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  • May 19th – 25th

    This week reinforces the volatility of these times with some potentially wide and wild swings in sentiments and in the energies. The more that we can accomplish this week in a focused and determined manner, the better it would be. We can do our inventory-taking, eliminate needless activities and worthless projects, and establish the foundation stones of our future.

  • May 12th – 18th

    This week begins with a sense of expansionary newness and ends with a sense of expansionary newness. Can we call it Spring fever? We may want to test the waters and stretch beyond our normal parameters. We are in search of adventure, open to the possibilities of the universe and participating in the magical, mystery tour of synchronicity, unexpected situations developing and virtually arising out of the blue.

  • May 5th – 11th

    This week begins with the Taurus New Moon and ends with Mother’s Day on Sunday. The fortnight between a New Moon and Full Moon is a great period to get things going. And this Taurus New Moon provides us the energy to expand our perspective and to consider alternatives to our same old, same old. We do have to be careful not to be seduced by fool’s gold, things that might seem wonderful but may in fact be a needless distraction for us.

  • April 28th – May 4th

    This week is another fairly active and productive week. We have the ability to advance our interests and enjoy our interactions with others. It will be important for us to maintain a focus on realistic possibilities and not merely our hoped-for scenarios.

  • April 21st – 27th

    We are in a period of restructuring or creating the foundation stones of our future. This time could be a most productive time for us. We can accomplish more now than at many other times of the year. It is a time of manifestation, of taking our concepts and putting them into practical reality. We may have to shift, change, adapt as we go along. If we don’t get fixed into how things are supposed to operate, then flexibility and unexpected variables can pave the way for successful advances and effective movements.

  • April 14th – 20th

    This week offers us the opportunity of MANIFESTATION. We can move forward with our plans, put solid foundations under our ambitions and come up with a best practices approach to advance our interests. This is a week when we can take our creative sparks, fan them to full flame and begin to give them shape and form. We are moving into a most productive time frame, a time into the third week of May, when we can accomplish a great deal from a pragmatic and focused viewpoint.

  • April 7th – 13th

    This week is one when we can get our house in order and put down roots for some of our projects. We start the week in a grounded and focused manner. As the week progresses, we have to watch that we don’t lose our concentration and become enamored with the trivial, the superficial and the distractions of the moment. We could become overconfident, assuming that we can move mountains in a telekinetic way.

  • Connecticut April 19th – 27th

    I shall be in Stamford, Connecticut and available for In-Person Sessions from Saturday April 19th through Sunday April 27th. I shall also be giving two evening talks while in Connecticut.

  • March 31st – April 6th

    This week is an energetically active week with a high degree of intensity as we focus on our personal interests and look to open the starting gate of new projects and activities. Our actions may be far more spontaneous rather than well thought out. We might be feeling impulsive, wanting to get on with it, and leaping before we look. There is a tendency to shoot from the hip, or from the lip, so it would be wise to restrain our impulsiveness until we have considered the possible consequences of our intended actions.

  • March 24th – 30th

    …with the energies this week, we may be feeling like there’s a new bounce in our step with interesting surprises awaiting us. Especially toward the latter part of the week, it would be wise for us to work with peripheral vision, keep our ears and eyes wide open and look for the magic.