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  • April 2018

    April begins with us considering how best to develop our creative talents. We might feel blocked by our responsibilities and the interests of someone else, but even if we are delayed we are refusing to be thwarted.

  • March 2018

    We begin March feeling divinely guided with a sense that our life has true purpose with determination to put our spirit into action.

  • February 2018

    February begins with us looking far afield, no longer content to put one foot in front of the other, and perhaps even more appreciative of the paradigm shift from linear reality into asequential reality with its flurry of what we might interpret as ‘random’ happenings.

  • January 2018

    January 2018 begins with us resolved to draw upon our experience and developed expertise to launch into new directions and engage consideration of all options, all alternatives.

  • December 2017

    December begins with a rush of energy, much of which may be unrestrained and even uncontrollable. There may be no stopping us as we begin December. We could feel virtually invincible with a desire to go for the gold and more.

  • November 2017

    November begins with us accentuating our personal interests, but with a greater appreciation that we are not ‘an island unto ourselves’. Even if we have been toe stomping as we advanced our affairs, we can have a greater appreciation for the people in our life.

  • October 2017

    The astrology as we begin October 2017 is likely to give us increased determination and aroused passion to make manifest our greatest hopes and dreams.

  • September 2017

    September begins in the US with the long Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end to the summer season, and what a weekend this could prove to be. We may be looking for a fun blowout with friends and in new environments. Same old, same old just won’t cut it as we explore all possibilities with »more

  • August 2017

    We come into August, the traditional month of summer holidays, with a desire to get out of Dodge, step off the track and not be encumbered by our daily responsibilities. Getting a respite might not be such a bad idea, for this August could prove wild and wooly with a Lunar Eclipse, a Solar Eclipse »more

  • July 2017

    The astrology as we begin July can be intense with us tending to go overboard in our actions and reactions. The liability of misunderstanding situations can be heightened and our sensitivity ratcheted up. We could be looking to square off for a good fight with a sense that we are not being appreciated for who »more