s the reflection of nature busting out all over in blossoms and blooms that gives us a lively thrust and a full embrace of life. But we’re less liable to fall into depression, get caught up in the crazy antics in the world-at-large, and instead full enjoy the abundance of blessings in our lives.

Sunday, May 8th – All About Mom – Uranus, Sun. Sunday continues with the Leo Moon with the Moon today square both Uranus and the Sun both in Taurus. It’s Mother’s Day. Whether we spend time with Mom in person, by phone, or in memory, thoughts of Mom can be strong on this Sunday. In fact, Mom takes center stage today. Various emotions are liable to impact us today, all sorts of ups and downs as we take a walk down Memory Lane and reflect on where we have been in this life journey. Although this weekend is primed for good times and fun events, this Sunday may rein in some of our preferred plans by our obligations on Mother’s Day. We do have to watch for expenses today. Either out of our own generosity or to make the day special, we could find our costs and expenses ratcheting up. Let’s keep in mind that it’s not so much the cost of celebration as much as it is showing our appreciation for that woman who brought us into this life experience. This weekend is a time to fully engage the blessings and abundance in our lives. Let’s enjoy ourselves and embrace the good fortune each of us receives. By honoring Mom, we honor the process of birth and life and living.