A Princess is Born

The Duchess of Cambridge, the former Kate Middleton and present wife of Britain’s Prince William, gave birth to a little girl on Saturday, May 2nd, at 8:34 AM in London.

Her chart indicates a strong Venusian quality with her Sun being in Taurus and her Moon in Libra, both Signs ruled by Venus.

The Princess is likely to be a very beautiful woman with impeccable manners and an interest in the other person. There may be a certain mystique to her, a very appealing and nurturing quality that she is likely to display.

The ascendant, or rising Sign, is in Cancer and her Mercury is in its own Sign of Gemini. As would be indicated by her station in life and corroborated by her chart, home and family will be key elements to her life.

By Sign, the Princess has a Cardinal Sign T-Square and a Mutable Sign T-Square. She may be far more interested in initiating actions rather than maintenance or follow through with an easy ability to adapt to changing conditions.

With the Mercury opposition Saturn and by Sign both square to Neptune, the Princess can go through mood swings with a liability to depression when her desires are delayed or frustrated.

There is a great deal of sensitivity that she is likely to display. She has the Cancer ascendant, the Libra Moon, three planets in the 12th House, Neptune being the most elevated of her planets and her Sun being in the Virgo decanate, the second decanate of Taurus.

She does have to watch her health situation and liable weak spots would be associated with the skeletal structure and the respiratory system. Neither has to be adversely affected especially when she has a project in mind that she is determined to launch.

This is someone who can be both sensitive and practical with a strong will to accomplish that which appeals to her nurturing nature.

By Sign, the Princess has a Grand Trine in the Fire Element and there will be a strong drive towards self-realization with the motto likely to be: ‘spirit in action’.