May 2020

We come into May with a greater appreciation that things can occur in a most unexpected manner if we are willing to take off the blinders and be willing to look with peripheral vision rather than the narrow focus of what merely lies straight ahead of us.

The question of balance is key during these times of push-pull between old and new. We might feel as though we are crossing a narrow balance beam and trying to maintain our balance. Our old self can be in conflict with our new interests, new hopes and new sense of self. Certainly, much of our past may have to be discarded in order to make room for our new circumstances, new conditions, and new ambitions.

A factor of confusion as to what is real and what is hype, between true substance and vapid appearance, can test us on the 3rd of May when Venus squares Neptune. In our relationships we have to be wary of dancing with the trickster, someone who appears one way, the reality being quite different. Venus squares Neptune on the 3rd, and we might be lulled by the haunting sirens. In the native American traditions, the coyote is considered the trickster, for the coyote has a beguiling call that draws its prey only to have the coyote pounce on it. There were many nights on our ranch property in the southern part of Monterey County in rural California when I heard the lilting sounds of the coyote call. This time on the 3rd of May asks us not to buy into the idyllic, the presentation or the appearance, without being certain that what we see is what we get.

Even if we are momentarily deceived, our clarity of thought can be strong on the 4th of May as the Sun conjuncts Mercury. Our reasoning mind could analyze issues in stark detail without letting emotion get in the way. We are less likely to be led astray as we put things under our scrutiny. If we have a case to be made, our arguments may be irrefutable and presented in a most appealing manner.

The 7th of May has the Scorpio Full Moon with Mercury sextile Neptune. We might have a greater sense of what our personal journey is truly about with our intention to focus on the meaningful and our true purpose. Our spiritual being is enhanced, and we are likely to consider removing those matters in our life that don’t contribute to our well-being. While our soul and spirit are highlighted, we can determine what superfluous and what dross in our lives we need to be rid of. Our intuitive nature heightened, we instinctively see how best to eliminate the extraneous and concentrate on the meaningful.

The weekend of the 9th – 10th of May would be a good time for a Spring clean-up and clear-out.

The 9th has Mercury trine Pluto, followed on the 10th with Mercury trine Jupiter. The Sun sextiles Neptune on the 10th. This weekend heightens our mental acuity. We can dissect whatever is going on, cut to the core, and focus on the essential fundamentals. We are not interested in diversions or distractions but rather on creating the foundation stones of the ‘new normal’ for our lives. Just as the Spring season is a time of rebirth and renewal, this weekend allows us to concentrate on our own personal renaissance. The imposed hibernation of the past few weeks and the hysteria of reactivity can lessen. Our sense of restriction may not be as imposing as it has been, and out of all of this frenzy we can determine what really works for us and what is a needless interference. As though unencumbered by weighty obligations that might have tied us down, we may be looking at creating greater space, even a blank slate, from which to draw over the ensuing days and months. The restrictions imposed by the reaction to the COVID19 have allowed us to reflect, contemplate and consider how to do life rather than our merely reacting to how life is doing us.

Many of us may have had a spiritual epiphany as a result of the recent craziness operating in the world-at-large. We might have deeply considered what we are doing with our lives, and we could have given greater thought as to the changes – TRANSFORMATIONS – that we wish to make to our lives.

The week of May 11th through the 17th has a great deal of retrograde motion going on and two significant Sign changes. We might feel like we’re doing the Texas two-step where we have taken one step forward and now have to take two steps back.

The week begins on the 11th with Saturn turning retrograde. A yearly cycle that lasts about four and a half months, Saturn retrograde has a tendency to increased delays and consequently frustrations. We might have to go back over matters we thought once completed. The 11th also has Mercury square Mars just before Mercury exits Taurus to enter its own Sign of Gemini on the 11th, followed by Mars exiting Aquarius to enter Pisces on the 13th.

The 11th may be a day when we try to ‘rush the river’. Our belief, an old mindset, that we can make things happen is liable to land us Sisyphus-like with everything rolling back on top of us. Born from an increase in confidence by our past weekend’s successes, we might try too hard to do too much, and then the pushback could occur.

The Mercury entry into Gemini, a Sign that Mercury rules, ends the Stellium of three planets in Taurus. Our mind is more engaged with a wide assortment of possibilities.

With Mercury trine Saturn on the 12th of May, we can begin to focus on what is truly attainable. Interactions with other people can give us good suggestions as to what we should pursue and how best to pursue it.

The 13th of May has Mars exiting Aquarius to enter Pisces. Our physical energy can go through wild swings largely determined by our moods and our emotions. This Wednesday also has Venus turning retrograde, followed on the 14th by Jupiter turning retrograde.

Three planets turn retrograde between the 11th and 14th of May. Forward movement may seem harder to come by as our forward progress may seem more like a slog through the quagmire.

No matter how expeditious our movements may be, the 15th and 17th provide us with the confidence and determination to pursue our dreams and concentrate on our ambitions. The Sun trines Pluto on the 15th, and the Sun trines Jupiter on the 17th. Our focus on the most significant may help us overcome any obstacles or impediments in the way. We have the perseverance to see our intentions made manifest. From the sense of our success in accomplishing our plans, we are likely to gain greater confidence in our abilities and increased enthusiasm for our goals.

The 20th of May has the Sun exiting Taurus to enter Gemini and creating a Stellium in the Mutable Air Sign as the Sun joins Venus and Mercury in the Mercury-ruled Sign. Venus squares Neptune. Increasingly, our attention and our interests may be to a wide range of activities and pursuits. Where a problem might arise is in the fact that things often look far more intriguing on first impression than when we actually get involved. Let’s not be seduced by the hype or the appearance and not rush into anything until we have taken a serious look into the matter.

While caution is advised, the suggestion is likely to be dismissed. The 22nd has the Gemini New Moon with the Sun Moon conjunction trine Saturn, Mercury conjunct Venus but Mercury and Venus by orb square to Neptune. If we do not rely upon past experience and the input from someone with an objective, detached viewpoint, we could easily enter a Fun House of possibilities replete with illusion, delusion, deceptions.

This New Moon configuration influences the next two weeks up to the Full Moon on the 5th of June. What we see may not be what we get, but we are still liable to be seduced by enticing words, fascinating images, and our own desire for good times after a period of panic and frenzy. Now is NOT a time to let down our guard, assume that we can take our hand off the tiller, and merely be accepting of whatever is happening. Let’s keep our wits about us.

May 25th is Memorial Day in the US, the unofficial start to the Summer season. With the Moon in Cancer and Mars sextile Uranus, there can be grand displays of appreciative remembrance for those who have served — the military and the first responders of fire personnel, police officers, paramedics and doctors and nurses. This day could be highlighted by some unexpected and uplifting event. We may gather with family and friends with a belief that the worst is over.

The Stellium in Gemini comes to closure on the 28th of May as Mercury exits its own Sign of Gemini and enters Cancer. Our thoughts may turn towards our home and family and plans we might have for reunions and summer staycations.

May 2020… Beginning to See the Light, a Great Awakening…