September 21st – 27th, 2020

The astrology for this week of September 21st through the 27th of 2020 cautions us regarding our communications and interactions with other people as we bring closure to the summer season and begin the autumn.

Relationships seem dicey at best this week. Are we resentful of leaving a summer that never lived up to our expectations?

Many of us look to the summer as a time to get off the track, spread our wings, and explore distant terrains. Our ability to travel this summer was hampered by travel restrictions and lockdowns.

Who needs a border wall when governments are demanding that we stay indoors, muzzle ourselves, limit entertainment venues and won’t allow us into their states or countries or, if they even do allow entry, only with a self-imposed quarantine?

With all the fearmongering and anxieties stoked, it’s not too surprising if we aren’t on edge, frustrated and even resentful as to how the world turns. Yes, life has become crazymaking thanks to the conditions and circumstances we find ourselves in and those imposed upon us.

The week begins with us likely feeling rather intense. We have to be wary of what we say and to whom we say it. Even seemingly friendly discussions can turn heated and devolve into arguments.

If we could hunker down as we begin the week and concentrate on our tasks at hand, we might avoid some of the blowups liable during this week. But let’s keep in mind that everyone right now may have a very short fuse ready to ignite without a moment’s notice.

Monday, September 21st – Silence is Golden – Pluto, Saturn, Sun, Mercury. Monday begins the week with the Moon in Scorpio and with the Scorpio Moon sextile both Pluto and Saturn both in Capricorn, and the Moon sextile the Sun in Virgo. Later in the day, the Moon exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius. Mercury squares Pluto. This is the last day of the summer season, a summer might be better forgotten than remembered. For many of us, summer plans were scotched due to the virus contagion. If we could focus on what we need to get done, head down and attentive to what is right in front of us, we might avoid a great deal of trouble for ourselves today. Where a problem might arise is the fact that Mercury this week in finishing its transit of Libra triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon square Pluto today, the Moon square Saturn on Wednesday, and the Moon opposed Mars on Thursday before the Moon exits Libra to enter Scorpio on Sunday. Since each of us might feel shortchanged by the lack of ‘play’ time this summer and even over the past six plus months, we might feel a great deal of resentment, with various negative emotions percolating below the surface. Repression isn’t a great idea, but it would be far better for us to swallow our frustrations, not verbalize our anger, and expend our energy in productive ways by getting things done. This is a day when silence can be golden, for otherwise we have to be wary that conversations don’t turn into heated arguments with our words severe and our vehemence taking no prisoners.

Tuesday, September 22nd – Loves Company – Venus, Autumn Equinox, Sun Libra. Tuesday continues with the Sagittarius Moon with the Moon late in the day trine Venus. If we can keep things light and seek out someone we enjoy being with, this day can be a pleasant respite from a week when relationships might otherwise prove dicey. Please no Eeyores or Debbie Downers today, and no ‘misery loves company’, for as the title of the Peter McWilliams and John-Roger book suggests: You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought. As indicated by the Law of Attraction, positive thoughts attract positive actions, and negative thoughts attract negative actions. There is enough negativity floating around, so let’s counter it by being positive and focusing on the good things in life. This Tuesday is also the beginning of the Autumn season as the Sun exits Virgo and enters Libra at the time of the Autumn Equinox [9:31 AM EDT]. We are entering a four-week period and the autumn season itself when we are looking to find and maintain balance in our lives. Rather than being totally self-absorbed, this is also a period where in Jungian psychology we seek to explore the shadow side of ourselves, that part we know least about, often discovered through our interactions with our significant personal relationships. Let’s use this Tuesday to shine our light on others, just as we bask in the light of other people.

