Spring 2021

Welcome to Spring!

One of my favorite seasons, spring offers the promise of new births, rebirths, the renaissance of life.

It is hard not to be in awe as the trees open up into full leaf, the flowers blossom, and the animal world exhibits its new birth of baby animals.

I wish you and your loved ones a spring season of renewal, reinvigoration and recommitment to all the beauties in life.

I have been recently reading bedtime stories to my wife, and I wish to share with you this one story that seems so applicable to the beginning of spring:


Best regards,


We come into the Spring season at the Vernal Equinox on the 20th as the Sun exits Pisces to enter Aries [5:37 AM EDT], the Cardinal Fire Sign and the first Sign of the Zodiac to begin the astrological New Year.

Having lacked the Fire Element since the second week of January, except for the Moon’s monthly transits through the Fire Signs, this infusion of Fire by the Sun entering Aries, followed on the 21st by Venus entering Aries [10:16 AM EDT], gives us some ‘fire in our belly’.

The imprint for the Spring Season, as indicated by the astrological chart of the Sun entering Aries, can have us upbeat and enthusiastic, all the while drawing both upon our visionary sense and our practical application. We may feel as if we truly have it going on.

And in deed we may, for on the 21st, Mercury sextiles Uranus, Mars trines Saturn, and Venus exits Pisces to enter Aries [10:16 AM EDT], adding more fuel to our Fire. The Venus exit of Pisces ends the Stellium in the Mutable Water Sign and Venus enters a Sign of its Detriment where relationships are liable to suffer by our being self-absorbed tending towards narcissism. We needn’t go there if we can appreciate that each of us contributes something worthwhile to life and to our living.

The early Spring period may give us a sense that ‘everything’s coming up roses’.

Not only do we have a greater thrust of energy and more interest in finding venues for our self-expression and self-fulfillment. We can gain some ‘ah-ha’ moments, those revelations regarding the best course of action and how we could streamline our operations. We might be able to juggle any number of things in this early Spring period.

Like nature itself, we can feel a reawakening, coming back to life, less inhibited, more self-assertive and self-assured. We are ready to engage our rebirth and in our renaissance a willingness to advance our future interests in the most expeditious manner possible. We just have to be wary not to step on any toes in the process.

Toe-stomping is liable to occur on the 23rd when Mercury squares Mars. By juggling any number of situations and being energized by everything that we have going on, we could become a little slipshod in action and in our communications. This is a time when it is important for us to engage brain before speaking or acting. We could be so caught up in what we are doing that we don’t think things through. Impetuousness is liable to trigger various sorts of problems, and it would be wise for us to restrain ourselves, apply brakes and not get caught up in the frenzy of the moment.

Reflections on what we have done and what we are doing could be lost in the fourth week of March. Our tendency is more likely to forge ahead with confidence and self-admiration without fully considering how other people are perceiving our behavior. And we might not even care, which could be especially evident on the 26th as the Sun conjuncts Venus.

We can bask in the glow of our own ‘light’, enthralled by the wonderfulness of our being and engaging only those ‘yes’ people who make up our Mutual Admiration Society. Such an attitude may go well on a deserted island with a population of one, but such a disposition might have pushback if we choose to participate in larger social events.

The Libra Full Moon on the 28th [2:48 PM EDT] shines the light on our interactions with other people. By appreciating the unique qualities of those people who add sparkle to our life, we can enjoy the special friendship we have with others. The question of balance between our personal interests and those of other people may be challenging when we are so focused on our own desires, but we might find that collaboration could actually benefit our individual intentions, since other people can add ideas, suggestions and options that we ourselves may not have seen.

The 29th has Mercury conjunct Neptune. Our thoughts may be otherworldly, as though we are in some sort of dream state. We could either suffer illusions and delusions, or our intuition and sense of awareness can be heightened. It is staggering to learn how many scientific revelations and advances have occurred while the scientist was in a dream-like state, whether sleeping or quietly reflecting. Often answers come to us in ‘the still of the night’. And so it might be on the 29th. We may be moody and highly emotional, but we could also be attentive to that ‘knowing’ inner voice. This is a day for us to acknowledge the fact that sometimes answers come not so much from our perspiring and pushing ourselves but rather at times when we are not perplexed by the issue and instead resting our mind. An ‘either / or’ type of day, this energy configuration can increase confusion or reveal clarity.

