USA – Astrological Ruminations

Every individual, country, organization, nation and situation has a natal or birth chart, the time of animated initiation. The chart is erected for the date, time and place of the birth, founding, opening and beginning of that particular entity.

Through the natal chart and through progressions and transits, we have the opportunity of seeing the foundations on which that entity is based and the different phases of the entity’s unfolding through its journey in life.

In looking at the US chart, some interesting energy patterns emerge for recent times and for now.

The Sun in astrology in an individual’s chart can represent the father, father figure and archetypal male patterns. In a country’s chart or an institution’s chart, the Sun can represent the leader. It is interesting to note how the Sun in the US chart has played out in two recent times, and is in process of playing out a third time.

In August 1974, the progressed Sun of the US Chart was finishing its conjunction with natal Pluto in Capricorn and ended the constitutional nightmare of impending impeachment against the US President Richard Nixon by his resignation. The aspect to liable elimination was mitigated by the voluntary resignation.

In December 1998, the progressed Sun of the US chart was finishing its quincunx, or inconjunct, aspect to natal Neptune in Virgo. The challenging and misunderstood qualities of that energy configuration coincided with the impeachment of US President Bill Clinton by the US House of Representatives and his later acquittal by the US Senate.

Before we get to the third interesting energy configuration of the Sun in the US chart, there are two other fascinating energy configurations to take into account — [1] the shift of the US progressed Sun’s transit from one Sign into another Sign indicating the ending and the beginning of thirty-year cycles, and [2] the transit of Jupiter as it impacts the US chart.

[1] Back in 2005, the US ended a thirty-year cycle as the progressed US Sun exited Aquarius to enter Pisces. The progressed US Sun transited Aquarius from 1975 into 2005. It’s interesting to note that during this transit of Aquarius one of the US Presidents during that time was an Aquarian — Ronald Reagan. This was a time when the US stood tall as the major superpower with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. It was also a time when the technological revolution began in earnest with the era truly beginning and the economic prosperity experienced during the Presidency of Bill Clinton.

With the US progressed Sun entering Pisces, the question of waning power of the US has been brought up and evidenced by the financial crisis that began in 2008 and the subsequent Great Recession. The US stumbles along in a tepid recovery mode. Meanwhile, commentators give voice to the increasing influence of China with suggestions that the Chinese will soon overtake the US as the major superpower. Not necessarily a powerful Sign, the Pisces energy speaks to karma — the concept of reaping what one has sown.

Since 2005, the US may have to reap the effects and consequences of actions, attitudes and behavior of its past.

[2] For the past two years, the transits of Jupiter have been relatively auspicious for the US. With Jupiter transiting Gemini since the Summer of 2012 and now transiting through Cancer, Jupiter has been energizing by conjunction various planets in the US natal chart. We have seen the apparent wealth generated by the stock market as the US equity markets have gone higher and higher. This energy may seem to shift as we come into July of this year as transiting Jupiter opposes the US natal Pluto and then Jupiter enters Leo without triggering a great deal of the US planetary positions.

Apart from these two energy configurations and shifts, another one, the one associated with the US progressed Sun, stands out and is highlighted this month of April.

I mentioned the concurrences of significant progressed US Sun energy configurations in 1974 and 1998 with the impending resignation of US President Richard Nixon and the impeachment of US President Bill Clinton, respectively.

This month has the progressed US Sun square the natal US Uranus. Something quite unexpected could occur with US President Barack Obama. Decisions made could be impetuous and iconoclastic. Situations could have consequences unlikely to be foreseen. A certain awareness could come about suddenly and without notice.

It will be interesting to note what might occur with this progressed US Sun square the natal US Uranus, but the indications are certainly something of an unanticipated nature and significant alterations.

We shall see what transpires.