Autumn 2007

This Autumn begins with the Autumn Equinox and the Sun’s entrance into the Cardinal Air Sign of Libra on September 23rd. Similar to Autumn beginning with the Cardinal Air Sign of Libra, this Autumn is highlighted by Air with a Grand Trine by Sign in the Air Element linking all three of the Air Signs with the Sun and Mercury in Libra, the Moon and Neptune in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini.

At the time of the Autumn Equinox, there are three planets in Fire Signs, one planet in an Earth Sign, five planets in Air Signs and one planet in a Water Sign. There are two planets in a Cardinal Sign, three planets in Fixed Signs and five planets in Mutable Signs. There are eight planets in Positive Signs and two planets in Negative Signs.

Although Libra is the Sign of balance, balance is a point in time-space that equalizes extremes, balances polarities. To get to that balance point, there is a balancing act that goes on between disparate elements, weighted polarities, and countervailing forces. And so it is with the start of this autumn. With a preponderance of Air, a lack of both Earth and Water, and a heavy emphasis on the Mutable Signs, this autumn begins slightly out of whack.

The autumn begins with a Mutable Sign Grand Cross by Sign with Mars in Gemini, Saturn in Virgo, Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius and Uranus in Pisces. We are all over the place as we begin this autumn. Of course, we might be somewhat used to it seeing how we started the summer with a Mutable Sign Grand Cross as well — different players in some instances but with the same effect of us having so much, too much, to handle and deal with. How could we possibly cope? The answer is to be nimble and quick: to be fast on our feet and able to deal not only with our daily responsibilities but also unexpected situations in a speedy but effective manner.

The autumn also feels the influence of a particularly intense energy: Mars opposed Pluto. Although the exactitude of the Mars Pluto opposition occurred two days prior to the Equinox, its influence is felt throughout this autumn and through the winter. Intensity is ratcheted up severalfold. We could find that nothing is done in half measure. On the contrary, we may want all or nothing at all. The extremes during this next six month period can be over the top. Knee jerk reactions, overkills and situations escalating and getting out of hand could certainly be a characteristic of these times. People may be very much on edge, and at any moment possibly lurching out of control. If we can get a handle on these energies, we could also find that we’re getting a great deal done. Our passion and determination are strong. We just have to be certain as to where we place our focus and how we move ahead with our goals. The potential for explosions, upheavals and using excessive force cannot be downplayed. We may be playing with fire, so we need to be careful of what we say, what we do in order to avoid misunderstandings and not create greater problems for ourselves. This Mars Pluto opposition which is operational through the winter of this coming year promises that storm systems can come full force with gale force winds and torrents of precipitation or blizzard conditions.

The autumn begins with a Mutual Reception between the Sun and Venus–the Sun being in Libra ruled by Venus, and Venus being in Leo ruled by the Sun. This combination increases the influence of the Sun and Venus. Consequently, our relationships can be especially pleasant. Get-togethers with friends can be fun events with everyone looking for a respite from the hurly-burly of their mundane lives. People’s creativity can be sparked and gatherings can have both a festive note and splendid decorations. There is the Venus Neptune opposition of which we have to be wary. Although relationships can be highlighted, we might be prey to the trickster, someone appearing one way, the reality being quite different. Although we might be infatuated by someone or impressed by first impression, it would be wise for us to withhold definitive judgment until we’ve had enough time and enough interactions to make a reasoned opinion of the character of our connection.

There is also the Jupiter Uranus square at the beginning of autumn. Volatility that we’ve seen recently in the equity markets can continue. Exacerbated by the Mars Pluto opposition, we can see some real whipsaws and wonder whether there is any safe, secure, stable place. There is, but we might find the only true security is within ourselves. The outer world around us may seem increasingly spinning out of control, like a top dancing across the floor, weaving and bobbing with no apparent direction except to unwind.

While this autumn is a time when there may seem a lot going on, and with unexpected situations cropping up for us to deal with, the dynamics of these times allow us to make major changes in our daily routine and even question whether we are doing our lives with purposeful living and true meaning. Many of us may question our daily existence. But with the question comes consideration of possibilities and an intention of making things better for ourselves. This time also allows us the opportunity of getting out of our own way. Our society has conditioned us to master the universe, or at least try to master our own personal world. The concept reeks of control and increasingly we may find that life is throwing us curve balls as indications that we are not truly in control but must deal as best we can the cards being dealt to us. Not only a new attitude is called for but a new disposition. While there can be some who resent and resist the changes being asked of us, there can also be an increased understanding, an epiphany of sorts, that the times they are a’changing. With the paradigm shift comes the promise that instead of mastering the universe we can be co-creators with the universe. If we are receptive to the shifting sands around us and in our lives, then we can work with the energies rather than resist them. We could discover the changes to be incredibly liberating, like getting a monkey off our back, and with the realization of that wise old saying that god and the universe have far better plans for us than we could ever imagine for ourselves.

