U.S. Presidential Election 2020 Prediction – Final Take?

Well, here it is. My final astrological prediction on the 2020 US Presidential Election. Final so long as the players stay the same.

After getting various brickbats thrown at me from my ‘first take’ on the election, I want to reassert that I do NOT have a horse in this race. I tend to vote third party, was a strong Nader supporter for several elections, and ran as an Independent when I ran for the US House back in 2000 with my having referred to both major political parties as ‘dumb and dumber’.

We are living during the most volatile of times. What is today is not what was yesterday and unlikely to be tomorrow.

With the four candidates for US President and Vice President of the two major political parties in place I shall take another look at the US Presidential Election.

This will be my final ‘take’ unless there are some dramatic and sudden changes to the candidates of either of the two major political parties.


Presently for the Republicans, we have: Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Presently for the Democrats, we have: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Of the four candidates we have the exact birth information of birth date, birth time and birthplace for three of the four candidates.

Donald John Trump was born June 14, 1946 at 10:54 AM in Jamaica, New York

Joe Biden was born November 20, 1942 at 8:30 AM in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Kamala Harris was born October 20, 1964 at 9:28 PM in Oakland, California

We do not have the birth time for Mike Pence, but he was born June 7, 1959 in Columbus, Indiana

Both Trump and Pence are Sun Sign Geminis, symbolized by the Twins. Geminis tend to have two sides to their personality a split personality, if you will, somewhat akin to the characterizations of Cain and Abel and of Jekyll and Hyde. Allusions have been made to the two sides to Donald Trump — one being the brash, bold, self-assertive combatant and the other as a compassionate, considerate, thoughtful individual.

Geminis tend to know a little about a lot. They can talk on various issues but tend to talk on a surface level. Depth may be lacking in favor of a broad palette of topics on which they speak.

Trump has a Sun Uranus conjunction and consequently the quicksilver disposition of a Gemini can be heightened with a tendency to switch from one topic, one position, one idea like a weathervane and without the need for rationale, reason or explanation. This Sun Uranus conjunction is in Gemini with the Sun in the Aquarian decanate of Gemini and Uranus in the Libran decanate of Gemini.

Trump is an INDIVIDUAL unwilling to be restricted by accepted standards but also someone who has foresight and willingness to do things on his own terms with a futuristic sense of what works and a feeling of what does not work. He accepts people as individuals and can easily take on the garb of the populist appreciating the uniqueness of each individual and unwilling to cookie cut people.

Donald Trump was born at the time of a Full Moon with his Sun and Moon in opposition, the Moon opposed Uranus and the Moon trine Mars in Leo with the Mars in the 12th House right on top of his Leo ascendant.

While much has been made of his ‘business expertise’, Trump has no Earth in his chart and consequently lacks a certain practicality.

Joe Biden is a Scorpio with four of his planets in Scorpio. Scorpios are intense with a great deal going on below the surface. More goes on than meets the eye with Biden. What you see may not be what you get. Three of his four Scorpio planets are in the Cancer decanate and in the 12th House. The sense of loss of family can be seen with Cancer on the 8th House, and Biden has suffered loss both with the passing of his first wife and daughter in a car accident and then more recently with the passing of his son Beau. With six of his planets in Fixed Signs, there is a certain fixity and stubbornness. Biden is a fighter, can easily lose his temper and able to give as good as he gets.

Biden has a Mars square Pluto configuration in his chart, indicative of a pugilistic style. Biden is known to get angry at voters who question him, even to the point of suggesting to the questioner that ‘they take it outside’. With a Mars square Pluto the person needs to control their anger and physical force, for otherwise there can be extreme actions and violent behavior.

Mike Pence, born June 7th, 1959, is a Gemini with possibly two powerpacks — one in his Sun Sign of Gemini, the other in Leo. Pence was born shortly after a Gemini New Moon. The weathervane quality of the Gemini is added to with a certain sleight-of-hand quality where Pence could be devious, even manipulative, all masked by a genial persona.

Kamala Harris, like Trump, comes in at the time of the Full Moon. Similar to tidal actions, both Harris and Trump can go through extreme swings. While Harris’ Sun is in Libra, it’s on the cusp of Libra – Scorpio, with a strong emphasis in her chart of Scorpio and an appearance of being self-oriented. Like Trump, she will do what she needs to do to advance her interests. With her Moon in Aries, she can often seem to people as overly assertive and highly ambitious.

An interesting fact of these two presidential tickets is the strong emphasis of Gemini with Trump and Pence, and a strong emphasis of Scorpio with Biden and Harris. There can be a certain glibness regarding the Republican candidates and a relentless intensity with the Democrat candidates.

Of the four candidates, Kamala Harris seems to have the best energies, especially as we come into the Spring of 2021.

Trump has far better energies in 2021 than in 2020. The impeachment of Trump was not unexpected due to the energies that were impacting him. When I first posted my initial take on the election back in July, I mentioned that these energies were coming back in the autumn with the possibility of a further attempt at impeachment. And so it is with Nancy Pelosi suggesting such a possibility recently.


