Summer 2014

This Summer brings out the adventurer is all of us as we look to expand beyond our normal circumstances and engage thrilling scenarios even to the point of risky behavior.

Summer 2014 begins on Saturday, June 21st, as the Sun moves into the Cardinal Sign of Cancer at the Summer Solstice. The Cardinal Grand Cross that has been operational throughout this year is reenergized by the Sun moving into Cancer and by the Aries Moon at the time of the Summer Solstice.

This Summer can be a season of great activity, distant travel and a desire to indulge in the good things of life, even to the point of excess.

Changes can be fast and furious this Summer. Our plans may change. Our attitudes and behavior could change. Change is in the air, and the volatility of these recent times might be ratcheted up during this Summer.

We may be ‘in the moment’, almost zen-like, but little regard for implications, possible outcomes and the law of unintended consequences could have us making choices and decisions that seem exhilarating at the time but could prove expensive in the long-term. We can want it all, feel we deserve it all, as we start the summer, but a liability to overdoing the engagement of our desires could wreak havoc to us later in the year.

The Summer Solstice on the 21st of June is followed on the 23rd with Venus exiting its own Sign of Taurus and entering Gemini. Social interactions can increase significantly as we choose to get together with various people in various situations, some of which may take us racing around the countryside. We are far more interested in spending a little time with a lot of people than in focusing on one or two people for a significant amount of time.

We do have to be careful during this latter part of June, especially around the 25th when Mars opposes Uranus, triggering the operational Cardinal Grand Cross. The liability to missteps and accidental mishaps can be strong during this time. The sense of pushing forward without considering the parameters, the conditions or the circumstances could lead to wrong actions and discords. What we want may be in sharp contrast to what someone else wants and a tug of war could go on with some of our connections. With Mercury retrograde, explanations could be lost to a show of force that seems excessive and damaging to our own personal affairs.

The Cancer New Moon on the 27th of June provides a signature for the next two weeks. And this New Moon contributes to our being moody, visionary, with our head in the clouds but our feet hardly touching the ground. We might be enraptured by prospects, possibilities, some of which may be little more than phantoms and fantasies. This two-week period could also see some problems with certain institutions. The question during this two-week period is the age-old conundrum of whether we have built upon rock or built upon sand. Some sand-built structures may weaken or show their problems, and we would have to be wary of any major issues having ramifications on our individual world and our personal finances.

The necessity for discernment will be increased during this end of June, early July period. What seems to be real versus the true reality can be a vexing matter, and one whereby we question what is truly going on. Our intuitive sense may be enhanced, but we might not be taking into full account all the variables that go into the kaleidoscope of events, situations and outcomes.

On the 29th of June, our sensitivity is heightened as the Sun trines Neptune and Venus squares Neptune. We might want to step out of our normal parameters, escape our daily routine, and find that safe happy place for ourselves where we feel that all is right in our world. Let’s just keep in mind the volatility of these times whereby things can shift and change dramatically in a nanosecond of time. What seems to be true one moment could be proven false the next moment.

As we enter July, on the 1st, Mercury ends its three-week retrograde cycle. This one has been a doozey for me and for many others. It began for me with an intense electrical storm with lightning hitting our building and knocking out our phone and internet service for several days. It coincided with my being the most ill I have been in many years with a double ear infection. And it included my flight back from San Francisco having to circle the airport for forty minutes and then, once landed, sitting on the tarmac for another forty minutes due to an intense thunderstorm and lightning. I have never been a lock the door, shutter the windows type of person for a Mercury retrograde, but I have always acknowledged the effect of Murphy’s Law with ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’ being in play during a Mercury retrograde.

Things started during Mercury retrograde often have to be reworked later on, and things not satisfactorily completed prior to Mercury retrograde often have to be revisited during the Mercury retrograde.

