Donald Trumps Goliath

Two strong correlations between the charts of Trump and the US: Trump truly believes that he can ‘Make America Great Again,’ and his astrological chart indicates that he can be a significant president with his Sun in the Aquarian decanate of Gemini and Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, both trine the Aquarius Moon in the US chart. Three of the US Presidents considered most significant were Aquarians: Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan.

I. The US Presidential Election

On this day after yesterday’s US Election day of November 8th, 2016, we learn that the US electorate has voted for Donald J. Trump for President.

With Trump’s election being called one of the biggest political upsets, there is disbelief for many and agonizing disappointment for almost half of the electorate.

This upset is also seen with the backdrop of everything that Trump had to overcome — the Goliath of various special interests and their influence:

an Outsider, non-politician, against the political Establishment of both Democrats and Republicans
the top 100 largest newspapers in the US had 57 endorsements for Clinton and only 2 for Trump. Only 3% of US newspapers backed Trump
coverage on major media outlets showed a 90% negative coverage of Trump
the cultural and financial ‘elites’
the Demonization of Trump as a Hitlerite, Misogynist and Sexual Abuser, Failed Businessman, Bankruptcy Scammer, Unfit for the Presidency, etc.
FEC filings indicate that Clinton’s campaign spent $450 million compared to $239 million spent by Trump for his campaign
The power and influence of the Clinton machine
a US Administration and Government that campaigned forcefully for Clinton

The election represented CHANGE, a change that was earlier indicated for their respective presidential nominations in both the Republican primaries with Trump, the non-politician outsider, defeating 16 political candidates and the Democratic primaries, with outsider Bernie Sanders threatening the intended nomination and coronation of Clinton, a reality that became obvious with the machinations of the Democratic National Committee in stacking the odds in favor of Clinton and to the impossible efforts of Sanders.

II. The US Presidential Campaign

I shall reiterate below what I wrote back in the Summer about this campaign. I thought that Clinton was likely to win and based much of the belief on the elections being ‘rigged’. We have heard of various fraud allegations with electronic machines switching Trump – Pence votes to Clinton – Kaine, dead folks rising from the dead to vote and the call for undocumented ‘citizens’ to vote, and more.

I am repeating what I wrote back in early August after the Democratic national convention when both major parties had decided their national presidential tickets.

Although one could make the case for an election win for either Clinton or Trump, one facet that does seem indicated in all four charts of Clinton, Trump, Pence and Kaine is the likelihood of an unexpected situation just prior to the election — the proverbial October surprise.

Looking at Election Day, one could make the case for a Trump – Pence win with the Aquarius Moon that day trine Trump’s Sun and trine Pence’s Moon. But at the end of the day, the energy could shift to favor Clinton – Kaine as the transiting Moon enters Pisces. Trump would seem to have to do well in the South, East and Midwest to buttress against the Western States strength likely for Clinton.

The polls are likely to be misleading, especially in light of the fact that neither one of the presidential candidates is especially popular, with both of them having high unfavorability ratings. Many voters may keep their cards close to their chest, their vote secret, when they go into the ballot box and even afterwards. This may be one of the first elections when people are unwilling to reveal for whom they actually voted.

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump were the outsiders during the primary season. Hillary Clinton and the sixteen other Republican candidates that Trump was able to beat were the establishment. This US election is outsider versus establishment.

As seen with the Democratic nominating process, the possibility of the election being ‘rigged’ by the establishment cannot be discounted. The corporate media, the establishment in business and in government and in politics will do whatever they can to secure the election of Hillary Clinton. For years, it has been presented as ‘accepted fact’ and the people have been conditioned to a presidency of Hillary Clinton.

Commentators have and will talk about the inappropriate involvement of foreign governments in this election, whether the sovereign donors to the Clinton Foundation or the Russians and the Chinese. The latter with other BRICS nations might prefer a Trump presidency with the hope that the established US foreign policy of regime change under the guise of democracy-creating might finally be ended.

Such hope might prove useless, for in his farewell address in 1961 outgoing President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the American people of ‘the military industrial complex’. The warning was a wise cautionary affirmation that has fallen on deaf ears and been spurned in reality, for we now have a ‘government – military – industrial – media -wall street complex’.

As the saying goes in regard to casino gambling: ‘the house always wins.’

Looking at the next US Administration inaugurated on January 20th, the Scorpio Moon and strong Water influence with three planets in Pisces would indicate a Watery Administration, which would seem to indicate a Clinton Administration.

However, this election has been anything but logical, and consequently all bets are off as to whoever ‘wins’ the election.

In the aftermath of this election one things stands out for me is the ‘branding’ or ‘slogans’ used by each of the Presidential candidates. Trump’s slogans were active, Clinton’s passive.

Clinton had ‘stronger together’. There was no verb or active energy associated with her slogan. She provided a certain stasis in her slogan.

