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  • December 3rd – 9th

    This week starts off in some very pleasant ways. Social engagements may be entertaining and we’re considerate of other people. Our relationships can be fun and enlivening and we’re looking to embrace the holiday spirit.

  • Los Angeles December 7th – 9th

    I shall be in Los Angeles and available for In-Person Sessions from Friday evening December 7th through Sunday, December 9th. If you or someone you know would like to see me for a session while I am in Los Angeles, please contact me to schedule an appointment.

    On Saturday evening, December 8th, I shall be giving a talk sponsored by the Center for Conscious Creativity on ASTROLOGICAL ENERGIES: 2008 A Year of New Beginnings. My program begins at 8:30 PM and runs until 11:00 PM and will take place at the Theosophical Society – Annie Besant Lodge, 2560 N. Beachwood Drive in Los Angeles. The fee is $20.00. For registration and tickets, please contact the Center for Conscious Creativity through their website:

  • December

    This December seems to be a month of incredible volatility with wild extremes of emotions and actions. There’s a lot going on this December — some of it marvelous, some of it far less so, but none of it done in half measure.

  • November 26th – December 2nd

    This week can be a roller coaster. At times, we may feel emotionally content, even moving into the idyllic. Other times, we might feel somewhat confused, desiring the way things could be while realizing that they are not quite as wonderful as we may wish them to be.

    Like the world’s equity markets, volatility seems the primary characteristic of this week and these times.

  • November 19th – 25th

    This is a week when we can strategize, blueprint and make plans. We are driven to get the most out of our experiences and willing to think around the curve. Our insights can be strong. We just have to watch that we don’t become over exuberant or carried away by our enthusiasms. We are looking to stretch, to broaden our realm and expand into new opportunities.

  • November 12th – 18th

    This week seems rather placid compared to some of the whipsaw weeks we’ve experienced in recent times. We are under the influence of the Scorpio New Moon that occurred last Friday. This New Moon influence has a Watery impact with a Grand Trine in the Water Element at the time of the New Moon when the Sun Moon conjunction trined Mars in Cancer and trined Uranus in Pisces. There is magic in the air, if we take the time to step out of our own way and be open to possibilities that may seem at best improbable.

    The major energy shift this week is Mars in Cancer turning retrograde.

  • November 5th -11th

    This week has its ups and downs. We may be put off by people who are grandstanding and we could find ourselves wondering what our lives are all about. We might consider shapeshifting, changing things about ourselves or looking at new areas for us to explore.

  • November

    This November seems one where we are looking to get to the core of issues, strip away the hype of images and appearance, and truly consider what is going on in our lives. We all feel that we are on the threshold of change, whether that change is by our own desire and commitment or the change is brought about by the shifting tides of these times. Change is in the air,

  • October 29th – November 4th

    This week ends October and begins November and is punctuated by two planetary direction changes. First Neptune then Mercury turns direct this week. With Mercury turning direct, we end our third and final Mercury retrograde of the year. Can we breathe a sigh of relief? To some degree we certainly can as Murphy’s Law of ‘whatever can go wrong will’ is put on hold until we come into 2008.

  • October 22nd – 28th

    This week has two Sign changes as the Sun exits Libra to enter Scorpio and Mercury retrograde exits Scorpio to enter Libra. In our social interactions, we may do the dance but we’re unlikely to reveal too much of ourselves.