November 2017

November begins with us accentuating our personal interests, but with a greater appreciation that we are not ‘an island unto ourselves’. Even if we have been toe stomping as we advanced our affairs, we can have a greater appreciation for the people in our life.

Our spiritual life can be accentuated in the beginning of November as the Sun trines Neptune and Venus sextiles Saturn on the 3rd. We might have greater empathy and compassion for other people with a realization that we are all in this life thing now together. Although we may have seen, even felt in our self, a sense of taking care of me and mine recently, we can take a broader look, realize there is something deeper to our life and that in truth we are on a spiritual path — learning lessons, developing skills and expressing talents. While we might seem too immersed in the day in, day out of our mundane life, we may feel that there truly is something more to this earth life journey than the basic material stuff.

The Taurus Full Moon on the 4th of November may accentuate the differentiation in the wise admonition ‘render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and unto God that which is God’s.’

These times are times of dramatic change, major transformations, times when things appear to be in chaos, life unstable and reality a question mark of differing opinions. And during such times we have the challenge and the opportunity of getting real with ourselves and with our ways of doing life.

The 4th also have Venus opposed Uranus. These times of dramatic change are all part of the paradigm shift, times when the linear reality of beginning, middle and end give way to the asequential reality of random happenings, serendipity and things occurring with no apparent rhyme or reason. Unexpected encounters can occur. We could discover aspects of other people that we had no idea about. The element of magic and mystery is afoot. Surety and security in what has been held to be true may fly out the window, with the only surety and security being the essence of who we are deep within ourselves.

November 5th has Mercury exiting Scorpio to enter Sagittarius. With it, the Stellium in Scorpio is ended briefly until the 7th when Venus enters Scorpio reengaging a Scorpio Stellium as Venus joins the Sun and Jupiter in the Fixed Water Sign.

The shift in Sign for Mercury can be rather startling. While people may have been somewhat close-mouthed or concise and succinct in what they had to say, suddenly people are likely to find their gift of gab. People might talk on any number of topics and speak volumes but perhaps with little real depth to what they have to say. We can be feeling more upbeat, confident and optimistic after a period when we seemed slammed by one natural disaster after another, freaked by some authority figure’s missteps, and left wondering whether we were headed, or already in, an apocalyptic end times.

Venus entering Scorpio on the 7th has Venus leaving Libra, the Sign Venus rules, into a Sign of its Detriment, Scorpio being a Sign in which Venus is found to be uncomfortable. Lust might take the place of Love, and jealousy could raise its ugly head. There can be greater intensity in our relationships with a ratcheting up between the extremes of love and hate.

The 9th of November would be a time for us to regroup and restructure our plans and our goals. The Sun sextile Pluto gives us the energy to focus on the truly important activities that we wish to pursue. Increasingly, each of us is likely to be defining or redefining what we consider to be the quality in our living. We might choose to remove some of the debris in our life — the outmoded, superfluous and distracting. We may embrace the sentiment that ‘less is more’.

On the 13th of November, Venus conjuncts Jupiter and Mercury squares Neptune. The ‘two good guys’ of the Zodiac, Venus and Jupiter, linked together can offer us the sublime or the ridiculous. We can be highly astute with our resources or grossly extravagant ratcheting up our expenses and adding to any debt we maintain. With Mercury square Neptune we have to be wary of false optimism and a willingness to believe what we want to believe even if contrary to empirical evidence. This would be a time for us to be conservative with our finances and hesitant regarding our judgment. What we see may not be what we get, and we could wind up taking action that not only leads us in wrong directions but could be costly as well.

On the 16th of November, Venus trines Neptune. This energy could create idyllic rapport with someone, a sense of soulmate found with a real depth of feeling between people. The sense of spiritual connection with someone or with people can be intoxicating. We might feel as though we are on cloud 9 and tune out everything other than our interaction with a special someone.

The sense of deep connection can be fortified on the 17th as Mercury sextiles Mars. We are not looking at going it alone, not since we have connected or reconnected with someone on a very deep level. We might far prefer to expand our activities in partnership with someone. We could realize that we are not ‘islands unto ourselves’ and that our best work could be done in league with someone else.

The 18th of November has the Scorpio New Moon, followed on the 19th by Mars square Pluto. While we can establish certain fundamentals and basics regarding what we wish to pursue and that which we wish to rid ourselves of, it is essential that we build upon rock and not upon sand. If we have done the latter, been hasty in our decisions and acted without due diligence to the particulars, we might discover that we have built our projects like a house of cards with the liability of ‘all fall down’.

With the New Moon impacting the next two weeks up to the Full Moon on the 3rd of December, we have to be cautious in our approach and in our methods, for the liability of implosions or explosions cannot be discounted. A ‘boom or bust’ quality may be part of the temperament of this two-week period. People could be acting out. Relationships, once thought solid, may be questioned and even eliminated. Global financial security might seem tentative at best, and there could be acquisitions, mergers and closures.

Anxiety may be momentarily relieved during the third week of November.

Venus sextiles Pluto on the 21st. If we have questioned our relationships, this time would allow us to draw upon the ‘tried and true’. Right connections can be solidified, and we could also develop a strategic use of our resources to advance our most heartfelt desires.

The 21st – 22nd of November has the Sun exiting Scorpio to enter Sagittarius. In so doing, the Sun ends the Stellium in Scorpio and triggers a Stellium in Sagittarius as the Sun joins Mercury and Saturn in the Mutable Fire Sign. We may be feeling far more upbeat, but without careful consideration of what is going on we could also be entering a fool’s paradise. Let’s temper our enthusiasm with a judicious approach to everything we decide or do.

Neptune turns direct on the 22nd of November, just prior to Thanksgiving in the US on the 23rd. Even if we have been caroming from one situation to another, it would be wise for us to count our blessings and appreciate all the wonderful aspects of our lives.

Mercury trines Uranus on the 25th of November. Like a light bulb going off in our head, we may have moments of illumination, flashes of genius and remarkable insights. Unexpected news can be surprising and welcome. We might have a greater sense of the magic and mini-miracles that the paradigm shift we are all going through provides. Reality may be changing dramatically but bear in mind that things do work out for the best, even if we go kicking and screaming during the process.

While we can become privy to possibilities, options and alternatives that we have not previously considered, old patterns and old mindsets creep in and could prove depressive on the 28th of November when Mercury conjuncts Saturn. If we get bogged down on the ways and the itinerary and lose sight of the direction, we might feel that our desire to cross the threshold into a better and altered future for ourselves is beyond our grasp. Just as our mind may have been awakened to possibilities, even impossibilities seeming to be possible, on the 25th with the Mercury trine Uranus, the Mercury Saturn conjunction on the 28th might narrow our vision, place blinders on us and make us feel that ‘same old, same old’ is our life’s pathway.

We might have to clear away the cobwebs in our mind, but first we have to be aware of what those cobwebs are and recognize the hold that familiar patterns have in reinforcing our thoughts and our actions.

November 2017… being careful out there…