The early part of July has the Sun triggering the Uranus Pluto square that we have suffered through over the past few years. The Sun opposes Pluto on the 4th of July, and the Sun squares Uranus on the 8th of July. We may feel uncomfortable in our own skin, itching to make alterations to our lives by getting rid of the outmoded and embracing the unique and unfamiliar. This tendency of ‘out with the old in with the new’ can be enhanced by the Venus sextile Uranus on the 7th. Sudden infatuations can grab our attention and we might feel that something we hear about could prove our saving grace and the new direction that we are yearning for. The question of too much, too fast can arise and with the Sun trine Saturn on the 8th – 9th of July, we might revert back to the safety of the familiar, our old ways. These times are transformative times, times when we sometimes might feel as though we are casting our fate to the winds. But these are also times when we may feel that we do not have the skill set or the tools by which to fully embrace a totally unique lifestyle. We might find the best way of making changes is not so much in one giant leap but rather like a suspension bridge between the old and the new laying down slats of our new lifestyle one by one with the ability to go back into the familiar and the comfortable before venturing forward again in laying down the new slats until we get across our suspension bridge and feel that we can truly cut the ties that bind.

The Capricorn Full Moon on the 12th of July can have us feeling somewhat perplexed. We may be in fast action but without clarity as to what we are doing or where we are going. We just know that the movement is essential, even if our motions are disjointed and have us going from one thing to another to another. Just like a climber of a mountain peak establishes a base camp from which to operate and prepare to reach the summit, it would be wise for us to consider our options, strategize our alternatives before heading out in turbothrust. We can lay down the strongest foundation stones and prioritize our actions if we take the time to devise the best approaches to realizing our goals. Let’s avoid being distracted by the myriad of possibilities we can conjure up but focus instead on the most meaningful involvements.

On the 12th – 13th of July, Mercury exits its own Sign of Gemini to enter Cancer. We may turn our attention away from our future considerations and take into account our home and family matters. We now have a Stellium of three planets in Cancer.

On the 13th, Venus trines Mars and our social engagements can be pleasant, fun get-togethers. Someone could tell us about new situations of which we are unaware. Discussions can be enlivening and entertaining and highly informative.

The 16th of July has a significant game changer as Jupiter ends its year-cycle of Cancer and enters into Leo for a year-cycle. While Jupiter has been in Cancer, we have seen a significant housing recovery with prices rising and sales robust, even to the point in some areas of the country, such as San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles, bidding wars have broken out reminiscent of the pre-2008 era.

With Jupiter moving into Leo we can see dramatic expressions with people optimistic about their own fortunes and with grandiose displays. During the Jupiter transit of Cancer, we have had a Water Grand Trine with Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. This Water Grand Trine comes to an end but will be replaced at the end of the year, when Saturn enters Sagittarius, with a Fire Grand Trine with Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius. The Fire Grand Trine will light the fire under each of us and we are likely to feel the fire in our belly.

The 18th of July has Venus exiting Gemini to enter Cancer. We may seek comfort in our home and family and choose to entertain friends in our home with barbecues and social gatherings. We might even decide to attend to fix-up projects around our home, seeking to make our home our sanctuary.

With both Mercury and Venus entering Cancer, each will trine Neptune in July, first Mercury trine Neptune on the 19th, followed by Venus trine Neptune on the 24th. Our feelings are likely to be intensified, our intuitive sense heightened and our desire for idyllic companionship accentuated. We may choose otherworldly pursuits, situations that enhance our spiritual nature, and our sense of compassion urging us to put spirit into action.

This comes at a time when Saturn is ending its four and a half month retrograde cycle on the 20th, and Uranus turning retrograde on the 21st – 22nd.

We might have been adventuresome considering our possibilities and new directions over the past few months but with little real implementation of the changes. Now we might find greater comfort in our traditional ways of being. Even if we have made rapid strides into new directions, we could find ourselves drawing upon our expertise and past experiences to establish the basic fundamentals to our new directions.

This latter part of July can prove a highly active period, as we add fuel to the fire. The Sun exits Cancer to enter Leo on the 22nd of July at the time that Mercury opposes Pluto. The Uranus Pluto square is energized both by Mercury and then by Venus. Mercury opposes Pluto on the 22nd and Mercury squares Uranus on the 24th – 25th. Venus opposes Pluto on the 28th of July, and Venus squares Uranus on the 31st of July – August 1st.

