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  • May 21st – 27th

    This week begins with the Sun moving into Mercury-ruled Gemini. Much of this week revolves around Mercury, as Mercury trines Saturn, then Mercury trines Neptune and finally Mercury opposes Pluto.

    We may be doing several things at once this week. Our mind is awhirl entertaining various interests. This is a week when we can be, and may need to be, a master juggler.

  • May 14th – 20th

    This week seems less complicated and more focused than the past two weeks.

  • May 7th – 13th

    We start the week somewhat dazed thanks to the caroming of this past week and this week beginning with Mercury square Neptune. We need to take things with a grain of salt and not personally for there may be misunderstandings and miscommunications during this week.

  • May

    May… taking it all with a grain of salt…This month of May can be a highly energetic one. We may be rushing around, putting our energy here then there, all the while that we’re wondering whether we even have our feet on the ground.

  • April 30th – May 6th

    This week starts as the month of April ends with Mars square Jupiter and Venus trine Neptune. We may want to stretch our wings and go in new directions, feeling supported by a soulmate connection.

  • April 23rd – 29th

    Our minds are sharp this week, but our interactions with others could prove problematic.

  • April 16th – 22nd

    This week can be a highly productive week. We may feel as though a boulder has been lifted and that we can move forward with power, determination and passion.

  • April 9th – 15th

    We start the week with a ‘feel good’ attitude as the Sun trines Jupiter. We’re optimistic, confident and looking to broaden our reach.

    Where a problem could arise…

  • April 2nd – 8th

    This week there is a great deal of energy whipsawing us from one thing to another. To start the week, the Libra Full Moon accents our relationships…

  • April

    April… hurry up and wait… for the magic of the moment.

    This April affords us a broad spectrum of expanding possibilities and offers us the laying down of the foundation stones for our most passionate desires…