We close out the month of March with Venus sextile Saturn on the 30th, followed by the Sun sextile Saturn on the 31st. Our creative impulses give us the fortitude to forge ahead in new directions, seeking out different trajectories from our usual, and implementing stream-lined techniques to accomplish a great deal. We are feeling the imprint of the Spring season and along with it embracing our own renewal, rebirth, renaissance.

We enter April feeling upbeat, optimistic, and ready to strongly advance our creative outlets. Whatever we engage, we are more interested in standing out rather than just fitting in.

Our self-expressions may be concentrated on future plans and social interactions with those who can assist us in the realization of our goals. We might believe that there is no stopping us in what we wish to pursue and achieve, but it would be wise for us to keep in mind that these times speak of unexpected situations occurring, sometimes wonderful opportunities, other times upsets to our plans. While we need to be continually aware and mindful of any shifting tides, the early part of April could have us confident and optimistic and liable not to see cautionary signs along the way. Too much, even enthusiasm and exuberance, can occasionally become too much, something we have to be wary of in early April.

If we take the time to plan out our actions, we could focus on the truly meaningful and prioritize our activities. Mercury sextiles Pluto on the 2nd of April, and we have the ability to draw upon our intuitive sense, concentrate on the substance of any situation, and move our projects forward without missing a beat all the while attending to each particular.

On the 3rd, Mercury enters Aries [11:41 PM EDT], creating a Stellium of three planets in the Cardinal Fire Sign as Mercury joins the Sun and Venus. Our interests are liable to be solely on our personal desires. We might feel like masters of our own individual domain with the right to make the ground rules of our interactions with other people. And therein can lie a problem. We could be far less collaborative, less accommodating to anyone else’s needs, and a little too self-absorbed as to what we want and the way that we want it.

The Venus sextile Mars on the 6th of April may be pleasant for social interactions. As long as our focus is on good times with good friends, we can enjoy some fun activities with other people. We are not liable to be combative or adversarial but looking instead for win-win situations. Collaboration and engagement seem far more appealing now than just going it alone. We might find that someone can be of assistance to our plans, and we for them.

Despite some pleasant energies earlier in the week, Friday the 9th may provide some hiccups that could have us pursuing endeavors that only lead down a dead end or engage activities that can exert a great deal of energy without a positive result. Mars squares Neptune on the 9th. If we have gotten cocky with a belief that everything is going our way, this day can have a monkey wrench or two thrown into the spokes of our wheels. We have to be careful regarding where we place our energy now, for we could be led astray by our confidence and illusory promises. It would be wise for us to step back, evaluate and re-evaluate before we push forward with determination but little else than faith in our capabilities.

Whether we stubbed our toes on Friday the 9th or only grazed ourselves, the 10th allows us to set things right. The 10th of April has Mercury sextile Saturn and Venus sextile Jupiter. These are powerful and pleasant configurations. We can participate in fun activities with other people and enjoy our social engagements. Widening our perspective by getting out of town and being out and about and exploring possibilities beyond our familiar may instill us with a sense that we have the ability to carve our own path and create a better future for ourselves, all with a little help from the universal unfolding during this paradigm shift into asequential reality.

While getting out of our routine and adventuring into the unknown can give us a fresh perspective and reinvigorate our appreciation for the world of possibilities, let’s keep in mind that on the 9th we are on the dark side of the Moon prior to Sunday’s New Moon. This is a time for completion and reflection rather than initiation or new beginnings.

The Aries New Moon on the 11th [10:31 PM EDT] has the Sun conjunct Moon and the New Moon configuration being a powerful Stellium of four planets in Aries, sextiles by orb to Mars in Gemini and by orb to Jupiter in Aquarius, and a square to Pluto in Capricorn. This signature imprints and influences the next two weeks up to the Full Moon on April 26th. This New Moon also truly instills the sense of the spring season.

Spring has definitely sprung, and we may be far more interested in spreading our wings and exploring unfamiliar terrain than dealing with our responsibilities and obligations. We can put pressing matters on the back burner, but they won’t go away and might demand our attention as we come into the following week.