On the contrary, Trump’s slogans ‘Make America Great Again’, ‘Make America Safe Again’ employed the active energy of a verb and a sense of movement.

III. Donald Trump’s Astrological Chart

For those concerned about Donald Trump being elected, I want to assure them that Trump, being a Gemini and with a strong Uranus influence and a strong connection to the US chart, may surprise both his critics and his supporters, for he can engage a very mercurial, even quicksilver disposition.

Although I shall have more to say and to write about Donald Trump, his astrological chart and his forecasted energies over the next four years, as well as is Administration, I offer you what I wrote in May about Trump’s personality after he had secured the Republican nomination.

I offer it here:

Donald Trump was born June 14, 1946 at 10:54 AM, in Jamaica, Queens, New York.

Trump is a Gemini, the Sign symbolized by the twins, for there is a tendency for Geminis to have two sides — a split personality, if you will, somewhat akin to the characterizations of Cain and Abel and of Jekyll and Hyde. During this Presidential nominating process, we have heard allusions to the two sides to Donald Trump — one being the brash, bold, self-assertive combatant and the other as a compassionate, considerate, thoughtful individual.

Geminis tend to know a little about a lot. They can talk on various issues but tend to talk on a surface level. Depth may be lacking in favor of a broad palette of topics on which they can speak. People have criticized Trump for being pithy and shallow in his arguments. Yet, it would be wise to bear in mind that writers are often told to write for the level of comprehension of a fifth grade level.

Trump comes in with a bucket type of an astrological chart. All his planets are on the Eastern side of the chart except for one, the Moon in Sagittarius in the 4th House, which becomes the handle to his bucket.

Someone with planets largely on the eastern side of the astrological chart is a self-made individual. They have actively made their life. And so it has been for Donald Trump. Despite the fact that his father was successful in real estate, Trump has more than exceeded his father’s successes.

The Moon in Sagittarius can indicate Trump’s interest in women of foreign cultures, and two of Trump’s three wives have been eastern European. It also denotes his foreign interests, both with friends and business interests that are international in scope. This is not someone of a local nature but rather a global involvement.

The Sagittarius Moon also gives an upbeat, positive attitude with a fiery temperament. The Moon reflects the Sun, and a person appears more like their Moon Sign than their Sun Sign.

Trump has a Sun Uranus conjunction and consequently the quicksilver disposition of a Gemini can be heightened with a tendency to switch from one topic, one position, one idea like a weathervane and without the need for rationale, reason or explanation. This Sun Uranus conjunction is in Gemini with the Sun in the Aquarian decanate of Gemini and Uranus in the Libran decanate of Gemini. This is someone who is an INDIVIDUAL, unwilling to be restricted by accepted standards but also someone who has foresight and willingness to do things on his own terms with a futuristic sense of what works and a feeling of what does not work. He accepts people as individuals and can easily take on the garb of the populist appreciating the uniqueness of each individual and unwilling to cookie cut people. He can rub elbows with the elite and also sit down with the man in the street. He sees people for who they are and not what they are.

Donald Trump was born at the time of a Full Moon with his Sun and Moon in opposition, the Moon opposed Uranus and the Moon trine Mars in Leo with the Mars in the 12th House right on top of his Leo ascendant.

Trump is nothing if not a showman, seeking to be on center stage, doing what he wants the way that he wants to do it.

While much has been made of his ‘business expertise’, Trump has no Earth in his chart and consequently lacks a certain practicality. People speak of his business success, but his success lies more in the projection of himself and his branding ability. The name Trump is often seen on various buildings, projects and the like. But while the name Trump might appear as the brand, projects are often financed by developers and investors who have licensed the name Trump.

This branding is not to diminish his success. It is a hallmark of his successes and gives credence to the Leo Mars and Leo ascendant whereby Trump seeks to be on center stage.

This branding ability has also been seen in the presidential campaign with his catchy and well-tuned slogan of ‘Make America Great Again’ and his characterizations of his opponents — e.g. ‘Lying Ted’, ‘Low Energy Jeb’, ‘Little Marco’ and ‘Crooked Hillary’.

His ability to brand his campaign astutely picks up on the discontent and dissatisfaction in the American people. With opinion polls continually reflecting a majority of Americans feeling that the country is in the wrong direction, Trump has created a slogan, a branding, that succinctly appeals to the conscious and subconscious of a majority of Americans. Compare that to Hillary Clinton’s ‘Ready for Hillary’ or ‘America is Already Great’ and you can have the sense that Trump is highly knowledgeable in catch phrases while Clinton’s phrases tend to fall flat.

Trump’s characterization of his opponents with an adjective to their name quickly fleshes out the attributes that come to mind for people.

‘Lying Ted’ brought to mind the campaign ploy of one of Cruz’ surrogates suggesting that Ben Carson had dropped out of the race all the while that the Iowa Caucuses were going on.