The 24th of July has Venus trine Neptune, the Sun conjunct Jupiter, Mercury square Uranus and Mercury trine Saturn. The potential for overs — overconfidence, overreach, over-enthusiasm and more overs — cannot be discounted. We could be easily seduced both by appearances and by our own assumption that nothing can go wrong, everything can only go right. We do have to watch for travel plans, especially with the Mercury square Uranus operational, my least favorite aspect for air travel and an energy configuration that can contribute to misunderstandings, miscommunications and various other screw-ups.

The 25th – 26th has Mars ending its seven and a half month transit of Libra, a Sign of its Detriment where Mars is not comfortable, and Mars now entering Scorpio, a Sign Mars rules. Passion, determination and intensity can all be increased with this Mars transit. And coming just before the Leo New Moon on the 26th, the Mars entry into Scorpio is likely to contribute to a highly intense two-week period between the New Moon on the 26th and the Full Moon on August 10th.

The Leo New Moon on the 26th has a close conjunction with Jupiter and the square to Mars. Things could easily be over the top during this two-week period with people being exaggerated in their presentations, grandstanding and playing king or queen of the hill. The liability to being cut off at the knees can also arise. Excess could be extreme with the liability of exponentially increasing one’s debt load or finding the rug pulled out from under. This may be a time of all or nothing with no half measures in between.

Venus opposes Pluto on the 28th, a time when we may be very discerning regarding our circle of friends. Relationships could prove dicey with a liability of break-ups. Diplomacy would be called for but hard to engage in this all or nothing atmosphere.

On the 31st of July, Mercury exits Cancer to enter Leo creating a Stellium of three or more planets in the Fixed Fire Sign. We may be looking for good times and fun events, and far more interested in doing whatever pleases us with slight regard for the consequences.

The 31st of July – 1st of August has Venus square Uranus, followed on the 1st of August with Venus trine Saturn and Mars square Jupiter. On the 2nd, Mercury conjuncts Jupiter and Mercury squares Mars. The end of July, early August can be a time of shifting alliances, grandiose ideas and impetuous actions. We may feel regal and deserving of whatever we want. Unfortunately, our actions may be a little over-the-top. Discretion and diplomacy may go out the window as people become incredibly self-focused and willing to push the envelope. People may be adamant about their beliefs and their wants and unwilling to compromise or to find middle ground with anyone else. This can be a petulant time, but one where the swings between excess and push backs can be in operation.

The 7th, 8th and 9th of August could have us exploring new arenas, feeling restricted by our routine obligations, and seeking greener fields than the ones we have been tied to. Mars trines Neptune on the 7th, and we could engage ourselves in a quixotic quest, putting our energy towards something that seems sparkly and shiny on the outside but little to reveal itself on the inside. Whatever captures our fancy could hold us in its allure.

The 8th – 9th of August have the Sun conjunct Mercury, both of which trine Uranus, and Mercury square Saturn, followed by the Sun square Saturn. We are far more interested in having a good time without questioning the expense involved. We are looking for adventure but possibly feeling restricted by our past or present obligations. We can see future prospects despite our restraints. Even if we have difficulty of seeing the way for our next steps and into a more lively and autonomous future, it is important that we keep in mind the affirmation that ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way.’

This early August period can make us aware of the nature of duality, the push pull between earthbound consciousness and the cosmic awareness, the tug-of-war between old methodical ways of doing things and the serendipity and synchronicity of the new paradigm complete with magic and miracles. We might feel as though our wishes cannot come true, as if we do not have the resources to realize our goals. But one of our major lessons during these times is to let go and allow the universe to do its work. We do not have to master our circumstances nor control our conditions. On the contrary, the more we act in accord with the energies unfolding, the more we can step onto the magical mystery bus of unexpected opportunities and miraculous ways of things occurring. It is our choice, always our choice, as to how we choose to see things and how we choose to work with the energies as they unfold.

The Aquarius Full Moon on August 10th reinforces this sense of push pull between old and new — the paradigm shift from mastery and control to magic and serendipity. Even though we may grow impatient and things may seem delayed, things will evolve in their own time and often at the most surprising moment.