The distance between Punxsutawney, known for its groundhog Phil, and Scranton, birthplace of Joe Biden, is 217 miles. One wouldn’t think there would be similarities, but it does seem that Joe Biden is coming out from the basement on occasion rather than full-fledged campaigning for the job of US President.

Although an unorthodox way to campaign for the US Presidency, the front porch campaign of staying close to home, or at home, proved successful for James Garfield in 1880, Benjamin Harrison in 1888, William McKinley in 1896, and Warren G. Harding in 1920.

In this technological age and under the guise of the virus contagion, the front porch campaign makes sense. It may not be necessary for Joe Biden to do more than to read speeches and do little to directly engage Donald Trump.

Maybe he can coast to victory primarily on the vitriol of the anti-Trump commentators and his anti-Trump supporters.


It’s remarkable that any one individual could withstand the constant assault that Trump has had to deal with since his election.

Initially during the Republican primaries in 2015, he was given a great deal of airtime by the media with the slant being that he was a clown, and that he was in the race for the attention and not as a serious run. He had absolutely no chance.

Even after he won the Republican nomination for President, commentators, pollsters and pundits gave him little chance of winning the general election. During the general election campaign, Hillary Clinton marveled that she should be 50 points ahead of Trump. The election proved otherwise.

From the moment Trump was inaugurated on January 20th, 2017, as The Washington Post so aptly headlined: ‘The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun’.

And eventually early in 2020, the Democrat House of Representatives was able to impeach Trump along party lines with the party lines failing to convict in the Republican-controlled US Senate.

Needless to say until this election is over and possibly even long after, more things will be thrown at Trump. One can only imagine what the anti-Trumpers will come up with next — we have had Russia collusion, Incompetence, Sexual misconduct, Racism, Hate Speech, Instigator of riots, Covid-19 response or lack thereof, Ukraine, Autocrat, Attacks from family members and attacks from former administration officials, Personal Taxes, and allegations of a series of strokes leading to health concerns. I’m probably leaving some things out, but my imagination fails me as to what other things will be brought out between now and Election Day. But be assured his opponents have gone and will continue to go for Trump’s jugular.


I mentioned in my first take that corruption has been endemic to the US election process. Although the media discounts election fraud as they push for mail-in voting, elections have been tainted over the years by: dead voters coming back to life to vote… ballot harvesting where a person gathers up a number of filled-in ballots… illicit payments to voters… voter suppression… foreign interference… intended software malfunctions… and any other numbers of ways to game the system…

But is it a game? Or is it a power play to win power at any costs?

Will the people have confidence in the election results?

And will the election results be jiggled after Election Day with some states counting mail-in ballots after the in-person election results, some states even allowing several days after the election for votes to be counted?

Social media platforms under the guise of preventing violent reaction to results say they will not post the election day results. They will wait… wait for further results… wait days, perhaps weeks, even months until the final votes are counted and certified.

If they wait long enough, or the results are contentious and disputed, could the US House of Representatives eventually be the decision maker as to the next President of the United States?

It has happened before in the election of 1824 when the House in 1825 decided on John Quincy Adams over Andrew Jackson.

Increasingly, people may lose confidence in the process, lose confidence in the government and see this country as having fallen into little more than a banana republic.


Despite cars on fire and burning buildings in the background, television news reporters on the scene speak of mostly peaceful protests going on.

It seems that some commentators point to Black Lives Matter and Antifa as large contingents of the protest movement.

Curious to understand more fully the Antifa platform, I decided to go to antifa.com. Instead of going to a home page about Antifa and what the organization stands for, the link sent me directly to the Biden – Harris donation page.

Assuming it to be one of those political dirty tricks that occurs every election season, I went to antifa.com for the next several weeks as I was working on this posting. Each time, and on each of the three different servers of Chrome, Firefox and Safari, I would hit the antifa.com link, and it took me to the Biden – Harris donation page.

Now if this were a political dirty trick, one would assume and one would hope that the Biden – Harris web person would unlink the connection, disassociate the campaign from antifa. But that has yet to occur.

In his August 29th column ‘Willie’s World’ that he writes for the San Francisco Chronicle, Willie Brown, the former speaker of the California Assembly and former Mayor of San Francisco and mentor to Kamala Harris, headlined his column “Willie Brown: Burning and looting in the name of justice will hand election to Trump”.

I would have thought so with it certainly affirmed by the strange relation between Antifa and the Biden – Harris campaign.

Now, I’m not as certain.

There appears to be a revolution occurring.

As the late Gil Scott-Heron, considered the godfather of rap, famously lined: “The Revolution will not be televised”.

Commentators can stand in front of burning buildings, looted businesses, and cars aflame and suggest that these are largely peaceful protests, but such images defy their narrative and affirm the words of Gil Scott-Heron.

Based upon the energy configurations occurring as we come into 2021, I do suggest and believe that the violence is likely to continue and step up through the first quarter of 2021. And I believe that the violence would ratchet up more as a reaction to the re-election of Donald Trump than to the election of Joe Biden.