Shortly after the autumn Equinox, we have the Libra Full Moon on the 26th of September, a Full Moon that reinforces the Mars Pluto opposition. In the first week of autumn, the last week of September, we have two sign changes: Mercury moving out of Libra and into Scorpio on the 27th, followed by Mars moving out of Gemini and moving into Cancer on the 28th. These two Sign changes also create a Grand Trine in the Water Element with Mars trine Mercury and both trine Uranus. Our ability to get our sea legs can be adept, and our ability to figure out what is going on can be perceptive and insightful during these transitioning times. If we trust our feeling nature, our sensory realm, and are open and receptive to flashes of genius, we could come up with innovative answers and appropriate ways to navigate the swirling waters around us. Like an Archimedes ‘Eureka’ moment, we might solve perplexing problems and discover the means of extricating ourselves from any long-standing problems. This Grand Trine in the Water Element continues through the third week of October.

As we come into October, Venus leaves Leo to enter Virgo on the 8th and the Sign it will transit until November 8th, when Venus enters its own Sign of Libra. While much of this autumn can revolve around our relationships, during this Venus transit of Virgo, we have to watch our expectations of other people. We might hold them to high standards, be somewhat critical of them and even create difficulties for our relationships. These tendencies could be especially apparent right around the 14th of October when Venus conjuncts Saturn, the 25th of October when Venus opposes Uranus, and again in November on the 8th when Venus squares Pluto. It would be wise to cut people slack in our interactions and recognize that perfection is an intention and not necessarily an acquired state. We also need to question whether our critiquing of others masks our own insecurities and if we are acting on the old strategic approach of a strong offense is a good defense. By finding faults in others, we can avoid having to address our own insecurities.

On the 10th-11th of October, we have the Libra New Moon. This New Moon and the fortnight following that it influences can be especially pleasant. The Sun Moon conjunction trines Neptune and sextiles Jupiter. Although there is a Venus Saturn conjunction, which might have us recounting past experiences and even past relationship issues; we can focus on the expansionary qualities of our special connections even to the point of idolizing our relationships and seeing the promise of them in our future. Also on the 11th, Mercury turns retrograde for its three-week cycle back through the first decanate of Scorpio and back through the third decanate of Libra. This Mercury retrograde is the third and final one of 2007. Let’s remember that often under Mercury retrograde Murphy’s Law of ‘whatever can go wrong will’ is in effect. The Mercury retrograde lasts until November 1st when Mercury turns direct. This Mercury retrograde can raise issues regarding our finances, a concern about our expenses and also issues associated with our relationships. Mercury retrograde offers us the opportunity to go back over things and make changes and corrections to situations.

During the month of October there are some good energy configurations, energies that allow us to sort through and concentrate on specifics, particulars and the fundamentals. With a lack in the Earth element, we could realize that we may have been more taken with doing things rather than doing them correctly. We may have easily glossed over details and with October’s Mercury retrograde and good Saturn aspects, we may refine and refocus.

On the 23rd of October, the Sun enters Scorpio and Mercury retrogrades out of Scorpio and back into Libra. On the 26th, the Taurus Full Moon highlights the idea of working smarter rather than harder, being far more conscientious about our financial position and offers us some interesting new contacts that help to broaden our perspective. A good fall cleaning would be advised during this timeframe, doing an inventory taking and clearing away some of the clutter. The more we can streamline our activities, the less overwhelmed we’re likely to feel and the more opportunities we would have to take advantage of new interests and new connections.

On the 31st, Halloween, Neptune turns direct, followed on the 1st of November with Mercury turning direct. Our communications and our consideration of our future possibilities can be far clearer. We are less likely to be in a daze or prey to wish fulfillment and the mindless liability of assuming that everything will work out in the end no matter what we do in the interim.

November 8th has Venus leaving Virgo and entering its own sign of Libra. Our critiquing of other people can drop away as we become more interested in relationships without all the evaluation, criticism and even faultfinding we might have done over the past four weeks.

The 9th has the Scorpio New Moon with the Sun Moon conjunction creating a Water Grand Trine by trining Mars in Cancer and Uranus in Pisces. Our emotions can be turned up severalfold. Our sense of compassion and a feeling of ‘there but for the grace of God go I’ can have us far more interested in solving the problems of the world. We may feel a spiritual calling and decide that we need to look a little deeper into our lives to be certain that our lives have meaning and are serving a higher purpose than just accumulations of more stuff. While there could be a tendency for us to get rid of things, release situations and eliminate matters from our lives, we have to be judicious in our stripping away. We also have to be cautious that our emotions don’t create a sense of being merely receptive, even victims, to the vagaries of these times. Again, let us remember that while we may not be masters of the universe, we are indeed co-creators, a proactive disposition whereby we expend our energies in accord with the universal signposts.