I have written before of one of my peak experiences when I was in college traveling through Europe and was in Prague during the Prague Spring and shortly after the Bratislava Conference when the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact nations decided not to invade Czechoslovakia. The energy of a small country winning a moral victory over a larger contingent was exhilarating. A soldier of my age told me this ‘experiment in independent socialism’ was like a horse with blinders now with the blinders removed and the horse able to see all around, all around.

Something is similar for us during these times. It is essential that we not get transfixed upon the frustrations or the pains during these transitional, transformational times. The more we can trust in the unfolding with the recognition that we are all changing, shapeshifting and morphing into a different lifestyle, a different way of being; the less agitated we shall be and the more in harmony with the natural unfolding. It is important that we look around, see all around, and not take anything at face value but rather to appreciate the opportunities and surprising occurrences in our daily lives.

The mid to latter part of August can be replete with fun and productivity. We might find ourselves humming along to the classic Snow White song of Whistle While You Work.

We can accomplish a great deal and enjoy ourselves doing so. Re-creation and achievement can be a large part of this mid to latter part of August, as we prepare to go back to school, get back on the track, all the while taking time for some enjoyable activities.

Venus enters Leo on the 12th of August re-emphasizing the Leo Stellium as Venus joins Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury in the Fixed Fire Sign. We may be feeling confident of our abilities, presenting ourselves in a refined manner with impeccable style and looking to wow everyone with whom we come into contact. We want to enjoy ourselves and be seen for the talents we have.

On the 15th of August, Mars trines Pluto, and Mercury enters Virgo. Our passion and determination now can virtually move mountains. Whatever we put our energy towards we shall do so with a commitment to get what needs to be done accomplished. There may be no stopping us at this time. Now only do we have indefatigable energy, but we are not letting anything fall between the cracks. We can focus on the details with an incisive perspective, and with our energy we can work from sunup to beyond sundown.

The 18th of August has Venus conjunct Jupiter and Mercury opposed Neptune. Irrational exuberance can take hold. While we have a swell of confidence, it would be wise for us to consider what we are doing and how we are doing it. This is a day when we need to tone down any sense of entitlement, take the time to think through our plans and take into account the specifics of our intentions. As the saying goes: “the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions.” Let’s not go there, but let’s enjoy this time of pleasurable involvements without falling into excess.

On the 21st, Mercury trines Pluto. Our mind is incisive, clear, able to see both the big picture and the details in arriving at our goals. This is a good day to blueprint our plans, focus on the truly meaningful and deal with the particulars.

The Sun moves into Virgo on the 22nd – 23rd. Increasingly, we are preparing ourselves for the Autumn and readying ourselves to get back into our usual routine.

The Virgo New Moon on the 25th puts its imprint on the next two weeks. We have to be wary of illusions and the way things appear. This is a time for us to focus on the details and to be resourceful. We may find that bills for fun events come due, and we might feel hampered by our earlier expenditures. Although we are preparing for the Autumn ahead, we are still looking for those surprising incidents and serendipitous encounters. Mars conjuncts Saturn and Mercury sextiles both Mars and Saturn. Venus trines Uranus. Our physical energy might be flagging, and we could feel as though we are having to react to situations and deal with past misdeeds. Even if we choose to play the victim role, if we would only look up and look around, we might discover some unanticipated opportunities coming out of the blue.

This two week period from the August 25th New Moon to the September 8th Full Moon can be a dance between old and new. The ghosts of the past — including outstanding matters, reconnections with people we haven’t been in contact for a while and our previous commitments — can daunt us, all the while that unexpected scenarios can dazzle us with wondrous possibilities. It may seem like a push pull between old and new, but it might better serve us to see it as a tempering process whereby we are being challenged by the familiarity of our past yet honing the prospects for our future by our experience and expertise.

This honing or tempering process towards the end of August and into September allows us to prepare for our Autumn and the year ahead. It also provides us scenarios that may tantalize us, even tempt us, but that we might not fully engage quite yet.

The Mars Saturn conjunction, exact on the 25th at the time of the New Moon, is also operational for the two week period and triggered by Venus on the 26th and 27th, as Venus squares Saturn and then Venus squares Mars. We may be bringing closure to our summertime activities and with it we might be doing our walk down Memory Lane, recapitulating where we have been and where we are going.