But as the Peggy Lee classic song suggests:
“If that’s all there is my friends,
then let’s keep dancing
Let’s break out the booze and have a ball”

Enjoying ourselves during this early spring period may be our intention. Whether from the lockdowns lifting or the gentle crispness of early spring weather, we are more likely to be out and about, looking for grand adventures and getting welcome relief from the impositions of compliance that have bottled us up for close to a year.

This sense of exploration and stretch out of our hibernation seem strong during this mid-April period, initially indicated by the Aries New Moon on the 11th but with various highlights these next two weeks.

The 13th of April has the Sun sextile Mars in Gemini, followed by the Sun sextile Jupiter in Aquarius on the 15th. With the burst of spring and the recent infusion of Fire, we may feel like the Energizer Bunny with inexhaustible energy and especially the energy to explore, investigate and move beyond the familiar. Nothing might be too much for us, for we have a newfound reservoir of physical strength to take on grand adventures and move beyond the four corners of our walls. No walls for us, as we seek to stretch into new trajectories and discover new territories. Not only do we have the physical energy to explore a wide range of possibilities. We also have the enthusiasm and confidence that whatever we set our sights on, we can successfully accomplish.

On the 14th, Venus exits Aries to enter Taurus [2:22 PM EDT]. In so doing, Venus ends the Stellium in Aries, Venus exits a Sign of its Detriment, and Venus enters a Sign that Venus rules. Decorum, style and class can smooth out any rough edges we might have exhibited in our thrust to express our primal self-assertions. We are better able to pursue our interests with greater refinement and an appreciation for presentations that are appealing and compelling.

Although we may be feeling during this mid-April period as though there is no stopping us with our optimism and faith in our personal destiny, and a personal destiny that seems to have us coming out of the darkness and into the light; obligations and responsibilities might provide braking actions to our full speed ahead. The 16th has the Sun square Pluto. Whether we apply the brakes or situations come to a screeching halt, we might feel as though we have to attend to present situations, slow things down, and concentrate on the demands of our routine matters. Impediments, whether real or imagined, could take the wind out of our sails. Perhaps we haven’t considered all the details in our fast forwarding into our future, and some specific issue trips us up. Or we might find that we have colored outside the lines, and standards force us to retract some of our advances.

Braking actions may not be welcome, but often serve as reminders to re-evaluate and reconsider everything that we are doing and with an appreciation of the shifting tides that can occur unexpectedly during this paradigm shift.

Any bumps in the road we might experience on the 16th could soon be forgotten on the weekend of the 17th – 18th.

The 17th has Mars trine Jupiter, and Mercury sextile both Mars and Jupiter, and Mercury square Pluto. The 18th has the Sun conjunct Mercury.

As if we had stopped to fuel up, we could be in hyper-drive once again over this weekend. We may have had to stop to deal with certain specific issues to end the week, but this weekend has us sailing along with all flags flying and at quite a rapid clip. We might have any number of activities going on, all with a focus towards having good times and with an eye to future engagements. In whatever we participate, our involvements have to speak to us, be exciting, even thrilling, and with a sense that our future is now. We could have blinders on, only seeing what we want to see, and only interested in what appeals to us personally. Narcissism and arrogance would prove thorns in our sides, and to our intentions.

A major shift in energy occurs on the 19th as both Mercury [6:29 AM EDT] and the Sun [4:33 PM EDT] exit Aries to enter Taurus, creating a Stellium in the Fixed Earth Sign as the Sun and Mercury joins Uranus and Venus in the Venus-ruled Sign. With Mercury and the Sun exiting Aries, we lose the Fire Element reminiscent of the lack of Fire for much of the winter period.

Our impetus, even impetuousness, that we might have been experiencing with the beginning of spring becomes muted. We take a more practical, step-by-step, plodding approach with an eye on how we present ourselves. This powerpack in Taurus will accentuate Uranus as we make major changes to our appearances, to our finances, and to our ways of doing things. At the same time, this powerpack in Taurus also aggravates the Taurus – Saturn Aquarius square with the push-pulls between the traditional and the avant-garde, between authority dictates and personal freedoms, between the old and the new.

Serendipitous encounters can occur on the 22nd as Venus conjuncts Uranus. This would be a time for us to spruce things up, whether a personal makeover or shopping for a spring wardrobe. We might feel that the change we wish to be needs a shake-up regarding our appearance. We don’t have to be a fashion victim, for we are more likely to seek ways for us to show off our individual style, a reflection of our own personal uniqueness. Finetuning how we present ourselves can add a dash of panache and brilliance to our appearance.