‘Low energy Jeb’ reinforced the studious, elitist quality of the reflective, contemplative Jeb Bush.

‘Little Marco’ suggested that Marco Rubio wasn’t quite ready for primetime and that he might not be up to the challenge of being president.

‘Crooked Hillary’ targeted the general unease of people regarding Clinton’s honesty and trustworthiness. Without bringing up many past issues of Whitewater, monies received from Goldman Sachs or monies received into the Clinton Foundation from donations from foreign governments and other donations that might be questionable, Trump has been able to characterize Clinton in a negative light.

Branding is Trump’s truly trump card in this march to the Republican nomination and will be used throughout the forthcoming general election campaign.

If Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, Trump will come up with one-word labels that most people will understand and remember. Let’s keep in mind that we are bombarded by various stimuli and have been dumbed down to the point whereby one word or short phrases are virtually all that we can remember. Trump may come up with more one-word characterizations for Clinton to add to ‘Crooked’ and ‘Enabler’.

Trump’s Sagittarius Moon in the Leo decanate [third decan] trines his Mars and his ascendant both of which are in the Aries decanate [third decan] of Leo. Trump is brash, Trump is bold, and with the Gemini Sun Uranus conjunction, he’s likely to say whatever he damn well pleases, impetuously and often without thinking it through. To some degree, the American people seem ready for someone who appears strong with a commanding presence.

An interesting factor in all this is the question of timing. Astrology is not a stasis proposition but also reflects the relativity of our lives. There are good times, there are bad times.

For Donald Trump, this present time is one of expecting the unexpected. With Uranus transiting Aries now, Uranus is triggering a Grand Trine in the Fire Element in Trump’s chart. Uranus is trining his Moon in April and May of this year [the time in which Trump rolled over his remaining competitors for the GOP nomination]. Uranus will be trining his Moon again from the end of October 2016 through March of 2017. In 2017 into 2018, transiting Uranus will trine his Mars. In the latter part of 2018 into 2019, transiting Uranus will trine his ascendant.

With Uranus the catch phrase is often to ‘expect the unexpected’. And certainly what has gone on with Trump’s march to the presidential nomination has been nothing if not unexpected. His opponents and the pundits all assumed and asserted that the Trump phenomenon would not last and yet by the time primary season is over Trump may receive more primary votes than any previous candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.

While transiting Uranus has ignited a Fire Grand Trine for Trump, the transiting Uranus has also triggered a Cardinal Sign T-Square with transiting Uranus opposed his Jupiter in Libra and transiting Uranus squaring his natal Saturn in Cancer. This Uranus T-Square will continue until the Spring of 2018. The ‘powers that be’ may seek to stop Trump [as in ‘Never Trump’] or diminish his standing. Trump will have to be wary of so-called friends who turn into his nemesis.

Although both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have been the true ‘outsiders’ battling against the establishment pedigreed competitor[s], the establishment has tried to use their rules and their strategy to deny both Trump and Sanders their party’s nomination. In the Republican case, it turned out to be too little too late, and much of it as a result of the myopic perspective of the establishment politicians, the establishment media and the establishment pundits. We have yet to see how it may play out with the Democrats.

Trump has a Stellium of three planets in Cancer, a power pack that relates to home and family. Despite his three marriages, Donald Trump is very much a family man as seen with his tight relations with his children who are an integral part of his businesses and of his presidential campaign.

The strong Cancer energy in Trump’s chart ties in with the strong Cancer energies in the US chart. Trump truly believes that he can ‘Make America Great Again’. While there can be criticisms of his nationalism, patriotism and even protectionism by his critics, Trump believes in the goodness and greatness of his country.

Another strong correlation between Trump’s chart and the US chart is the fact that Trump’s Sun and Uranus trine the Aquarius Moon in the US chart. It is interesting to note that three of the US Presidents considered most significant were Aquarians: Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan.

Trump’s Gemini Sun is in the third decanate of Gemini, the Aquarian decanate. The Aquarian influence is also seen in Trump’s chart with his Sun conjunct Uranus, ruler of Aquarius.

Civility may not be Donald Trump’s strong suit, and despite establishment misgivings and foreign leaders’ worries, Donald Trump, if elected, could prove a significant President.

If people are tired of the ‘meet the new boss same as the old boss’ that seems to pervade the two major political parties, they might just elect Donald Trump President. Trump has called the nominating process ‘rigged’, even if he has been able to transcend the hurdles. We shall see whether Bernie Sanders can do the same on the Democratic side.

Both Trump and Sanders are the anti-establishment candidates in this election cycle.

To reach election success, Trump will have to overcome the onslaught of corporate media, corporate politicians and corporate pundits. He will continue to be criticized, ridiculed and demonized.

It is said that Trump is an admirer of Norman Vincent Peale and in the next six months Trump will have to engage the works of Peale and the ‘power of positive thinking’.