If we do reflect on our past, let’s not be judgmental in regard to whether our past has been good or bad. It has been what it was, and it has brought us to where we are now — in the process of shapeshifting, morphing and transforming into a new sense of being.

We may be saying goodbye to elements of our past, confused about what to let go and what to embrace, but confusion is often the starting point of wisdom. For confusion demands that we let go of our fixed beliefs, our rigid assumptions and be open, even vulnerable, to the possibilities that lie ahead.

This confusion can be ramped up thanks to the Neptune Pisces influence, under the signature of the August 25th New Moon and with the Sun opposed Neptune on the 29th.

Early September can have us back on track with our regular routine affairs.

Mercury exits its own Sign of Virgo on the 2nd to enter Libra. Our thoughts may revolve around the significant people in our lives. We might reach out to our friends and colleagues to get their take on matters, and we could find a good sounding board to help us clear the fog and confusion we might still be laboring under.

The Sun trine Pluto on the 3rd of September helps us to focus on what is truly important. We can devise our strategy as to how we can expeditiously achieve our goals.

On the 5th, Venus exits Leo to enter Virgo. People may be more accommodating and conciliatory to other people’s needs, and less grandstanding and being less self-absorbed. While this shift in energy can be a positive attribute, we have to be wary of swings from self-involvement to one of service moving into self-sacrifice. With the strong emphasis upon the Neptune Pisces influence during this two-week period, we also have to be wary of the trickster, people who appear one way, the reality being quite different.

This haze regarding what is really going on is accentuated during the two-week period of the August New Moon to the Pisces Full Moon on the 8th – 9th of September. While we can be adept at focusing on the truly important in the quiet of our own thoughts and reflections, we could be influenced by other people’s opinions and even swayed by those whose presentations seem persuasive.

During the second week of September we may seek to rely upon the tried and true and seek out the counsel of that trusted friend upon whom we have always been able to rely. Mercury squares Pluto on the 9th, accentuating the liability towards being swayed by the person with the loudest voice and the strongest presentation. The trickster can be at play due to the Venus opposed Neptune on the 10th and the impressive show put on by someone through the impact of the Mercury trine Jupiter with its gift of gab. The 11th has the Sun sextile Saturn, and we might find ourselves cutting through our confused state by drawing upon our experience and our understanding based upon what we have learned through the tried and true.

The 13th of September has two major energy configurations. Mars ends its transit of its own Sign of Scorpio to enter Sagittarius, thereby creating a Fire Grand Trine by Sign with Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Leo, and now Mars in Sagittarius. We may look to expand our activities and engage matters that are foreign to us. On the same day, Mercury opposes Uranus, my least favorite aspect of air travel, and travel in general. Communications can be off. We could experience computer glitches and the tendency to leap before looking can prove a major liability. Potential missteps can be made during this time, both in our personal worlds and in geopolitical affairs.

With Venus trine Pluto on the 14th and Venus sextile Saturn on the 21st, we can winnow down our connections to a select few. Our discernment can be strong and if we have engaged the dance with the trickster over recent weeks, we can now disengage thanks to our greater discrimination regarding who is truly there for us regardless of circumstance and those people who are only there for us as long as we can serve them in some way.

The Summer ends with a crescendo. On the 21st – 22nd, Mars squares Neptune, followed on the 22nd just before the Autumn Equinox with Pluto turning direct. The Summer closes out with a blast, although these blasts can be explosions, bomb blasts, and geophysical phenomena of earthquake and volcanic activity. There could be issues on the seas, and the liability of forcing issues could even bring the house down. It would be preferable to end the Summer with a long cool drink and get-togethers with good friends, but we might find instead that the Summer ends in an explosive manner.

This Summer of 2014 can be a fun time with various activities and us feeling good about ourselves and our future prospects. We do have to be wary of excessive expenditures and indulgences, and always maintain vigilance through our awareness and mindfulness recognizing that during these times things can change dramatically in a nanosecond of time.

Summer 2014… those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer…