May 2011

This May is a month when we can initiate our plans, lay down the foundation stones of our future and work in a detailed way with our priorities clear and our focus on the most important projects that we have in mind.

We may be both astute and adept in moving our activities ahead. We are not interested in diversions or distractions. On the contrary, we are tending to cut to the core, deal with the fundamentals and do things in an expeditious and productive manner.

We could get a lot done this month, but we also have to accept the possibility of delays and of frustrations with those who just are unable to keep up with us. Let’s not get sidelined by other people’s agendas but let’s recognize that sometimes delays provide a tempering process, whereby we can hone and fine tune our involvements in order to have them operating at their optimum.

Although we may be passionate and determined and full of perseverance and stick-to-itiveness, we also have to be leery of getting so adamant that we are willing to push ahead ‘come hell or high water’. If we get too self-absorbed in specific interests, we could find ourselves depleting our resources and putting all our energy and capital into particular situations that just might bleed us dry.

A little humility is called for during this month and a willingness to be flexible and adaptable and open to changing circumstances. Our stubbornness this month could be a strong liability and a prescription for disaster.

Let’s keep in mind that during this major paradigm shift we are being asked to let go of control over situations, the belief in mastering our personal world and accepting instead the idea of being co-creators, working with the natural unfolding and with a willingness to shift and change as circumstances might warrant.

If we get too fixated on what we want to occur, we could miss the real opportunities that might arise unexpectedly in the most serendipitous conditions.

May seems a great deal less heated and impetuous than April. There is a greater maturity in our decisions and in our actions, no longer leaping ahead without considering the conditions or aware of possible circumstances. Some of our missteps in April, some of our over-reactions and some of our hasty decisions can now be reworked to our benefit.

If we were not ensnared by the rush to judgment in April, then this May period allows us to plant the seeds given impulse during the April time. If we did put our feet into some hotspots in April, we can now disengage and seek a more conciliatory and focused manner by which to move our interests ahead.

Yes, this May could well live up to the refrain of the 17th Century poet Thomas Dekker in his poem The Merry Month of May:

“O the month of May, the merry month of May,
So frolic, so gay, and so green, so green, so green.”

We may frolic, feeling ourselves somewhat invincible and fully capable of realizing our goals and our ambitions. And we can certainly advance our personal interests during this May.

This May has a far more grounded and practical approach in all our affairs. We have a great deal of the Taurus energy as various planets join the Sun in Taurus — Mars on the 11th and both Venus and Mercury on the 15th.

Especially highlighted dates in May are the 11th when both Venus and Mercury conjunct Jupiter; the 16th when Mercury conjuncts Venus and both sextile Neptune; and the 20th – 21st with some favorable Pluto energies as Mercury conjuncts Mars and both trine Pluto on the 20th, followed by Venus trine Pluto on the 21st.

But before we engage a more grounded approach, which increases as the month progresses, our tendency towards rash and hasty and even ill-considered actions based upon our optimism could be a powerful elixir and seduce us into pushing too far, too fast.

The month begins with Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries on the 1st. We could begin the month quick out of the gate, stretching our wings, expanding our realm. We may feel like there can be no stopping us now. Our enthusiasm, confidence and optimism may know no bounds. And while such a ‘feelgood’ attitude is certainly upbeat and encouraging, we do need to avoid overdoing or becoming excessive and extravagant in our beliefs, our decisions and our actions. If we reach beyond our capabilities and our resources, we could have a severe comeuppance in the mid-part of the month and may even be laying the seeds of karma that might have to be reaped to our disadvantage later in the year.

The 3rd has the Taurus New Moon and influences the fortnight both with a sense of planting new seeds and doing so with plans well conceived, details fully considered. We may feel that we have taken care of all the necessary factors that contribute to a successful and productive implementation of our plans. And that may be true but it would be advised to keep in mind the vagaries of these times, when things can shift and change suddenly and dramatically without even a moment’s notice.

Love is in the air during this merry month of May. We may feel inspired, confident and optimistic and ready to rebuild our lives. But the rebuilding will not be a re-creation of our past, when some of our accomplishments may have been more ego-driven. On the contrary, the alchemical process each of us has been through, and is going through, is likely to focus on the truly essential, on building upon rock, rather than on sand.

We may feel ourselves far more together during May. As though the dark clouds have parted, we can see the way, our way. No matter the craziness of the world and bizarre world events that might be headlining the news, we are far less engaged in the chatter of things that do not directly impact us. We are looking to take our journey. We are looking to engage the true purpose of our being. And we are planting the seeds of our new directions.

Mercury conjuncts Venus on the 9th and both Venus and Mercury transiting Aries conjunct Jupiter on the 11th. We may feel in love with life, in love with love, and a warm and fuzzy feeling about those we encounter and seek to engage. We can see the good in situations, the good in people, and believe that the best is yet to come.