The 23rd of April has Mars exiting Gemini to enter Cancer [7:49 AM EDT]. Our physical energy might be less robust with a tendency for us to hold back. Much of our physical energy can be focused around the home with fixups, a spring cleanup, and preparing for more outdoor activities as the weather gets warmer into the spring and over the summer, early autumn months. We may do a lot less running around that we had been doing, running around that might be reflective of our having been sprung from the intense imposed lockdowns of previous months.

Just as the Venus conjunct Uranus on the 22nd could have brought us interesting serendipitous encounters, the Mercury conjunct Uranus on the 24th can give us some ‘ah-ha’ moments, surprising news, startling information and the opportunity to consider things from a totally different mindset. Insights might come fast and furious. We do have to be on the watch for computer issues, Internet problems, and maintain caution in our travels. This is a day when it would be wise to expect the unexpected.

Sunday the 25th might have us hitting the wall as the Taurus Aquarius square is engaged. Although Mercury conjuncts Venus, providing an awareness of the details and the specifics, both Mercury and Venus square Saturn. Old issues, past connections, unresolved matters could all put a damper on our intentions. Let’s keep in mind the laying down slats on the suspension bridge, where there are times when we need to go back in order to effectively move forward. The 25th may be one of those times. Things might take longer than we would like, and things might seem ever more convoluted, especially after the few days of the Venus then Mercury conjunct Uranus.

This conundrum occurs just prior to the Scorpio Full Moon on the 26th [11:32 PM EDT] which aggravates by means of a Fixed Sign T-Square the Taurus Aquarius square. Push – pulls are liable with a drip – drip – drip of resources. Expenses, increased costs and unanticipated expenditures could be a drain on our finances. Even inflation can start to rear its ugly head [e.g. here in Florida gas prices since December have gone from $1.85 to $2.85, virtually a 50% increase].

One of the opportunities from feeling hard pressed is that it creates a dynamic whereby we take the opportunity, or are forced, to consider alternate ways of doing things and being more resourceful in the process.

The 27th of April has a major shift in energy as Pluto turns retrograde [4:04 PM EDT]. There are times when Pluto turns direction, whether from direct to retrograde or retrograde to direct motion, that major releases of energy occur. These releases can take the form of [1] geophysical activity with increased earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, [2] forceful atmospheric storm systems of tornadoes and extreme precipitations, [3] geopolitical tensions breaking down in flare-ups and armed conflicts, and [4] people acting out in violent confrontations. Needless to write, whenever Pluto turns direction is a time to exercise extreme caution with no knee-jerk reactions and maintaining the utmost awareness and vigilance to what is going on around us.

On the 29th, Mercury sextiles Neptune. During a phase in our society when what we see or what we are being presented may not be true, much less the whole truth, it is essential that we draw upon the due diligence of our rational, reasoning mind and our intuition, the voice of our inner knowing. This energy configuration on the 29th allows us to pull back the curtain of appearance, pierce the veil of Maya, and consider what is really going on. Often in silence comes the awareness.

The 30th of April has the Sun conjunct Uranus, highlighting the connection to Uranus that went on during the previous week when first Venus and then Mercury were conjunct Uranus. Whether subtle or dramatic, we can experience significant changes in what we are doing or how we are doing things. Increasingly, we may have the sense that we have crossed the threshold of the paradigm shift and moved away from the linear, sequential reality of the past into the asequential reality of our future where things can happen in the most inexplicable manner, what we might even consider to be magical or miraculous.

The times are not merely a’changing. To some degree, the times have already changed. We may feel that we are more ensconced in the Aquarian Age, where individual rights and freedom from imposed restrictions reign. No matter what the powers-that-be might try to determine, their power of persuasion can seem more like a faint roar and their influence severely diminished.

We all could have the sense in the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. of “Free at last, free at last, thank god almighty we are free at last.”

Not that the past or the old mindset won’t make further attempts to control and subjugate us. For we do have the Taurus Aquarius square, epitomized by the Saturn Uranus square, occurring all year long.

The proverb ‘April showers bring May flowers’ could be no more valid than this year when we burst into May with a thrust of energy and a sense that all is right in our own personal world.

