Wills, Kate & the Match Made In…

The 29th of April had much of the world’s attention focused on the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Not only because of ‘royal’ interest, these two individuals in their individual charts and in their composite chart show strong orientations to be in the public eye.

William has a New Moon configuration with a Sun Moon conjunction in Cancer while Kate has a Full Moon configuration with the Sun in Capricorn opposed the Moon in Cancer. With the Moon indicative of how the world sees us, their scenario indicates a strong focus on the Cancerian qualities of home, family, country. A child is certainly likely from their union and possibly sooner rather than later.

Both have Stelliums of three or more planets in Libra and consequently both will be seen as very much interested in the ‘other’, whether their own personal dedication to each other or their devotion to the world community, a quality reminiscent of Will’s mother, Princess Diana.

With a Capricorn Sun, a placement she shares with Michelle Obama, Kate may be ambitious, providing both support and backbone to her husband. She is familiar with a sense of responsibility and is likely to play the role of princess well, both in regard to the rituals of the position and the outreach to the people of her nation, and the world community.

Every nation, business and event has a chart set up for the date, time and place of the launch of that particular entity. So too does the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The marriage chart has the Cardinal Climax with the Uranus Aries, Saturn Libra and Pluto Capricorn. The chart has a powerpack in Aries. This is a strongly creative and powerful union, enhanced by the Sun trine Pluto. More will go on than meets the eye but the mystique of royalty is likely to pervade and engage public sentiment in a largely positive and encouraging manner. They will certainly put their imprint on the public consciousness and are likely to stand out in certain pioneering ways.

The marriage itself can be rocky at times. Kate is likely to be the stronger of the two personalities. But any disagreements between the two could be hidden from public view with the recognition that duty calls and obligations are to be served.

An interesting highlight, which I noted in both their charts, comes from the progressions and the transits for both Kate and Wills in their individual charts.

The latter part of 2012 and early 2013 sees some significant shift and change in their positions, a bump up in prestige and authority. We see this in Wills’ chart by means of the progressed Sun moving into Leo and trining natal Uranus, and transiting Saturn at that time trining the natal Sun and Moon. We also see this empowerment in Kate’s chart with the progressed Sun trine her natal Saturn in Libra [partner] at that time.

There has been talk of the royal succession from Elizabeth likely to ‘skip’ over Prince Charles. Could this be the time that Prince William succeeds to the throne? Time will tell, but certainly the latter part of 2012 into 2013 indicates a strong increase in prestige and authority for both Prince William and his princess. If not a succession to the throne, this energy could also indicate the birth of a child and the continuity of heirs to the throne.

Wills and Kate can restore the sense of mystique, responsibility and care for the ‘common people’. They offer an interesting combination that reinforces the concept of the whole being stronger than the sum of its parts.