Mars moves into Taurus on the 11th, followed by both Venus and Mercury moving into Taurus on the 15th, thereby creating a powerpack in Taurus with a Stellium of three or more planets in the Fixed Earth Sign as Venus and Mercury join Mars and the Sun in Taurus. Mars sextiles Neptune on the 12th, followed on the 16th with another Mercury Venus conjunction, this time in Taurus, and both Mercury and Venus sextile Neptune. We could easily buy into the prospects, the possibilities. Our discernment and discrimination may lessen as we seek only the potential, the positive, but also perhaps the illusionary.

The process of recent times has afforded us the ability and the opportunity to be more fully aware of what is really going on. Through our challenges and our struggles we have developed the ability to not buy into the presentations, the hype or the spin of appearance and images. We have had the wake-up calls, the whacks on the side of the head and elsewhere, to be far more mindful, to define a healthy skepticism and a valued reticence of looking at situations carefully and in-depth before accepting them or committing to situations that look good on the outside but could prove difficult, even lethal, once inside.

The period of the 12th through the 16th could challenge our ability to separate the substance from the appearance and see what is truly going on. We may feel that we have found the right path for our journey. We might feel pumped about our recently-formed itinerary and our intended goals. And we could expend our resources — our finances, our time and our energy. But are we engaging the truly meaningful or merely casting pearls before swine?

Although we might assume that the clouds have parted and that we are now walking in sunshine, we still have our weeding to do, ridding ourselves of those areas in our lives that no longer fulfill us or serve any real purpose. The Scorpio Full Moon on the 17th of May could prove a little perplexing, as we are asked to release some of our dreams that may have been dreamt before but could turn into nightmares if realized now or in the future.

While we may be looking at this time as one of eliminating some of our plans and intentions, let’s keep in mind that in this paradigm shift we do not have to do it all. The universe provides, and as long as we work with peripheral vision and be open to receive, wonderful surprises and exciting opportunities can come our way. The universe does not like a vacuum, and as we do our Spring cleaning, we may discover that we have created greater space for the new and more intriguing scenarios to enter our lives.

Despite the fact that we might have to let go of certain aspects of our lives, such releases could prove important steps for us to get to our next level.

The 20th-21st of May allows for a restructuring, a rebuilding and developing a solid base from which to operate. The 20th has Mercury conjunct Mars and both Mercury and Mars trine Pluto. The 21st has Venus trine Pluto and the Sun exiting Taurus to enter Gemini.

Similar to climbing a mountainous summit, we may need to establish a base camp from which to climb the summit and explore the greater heights.

If we would take a careful evaluation of our plans, our resources and consider the best approach and the most meaningful direction, we can then concentrate on what is most important for us and for our growth and our self-development.

With the Sun square Neptune on the 22nd, we may feel confused about our identity, about where we are going. We might want to hold on to previous goals and ambitions, but if we will be true to ourselves and accept the vulnerability that comes with shapeshifting, those times when we no longer hold on to the habit patterns or the comfort of familiarity but instead let go and accept a scary time of not knowing; then we are likely to find that new doors, new opportunities, and wonderful surprises are likely to come forward.

The idea of ‘let go, let god’ is a powerful affirmation, even if only the blind faith that the best is yet to come. Such a disposition embraces the concept, and the reality during these times of paradigm shift that we no longer have to master our world but we do have to be open to receive. No longer do we need to have blinders on, looking and accepting only that which seems in front of us. We can release ourselves from the ties that bind, no matter what those ties might have been. In so doing, we prepare the space for the next grand adventure of our lives, those involvements, activities and projects that are more in keeping with where we are going rather than where we have been.

The Sun sextile Uranus on the 26th embraces the adventure of change, the opening of the door to options and alternatives that we might never have earlier considered, and maybe not considered because they were not in the purview of our understanding. This is a time for us to explore, to try things out, to stretch our wings and soar, all with the realization that in moving into new arenas, new situations, new involvements, we do not have to commit for the long-term but rather engage for the short-term with an understanding that as one door opens, so too do other possibilities, other doors, and other options.

As the saying goes: ‘Life’s too mysterious. Don’t take it serious.’

We are on the magical, mystery tour and during this month of May we have the opportunity of developing new interests, laying down new foundations stones, but all with the recognition and appreciation that such movements on the physical level may prove to be transitory or adaptable to change. The internal for each one of us may be far more solid, a deeper connection with our soul and our spirit, and a desire to express our essence. This internal realization is not transitory or subject to change. It is, firm and solid in its inner being, but flexible and adaptable in its external expression.

May… The merry month of May…