On the 11th, Mercury re-enters Scorpio. Our thoughts can be precise, methodical and interested in the facts, just the facts. Now is a good time to blueprint our plans and focus on the essentials of our projects. Mercury sextiles Saturn on the 16th, trines Mars on the 19th and trines Uranus on the 21st. We have the ability to create the structure and the ways of our goals and then streamline our operations in order for us to work expeditiously. We do have to watch on the 24th of November when Mercury squares Neptune. We could be a little too arrogant, feeling that we can finesse situations without doing the necessary groundwork. If we rest on our laurels or assume that we can just move forward without evaluating and playing the devil’s advocate, then we could be in process of setting ourselves up.

On the 15th, Mars turns retrograde until the end of January ’08. Our physical vitality may not be the strongest, and we do need to watch for colds and flus during this latter part of autumn and early winter period. With the Mars retrograde, Mars is also moving back into greater influence of its opposition to Pluto, exact on the 2nd of January. The feeling of burnout and a powder keg ready to blast can increase as we move through the latter part of autumn and into the early part of the new year. Focusing on our health regimen, incorporating some forms of physical activity such as yoga, pilates, tai chi or aquacise are to be considered. It is important that we take care of ourselves and not merely try to push forward nonstop.

November 22nd, the Sun leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. With the Sun moving into Sagittarius, there is now a Stellium of three or more planets in the Mutable Fire Sign as the Sun joins Jupiter and Pluto. Our perspective broadens. We are far more interested in the big picture, a macrocosmic view rather than the microcosmic view or dissected focus. We could be feeling enthusiastic, confident and optimistic, but we also have to watch that in our desire to expand our realm we don’t neglect our responsibilities or gloss over situations.

At the time of the Gemini Full Moon on the 24th, there is a Grand Cross by Sign in the Mutable Signs, a Grand Trine in the Water Element, Mercury square Neptune and Uranus changing direction from retrograde to direct motion. This time could have us wondering which way is up, all the while that we’re going up and down and all around. The holiday season begins and we could find ourselves on overwhelm… once again. It is important that we take into account what is truly important in our lives and disengage from those situations that are superfluous and only contribute to chewing up our time with busy work. Our clarity of thought may not be the strongest especially in light of the fact that we want to make changes and may be more focused on change for the sake of change than making changes from a rational approach. We also have to be careful that we pick and choose where we are going to place our energies and those activities in which we truly want to engage. We could be like a hungry person at a smorgasbord piling more and more on our plate and stuffing ourselves with more and more and going far beyond overfill.

The latter part of autumn in December has various Sign changes. Mercury exits Scorpio and enters Sagittarius on the 1st, adding a fourth planet to the Stellium in Sagittarius with Mercury joining the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto in the Mutable Fire Sign.

On the 5th of December, Venus leaves its own Sign of Libra and enters a Sign of its Detriment, Scorpio, where Venus is not comfortable. Around this time we also have Mercury square Saturn on the 6th and the Sun square Uranus on the 7th. We may feel limited by our circumstance, wanting to be free and spread our wings to fly beyond our daily existence, explore, roam and do whatever pleases us. Restrictions could frustrate us. We may want to broaden our scope, widen our realm but our desires might not take into account the most appropriate ways of doing so.

The Sagittarius New Moon on December 9th has five planets in Sagittarius with the Sun and Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto. This New Moon squares Uranus with Mercury also square Uranus exact on the 10th. Influencing the coming fortnight and the end of autumn, this energy pattern could speak of difficulties in travel, problems with computers, aggravations in getting things done with delays and forgotten parts, and misunderstandings through miscommunications or people not hearing what is being said.

December 11th has a powerpack of energies with Venus trine Mars, the Sun sextile Neptune and Jupiter conjunct Pluto. Whatever is going on now is being done as a spectacle, an extravaganza. Half measures are forgotten to extremes, and it would be wise for us not to get caught up in the whirlwind of energies blasting forth during this time.

We end the autumn with Jupiter leaving its own Sign of Sagittarius and entering Capricorn on the 18th for its year-long transit of the Saturn-ruled Cardinal Earth Sign, followed by Saturn turning retrograde on the 19th. We are leaving autumn and entering the winter during a time when delays, misunderstandings, misfirings and greater impatience demanding immediate action can have us going through wild metronome extremes between past familiar situations and unexpected new developments where we have no choice but to be thinking on our feet, be nimble and quick to address and resolve situations arising, and not get carried away.

We are on the threshold of a paradigm shift. This transition is characterized by changing the mindset of being in control of our lives to an appreciation that we can navigate the rapids by being aware and working with the energies rather than trying to force our will upon them. During these times, it is especially important to realize that the universe is unfolding as it should, even if we cannot see that viewpoint at the time.

For myself, that realization was especially striking over the summer when a grievous disappointment and sense of betrayal I experienced also resulted in canceling a planned trip to Minnesota which would have found me on the day and at the time crossing the 35W bridge that collapsed sending cars, trucks, and people into the Mississippi River below.

During these times, it is wise for each of us, all of us, to keep in mind that wise saying that I referred to earlier: that god and the universal forces have a far greater plan for us than we could have ever imagined for ourselves.

Or as the Grateful Dead sang: ‘what a long strange trip it’s been’.

Autumn… on the threshold of a brave, new world…