The 2nd of May has Mercury trine Pluto and Venus sextile Neptune. Both our professional world and our personal world can be humming nicely along. Our mind is sharp, perceptive and determined to accomplish our goals without dropping a stitch or neglecting any significant particular. Not only are we truly adept at what we are doing. We are also presenting ourselves in an impeccable manner, appreciative of those special people in our life, and cognizant of the beauty of living often reflected in masterful artwork, inspiring nature, and the perfection of nature. We are likely to acknowledge that we truly are lucky to be alive, fully alive.

Unfortunately, in astrology as in life itself, things do not always stay the same. On the contrary, life is about change, sometimes subtle, often dramatic. Staying the same could become stagnant, whereas change allows the dynamism of growth, development and transformation.

The beauty and perfection of the 2nd changes on the 3rd. To paraphrase from Longfellow ‘when it’s good, it’s very, very good, and when it’s bad, it’s horrid.’

From the sublime of the 2nd, we could flip into the ridiculous of the 3rd as Mercury squares Jupiter, and the Sun squares Saturn.

Blind faith and wild optimism could have us glossing over matters with the assumption that what we want we can have with little effort on our part. This cavalier attitude with unfavorable results might have us either needing to rework and redo certain matters or feeling totally defeated as if the wind has been knocked out of our sails.

On the 3rd, Mercury exits Taurus to enter its own Sign of Gemini [10:49 PM EDT]. Instead of focus and concentration, our thoughts and our mind can entertain a vast number of ideas and possibilities, a myriad of glimpses but without a great deal of depth.

The 6th of May gives us Venus trine Pluto. With a common purpose, we might experience people being collaborative with an ability together to virtually move mountains. Not only could our relationships improve. Our presentations can be passionate and appealing, and make our goals seeming to be easily attainable.

As the saying goes “No good deed goes unpunished.”

No matter how productive we are on the 6th, the 8th gives license to carelessness and over confidence. The two “good guys” of the planetary realm, Venus and Jupiter, are in square aspect inciting excess and indulgence and a general sloppiness. We might seem to care less about how we approach matters with a belief that things will work out in our favor. Nice concept but an attitude that might lead us to extremes with little positive return.

Venus exits its own Sign of Taurus on the 8th, ending the Stellium in the Fixed Earth Sign, and Venus enters Gemini [10:01 PM EDT]. Interactions with other people may be glib and brief encounters. We would rather do the dance with many numbers of people rather than focus on that special person or those special people. A revolving door of people coming and going can be exciting but also superficial and shallow. But we are in the springtime throes of going here, there and everywhere with this person, that person, and some other person.

The Taurus New Moon on the 11th of May [3:00 PM EDT] has the Sun Moon conjunction with a sextile to Neptune and a wide orb trine to Pluto. Complementing this seed planting time is Mars sextile Uranus. We are entering a two-week phase when we may be looking at home projects, fixing things up around our home, all with the intention of the outdoor activities of spring and summer. Changing things up to be more effective with less expenditure of energy, all the while that we are establishing our home environment as an idyllic sanctuary, may be the hallmark of this next two-week period.

The 12th of May has Mercury trine Saturn. Our bundle of ideas can filter into greater focus. We could crystallize our thoughts into a plan of action to best realize our goals with input from a trusted confidante, detached from our process but knowledgeable in our interest of endeavor. We may contact people with whom we haven’t spoken for some time, and reunions may be considered for social get-togethers.

The 13th has the Sun sextile Neptune and Jupiter exiting Aquarius to enter Pisces [6:36 PM EDT] for a two and a half months brief prelude to Jupiter’s year-long transit of the Mutable Water Sign next year.

In traditional astrology, the ancient planets each ruled two Signs, one masculine, one feminine. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, a masculine Sign, and traditionally Jupiter also ruled Pisces, a feminine Sign. With Jupiter and Neptune both in Pisces, there can be a greater spiritual awakening occurring in the populace. Perhaps people will see the craziness of human antics, feel the disturbances of mother nature, and determine that it is time to increase awareness and enhance personal awakening into a greater spiritual perspective. The time is ripe, and the time is NOW.

Much can be accomplished as we begin the week of May 17th. The Sun trines Pluto, and we have the opportunity of advancing our interests, resolving various matters, and attending to important details. It would be wise for us to do so, since we are about to move into a time when our involvements might shift from focused intent into sporadic juggling of any number of events. We may recognize the transformation that each of us has gone through with an appreciation of our having prioritized the most significant activities. We can push forward with an indomitable will to accomplish successful results.

