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  • Winter 2011-2012

    This Winter could prove a paradoxical time, a time when we are exploring new avenues of self-expression and a time when we are letting go, or being rid of, certain aspects of our past…

  • Autumn 2011

    We start this Autumn fast out of the gate, but during this Autumn we might wonder whether we are in the race to nowhere…

  • Summer 2011

    This Summer seems to be a season of searching for the best and wanting to leave behind the rest…

  • Spring 2011

    This Spring begins with a bang. We may be looking at moving forward with our grand plans for our great future, but we could find ourselves banging into walls and facing hard cold reality. Not everything may go as planned…

  • Winter 2010-2011

    This Winter can see some extreme swings between wild euphoria and anxious despair. So what else is new?, one might ask. Although there is an old saying that states: ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’; this Winter could prove the lie to this statement…

  • Autumn 2010

    Like nature itself in the Northern Hemisphere, this Autumn offers a stripping away to allow us to see the bare bones and the essence of what is really going on…

  • Summer 2010

    Summer begins on the 21st of June with the Summer Solstice as the Sun enters Cancer, and those of us in the Northern Hemisphere enjoy the longest day of sunlight during the year. The usual expectations by many of us for the summer season are somewhat akin to the George Gershwin refrain from Porgy and Bess: “It’s summer time, and the living is easy.”

    But we find ourselves in 2010 and while we wish that our living were easy, that desire is not often present day reality. On the contrary, these times and this summer seem more like volatile extremes.

  • Spring 2010

    This Spring can be an exciting, energetic time of new plans, new directions, but with possible delays, obstacles and impediments hampering our way. Change is upon us. We may feel as though our future is far better than our past, and we might seek change even for the sake of change.

  • Winter 2009

    Winter 2009-2010 begins on the 21st as the Sun moves into Capricorn at the time of the Winter Solstice. There is a great deal of positive energy as we come into the Winter season. We are looking ahead to our possibilities and our future, hoping that the past is behind us and that we have dealt with all the stumbling blocks along the autobahn of our life’s journey.

  • Autumn 2009

    The season of this Autumn continues the alchemical process, a period of purging and eliminating, a season of deathing in order to provide the fodder for a rebirth. Like nature in the Northern Hemisphere with the leaves falling from the trees and the skeletal structure of branches, limbs and trunk exposed, we may feel as though during this Autumn we are being stripped down to the bare bones, being rid of excesses and cut to the essence of our very being. There is a purging going on, a dropping away of those characteristics of our lives that have served their purpose and now prove no longer functional for us.