Neptune Pisces — Illumination or Delusion

On February 3rd of 2012, Neptune enters its own Sign of Pisces where it will transit into 2025.

And what can we expect of this transit that has a generational influence?

Neptune is associated with the seas, spirituality, fog, confusion, chemicals, drugs, physicians, movies and visual media, the dissolution of boundaries and various other amorphous and enigmatic qualities.

Neptune can be an either or, and something in between. You never exactly know what you get with Neptune in Pisces, for the chameleon quality is strong. Boundaries break down and in so doing, the sense of clarity more likely morphs into confusion.

Neptune is like the trickster, appearing one way but quite possibly being something different in reality than the image projected.

While there can be a spiritual renaissance, a time of enlightenment and illumination, there can also be illusions, delusions, sleight-of-hand and the so-called false prophets. What we see may not be what we get. Leaders may entice, seduce and mesmerize. But these times call for each of us to heed our own inner voice, for us to engage our soul’s manifest destiny and for us to be leaders on our own personal journey and evolution. And these times demand that we be aware and mindful.

The use of drugs and drug use can be a major influence during this Neptune Pisces transit. With anaesthesia having come into known practice when Neptune was first re-discovered in the mid 1800’s, new discoveries in medicine and pain management can come forward and alleviate pain. Medical advances can be extraordinary. If we change our consciousness away from the profit motive and focus on wellness rather than sickness, we might find various cures for so-called incurable diseases and elongate life extension if we choose it. On the flip side, the recreational use of drugs can increase as people seek ways of escapism from hard, cold reality. As they did in the 1960’s, people can turn on and tune out. But while the 1960’s drug use had a semblance of consciousness expansion, love and brotherhood, this time around drugs may be used merely to escape the pain of everyday reality.

With Saturn moving into Scorpio in the Autumn of this year for its two and half year transit of the Fixed Water Sign coupled with the Neptune in Pisces, we may also see a greater exodus as individuals choose to check out and leave the earth plane. Whatever their ticket to be punched, many people may decide that enough is enough of their earth life experience.

We have already seen 3D movies become more popular recently and talk about 3D television being the next wave in visual media. Certainly, Neptune in Pisces will provide some fascinating visuals — magic-like, another quality of Neptune in Pisces — and technologies that boggle the mind and massage the senses.

There is a breakdown of boundaries that has already started to occur with the acceleration that has been going on and with the threshold crossing into the new paradigm of asequential reality. We are moving into the 5th dimension where the breakdown of boundaries will also be witnessed by the breakdown of space-time coordinates as the four dimensions of space [three dimensional space] and the dimension of time collapse into the NOW — being in the moment — with past, present, future – all NOW.

This breakdown of dimensions will also open the door to other dimensions — greater awareness of non-human beings, greater interaction with the so-called ‘dead’ and greater teleportation, akin to what Gene Roddenberry devised for Star Trek over fifty years ago and H.G. Wells a century before him. There will be a greater sense of life beyond human life, both in the evolution of the individual soul and in the stars beyond the earth.

With Neptune in Pisces during the intensity of these times, some people may cling to that old-time religion but others will be searching and seeking. There can be a greater interest in the eastern philosophies of dissolving the ego and seeking to be one with the Source.

Neptune in Pisces may open many doors and some of the doorways may seem to lead to heaven while other doorways seem to lead to hell. It is our choice, always our choice, which door we wish to enter.

Neptune in Pisces… Illumination or Delusion…