The 19th of May has Venus trine Saturn. Solid connections with someone may prove a great advocacy for our future endeavors. We might feel as though we can fully rely on a trusted confidante both for their friendship and their wise critique of our plans. As Lee Iacocca indicated: “…that when you die, if you’ve got five real friends, then you’ve had a great life.” We might realize the truth to that statement with someone fully stepping up to provide us their love, support and comfort. This is a time for us to embrace and express our true friendships.

The Sun exits Taurus on the 20th and enters Gemini [3:37 PM EDT], triggering a Stellium in the Mutable Air Sign as the Sun joins Venus and Mercury in the Mercury-ruled Sign. A determined but plodding pace flips into a more frenetic rhythm whereby we are more interested in juggling any number of things and going from one thing to another to yet another without much interest in experiencing the substance or the depth of the situation but rather the variety and the limitlessness.

Spring has truly sprung with our interests turning to being out and about and like a butterfly alighting briefly on one adventure before flying off to the next.

This shift in energy can open the door to too much, as we are liable to experience on the 21st when the Sun squares Jupiter. We might feel that nothing is too much, and we may engage any number of activities, propose all sorts of plans, and be more interested in a wide range of possibilities rather than filtering our participations to a select few.

A broad palette of possible engagements can be overwhelming and confusing. On the 22nd with Mercury square Neptune we are liable to be seduced by the exciting, the sparkly, and the shining. Due diligence may be lost to the thrill of the moment and could lead us down a garden path of thorns and brambles.

This weekend of the 21st through the 23rd of May is one when we might choose to spread our wings, get out of town to explore unfamiliar terrain, but without direction or itinerary in hand. Braking action may be necessary and could be provided on Sunday the 23rd when Saturn turns retrograde [5:21 AM EDT].

With Saturn retrograde, and this Saturn retrograde cycle going on into mid-October, things can take longer than we might like. There are continual braking actions that slow us down, likely to frustrate us, and delay our forward movement. Especially during this end of May and through much of June, the Saturn retrograde combined with the Gemini insistence to get going can have us feeling like we are champing at the bit. We might have the sense that our actions are a start – stop movement. Let’s not get frustrated by the delays but rather see them as opportunities to re-evaluate and tweak our actions instead of just rushing full bore ahead.

The end of May could prove a little tricky. Venus squares Neptune on the 27th. Relationships may be interesting infatuations, but we have to be wary of doing the dance with the trickster, someone appearing one way, the reality being something other. Specious promises and presentations of idyllic possibilities may entangle us. This is a time to pull back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz screen to see who is really punching the buttons. Let’s avoid being seduced by appearance and hype and not fall for preening flattery.

The 29th of May has Mercury conjunct Venus just before Mercury turns retrograde [6:34 PM EDT]. Being Memorial Day weekend in the US, the unofficial start to the summer season, we are likely to engage in social get-togethers, get to the mountains or the shore and look forward to just enjoying ourselves.

With Mercury turning retrograde, let’s keep in mind that Murphy’s Law is in effect where ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’. This Mercury retrograde, which lasts until the beginning of summer, is going through its own Sign of Gemini and liable to ratchet up some of the craziness we are liable to encounter. Communications, travel plans, computer problems are some of the issues that may daunt us over the next three weeks. Add to the Mercury retrograde the Saturn retrograde, and we could find ourselves applying the accelerator while our transmission is lodged in neutral, and with us winding up by spinning our wheels. It would be wise for us to add extra time for whatever we are doing and continually remember almost mantram-like ‘not to rush the river’.

The month of May ends on the 31st, Memorial Day in the US, with Mars trine Neptune. We may be up for a grand adventure especially if it takes us onto or into the water. A great day to unofficially start the summer season with a burst of energy and a sense that everything will in deed work out in the end.

We come into June with a thrust of energy and our eyes focused on the distant horizon. We are more interested in what we could do rather than what we are doing. Our future is ahead of us and it is hard to imagine anything other than the results we wish to achieve.

