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  • October

    This October can have us seeking solutions to problems that have long been lying below the surface, niggling at us for attention but issues that we preferred to avoid or deny. While resolution may be something we all seek, we could experience ourselves going through the whipsaws of emotions and actions. Old ways may no longer work. New techniques might seem at best skeptical. We might feel confused wondering which way to go especially as we see impediments in all directions.

  • September

    September is a month when we seem to get back on track with our normal routine, and this September seems no exception. Even if we have gotten back to our normal routine before the month began, September is a time when we give more focus to our day-in, day-out experience.

  • August

    August has something for everyone. Vacation days, focused intent and relationship matters are all part of this month’s makeup.

  • July

    July epitomizes Summer, a season when we take the time to step off the track of our daily affairs, focus on the pleasures of life and seek out recreational activities and enjoy some down time. This July might not allow so much for down time as much as ratcheting up the energies with us hotly in pursuit of involvements that take the edge off and provide a much needed pumping up of our self-appreciation.

  • June

    June has a little of something for everyone. This month may seem like a wild metronome, swinging from one extreme to another. By now, we should be used to the volatility of these times, and this month is likely to ratchet up the volatility severalfold.

  • May

    This May can be a highly productive month, a time when we make our plans for the future with full awareness of the vagaries of radical change occurring around us and in our world. We can devise a best practices approach by which to realize our goals and achieve our aims. We may be able to come up with innovative ways by which to stretch our finances, making our monies go further under the impending inflationary currents that may become increasingly evident. The early part of the month offers focused energies by which we can budget our time and our expenses and concentrate on the truly important while letting go of the extraneous.

  • April

    This April can be a time when we harness our energies, focus our intentions and structure a best practices methodology to achieve our goals. The month seems a dichotomy between fiery impetuousness and a more pragmatic approach. Our mission is to restrain ourselves and channel our intensity into productive outlets that bring us closer to realizing our dreams. Sounds like a mission impossible? Not necessarily so. It will be important for us not to rush the river or try to move too far too fast.

  • March

    With a lack of Fire, an abundance of both Air and Mutability, we are in the mood for change, especially if it is brought to us on a silver platter with the bells and whistles and doesn’t necessitate us doing much of anything. Yes, we want change from our present conditions, would like to fast forward into a far brighter future and we want it all yesterday without demanding much, if any, effort on our part.

  • February

    February begins with a Mercury retrograde which continues on into the 18th of the month when we end the first of this year’s three Mercury retrogrades.

  • January

    2008 is likely to be seen as a year when, both on an individual level and on a collective society level, the question is raised as to whether we have built upon rock or built upon sand. 2008 is a year when much of the fluff and the inconsequential may be washed away and we are asked, even forced, to focus on the true necessities and the essential fundamentals of living life.