But with protesters turning their attention to and going after the residences of the Democrat mayors of Portland, Seattle and Oakland, the violence may be full scale no matter who ‘wins’ the election.


One thing I emphasize regarding the election of 2020 is the fact that there is a similar energy occurring on election day, November 3rd, 2020, as that on Election Day in 2000. On both of these two Election Days, Mercury turned from retrograde to direct motion. Whether we are versed in astrology or not, we are all likely to be familiar with Mercury retrograde, akin to Murphy Law’s where ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’.

The returns for the presidential election on Election Day 2000 had the results shifting from a win for Gore to a win for Bush and at the end of the election total confusion and lack of clarity. The final result of the US presidential election in 2000 was ultimately determined by one vote, that of US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

The 2020 election suggests something similar — results that might not seem to be clearly delineated.

Despite the Mercury retrograde turning direct on Election Day, other energies on Election Day seem to favor Trump. Election Day has the Moon in Gemini, the Sign in which both Trump and Pence have their natal Sun. The Moon’s transit through Gemini on Election Day will beneficially hit off Trump’s Uranus, Jupiter and Sun, and signal a new beginning for him. Both Trump and Pence seem to have better energies in 2021.


Each person, entity, organization, and event all have an astrological chart. A US Presidential Administration’s chart is derived by the date, time and place determined by the 20th amendment to the Constitution. The incoming administration will be inaugurated on January 20th, 2021, at 12 Noon, in Washington, D.C.

The Administration inaugurated in January of 2021 has a strong influence of Aquarius with four planets in Aquarius and three planets in Taurus — a push, pull between forging ahead into new frontiers while restrained by the desire for stability and security.

This forthcoming Administration would seem to be highly innovative, looking to bring about radical change, and fully enlists the advances in technological development. At the same time, the sense of stability and security could be lacking with many people opposed to Administration policies.

Protests even to the point of violent actings out are liable to confront the Administration. The financial world may be somewhat rocked with old industries giving way to the new, with fiat currency giving way to a renewed gold standard and / or the greater adoption of cryptocurrencies.

With this next Administration seemingly one to engage the technological revolution, I had to wonder whether an establishment politician like Joe Biden with his forty-seven years largely based in the political system of Washington, D.C., or Donald Trump with his quirky individualistic and entrepreneurial focus would appear better suited to the characteristics of this next administration.

I determined it would be Trump, both by his life experience and also his possible namesake. With his name being Donald John Trump, I considered whether the John in his name was named after his uncle John Trump.

John Trump was an electrical engineer, inventor, physicist, and professor at MIT from 1936 to 1973. He developed radiation therapy and co-developed X-Ray machines. In 1943, shortly after Nikola Tesla’s death, it was John Trump who was called in by the F.B.I. to analyze Tesla’s items.

If we are moving into a technological revolution, which we are, influenced by the entry of Jupiter and Saturn into Aquarius, does it not seem that someone whose uncle was a prodigious scientist and whose first name is that person’s middle name is more likely the catalyst and conductor of this technological revolution than a 47 year politician?

The political revolution espoused by antifa seems more like the catalyst in the summer of 2020 to violent demonstrations, burnings of cities and lootings of urban businesses. If this next administration is an unpopular one to many, could resist and resistance be replaced by riots and revolution, a continuation of what this past summer has seen? I believe so, and I think antifa has shown their predisposition to violence to accomplish their goals.


In my first take of the Presidential Election which I made back in July, I mentioned that Trump’s impeachment in the winter should not have been unexpected based upon the energy configurations he was liable to endure. I also indicated that impeachment could also come up again in this autumn as this same energy configuration came back for the third and final pass over.

And so it has, as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi suggested in September the possibility of another impeachment of Trump to be instituted as one of the arrows in her quiver.

Life is about the ups and downs of living, times of opportunities and times of challenges. Trump certainly has his challenges especially during this year of 2020. They are alleviated as we come more into 2021 and replaced by times of opportunities for Trump.

Based upon how the astrological configurations will be impacting them over the next two years of 2020 – 2021, severe challenges may face both Clintons, Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

The Uranus Taurus, Saturn Aquarius transits will adversely impact the Scorpio Suns of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, and these transits will negatively impact the Leo Suns of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Past issues with a sense of restriction or having to deal with past matters and unexpected situations through revelations could create havoc for each of the four.

The case could be made that, if elected, Biden’s term would largely be Harris’ administration, and the four Democrat luminaries of the past become relegated to the past. Such a situation would be hard to rationalize if Biden is President, for one would assume that the cast of characters from his past would play a large role in his present.

The other case to be made would be a Trump victory whereby some of the questionable involvements of the four come to light.


I believe Trump is the likely eventual winner of this presidential election conundrum in 2020-2021.

But there may truly be no winners whether Trump or Biden [or Democrat nominee] win out in the end.

Energetically, the first quarter of 2021 seems fraught with anger, severe dislocations, and violent acting out. Will the country survive?

Yes, the country will survive but the template and the parameters of the country are likely to be far different from what it might have been even several years ago.

End times, a brand new day, and hopefully one of an ascension into the light rather than a downfall into the dark.