June 2nd has Venus exiting Gemini to enter Cancer [9:19 AM EDT] and ending the Stellium in Gemini. We may be far more interested in spending time at home and with family rather than racing around like a social butterfly. We could be making plans for family celebrations, whether they are graduations, marriages, or reunions. The past year might have had us in lockdown, unable to participate in planned celebrations, with some events postponed until we could gather together. Now we are more ready to do so and more likely to attend social gatherings. As if by some magical wand, the vaccine distribution and injections seem to alleviate the fears and anxieties and could even make us assume that we are invincible to virus or disease.

Thursday, June 3rd, can be an especially pleasant time as the Sun trines Saturn, and the two “good guys” of the planetary realm, Venus and Jupiter, are in trine. No conflicts or adversarial interactions for us. We are far more interested in good times with good friends. We can easily show our love and appreciation for that special someone, those special people, in our life. This is a time to embrace all the blessings of living and fully understand that life is good.

We may go from the sublime on the 3rd to the ridiculous on the 5th. Just as it is hard to imagine anything more idyllic than what we could experience on the 3rd, it is hard to imagine anything more horrific that what we might witness on the 5th.

The 5th of June has Mercury square Neptune, and Mars opposed Pluto. Confusion is liable to be rampant with misunderstandings, misinformation, miscues and misdirections. And acting on wrong input, we have to be wary of knee-jerk reactions, responding to a situation we could easily misinterpret, and respond with all guns blazing. This is a day that suggests we keep off the track, keep our thoughts to ourselves, and avoid explosive and belligerent actions. This is a time for us to be careful, very careful, out there.

The Gemini New Moon on the 10th of June [9:13 PM EDT], a Solar Eclipse, has the Sun conjunct the Moon both conjunct Mercury and all three in orb of a square to Neptune. This Gemini New Moon impacts the next two weeks with the ruler of Gemini, Mercury, in retrograde adding to the liability of confusion with everything tentative and little solid grounding. Relationships might be accentuated but with a tendency to see the good, the bad, and the ugly in each of our personal connections. Since we may question how various relationships serve us, it would be best to postpone any final determination until this New Moon’s influence subsides in two weeks. We shall need to cut everyone, including ourselves, a great deal of slack. No jumping to conclusions, since what we see may not be the true characteristics of the people we encounter.

The 11th of June has Mars exiting Cancer to enter Leo [9:34 AM EDT]. Similar to the winter period of this year, we have been without the Fire element since the third week of April. Mars coming into the Fixed Fire Sign fires up our physical energy with a push for us to present ourselves dramatically and in top physical form. We may look to participate in sports activities, seek re-creational outlets, and allow our creative juices to flow in whatever forms are to our liking. We might feel more the heat of the sun with the impending summer season soon upon us.

The 13th has Venus sextile Uranus and the Sun square Neptune. The magic of these times opens up some fascinating doors for us, but once opened we might wonder what we should do in regard to what is being presented to us. Serendipitous encounters now may offer us interesting opportunities. Are we ready to engage the new and the different? And what are the liabilities to us for stepping out of our regular routine? Questions such as these can vex us, as we consider what our future holds and whether certain unexpected trajectories are for the long term or just a passing fancy.

The push – pull of old and new that challenges us through the year with the Aquarius Taurus square is highlighted on the 14th of June as we encounter the Saturn square Uranus, the second of three this year. The first Saturn Uranus square occurred on February 17th, and the third and last Saturn Uranus square occurs on December 24th. This aspect finds us on the threshold between paradigms — the old ways of doing things expressed by linear, sequential reality and the new ways of asequential reality where things occur in the most inexplicable manner as if indicative of magic and miracles.

Where we have been and where we are going could have us flummoxed… but only if we try to leap across the chasm between the two in one bold leap. A wiser approach would be to lay down a suspension bridge slat-by-slat, moving forward, sometimes stepping back but continually advancing towards the other side where once solidly in our future we can cut the ties that bind. It’s a process perhaps of back and forth but with the eventual outcome of our moving into our future assisted and accompanied by the universal forces. And as we do so, we can gain greater awareness and transform into a true awakening.

The spring season ends on the 20th of June with Jupiter turning retrograde. Jupiter at the end of July will exit its brief transit of Pisces, return to Aquarius until the end of the year when Jupiter will begin its transit of Pisces for much of 2022 [to mid-May 2022 and again from the end of October 2022 into the third week of December 2022].

Spring 2021… new births, the renaissance…