Wednesday, September 23rd – Slow Start Before Ratcheting Up – Neptune, Mercury, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Saturn. Although we continue with the Sagittarius Moon as we come into this Wednesday, we may be slow starting to begin our day. We might wonder what to do and where to go. Our sleep state might have been anxious and less than restful. We start the day with the Moon square Neptune. As the day progresses, the Moon sextiles Mercury, and the Moon trines Mars. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost six hours as the Moon completes its transit of Sagittarius without making any further connections to the planets and before the Moon enters Capricorn where late on this Wednesday the Moon squares the Sun. The day also begins with Mercury squaring the last of three Capricorn-transiting planets as Mercury squares Saturn. We might feel uncomfortable in our own skin with our thoughts being hypercritical and even veering towards the negative. If we need to go to our own wailing wall, so be it. I often suggest when we are in a funk to set a timer for ten or fifteen minutes and let loose with the anger and negative expressions associated with all the problems in our lives. Once the timer goes off, wash one’s hands and face and change the attitude. In a sense, this activity is an exorcism of the negative. We might start off on a down slide today, but as the day unfolds, we can account for the good things in our lives and pursue instead fulfilling ventures. The evening gets us more focused on practical matters ready to be productive and hands-on the next two days.

Thursday, September 24th – Brighter Days Through Better Ways – Uranus, Mercury, Mars. When I ran for the US House in 2000, my campaign slogan was ‘brighter days through better ways’, and this Thursday provides the energy to put that slogan into practical implementation in our daily life. The Capricorn Moon trines Uranus, and Mercury opposes Mars. We could start the day with a head of steam, ready to take on the world. Before we step out the door, it would be wise for us to consider our course of action for the day. Our intentions are key, the means secondary. If we would make a list of all that we wish to accomplish on this Thursday, we might discover streamlined means to achieve our goals. Incorporating time management skills and being open to doing things differently may allow us to be expeditious and successful in our endeavors. The key is for us to restrain our enthusiasm to begin the day, plan and strategize the different activities we wish to engage, and be open to the twists and turns that may prove far more effective than any specific methods we might have considered. Let’s keep in mind that we are on the threshold of a paradigm shift, that we are increasingly moving into asequential reality, where things can occur in the most inexplicable manner with mini-miracles and as if magic were afoot. Believe in the magic of these times, no matter how disruptive they may seem.

Friday, September 25th – Nose to Grindstone Before Hitting the Wall – Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Mars, Mercury. Friday continues with the Capricorn Moon with the Moon today sextile Neptune and the Moon conjunct the three Capricorn-transiting planets of Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. After what can be a most productive day, the evening hours have the Moon triggering a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon square Mars in Aries and the Moon square Mercury in Libra. We can accomplish a great deal on this Friday, if we keep our head down, address our responsibilities and take care of what needs to get done. By envisioning what we wish to achieve, we might feel like we’re operating on greased wheels, able to be highly effective and productive checking off one thing after another on our ‘to do’ list. The end of the day can have us in a push – pull between what we might want to do and what someone expects of us. Commitments might seem bothersome. Let’s be careful how we express our interests and needs, for the reception of our desires can fall upon deaf ears or be met by aggressive resistance. Remember that relationships this week have been dicey with everyone having a fairly short fuse. It could be necessary for us to act as if walking on eggshells, but far better for us to be mindful and aware with the recognition that situations and people can change dramatically in a nanosecond or less.

Saturday, September 26th – Saturday in the Park – Sun, Uranus. Saturday has the Moon moving into Aquarius where today the Moon trines the Sun to begin the day, and the Moon squares Uranus to end the day. Although this past week could have had us experiencing some ups and downs in our relationships, this Saturday can be a highly pleasant day spent with someone special. By getting off the track, putting our anxieties and concerns on the back burner, and concentrating instead on having a good time with explorations of the unfamiliar, we could find this day to be exciting, enlivening and with us having a fine time. Even if our movements are still being restricted, this is a day of discovery, investigation, and engaging the new and different. It would be wise for us to keep in mind the old saying that ‘the best things in life are free’. We don’t have to merely participate in freebies, but we do need late in the day to watch our expenses. Some involvement could cost more, and considerably more, than what we had bargained for. This is a day to enjoy ourselves, recharge and refresh, with a sense of spontaneity and an attitude of the awe and wonder of childhood.

Sunday, September 27th – Taking a Breather – Mercury Scorpio. Sunday continues with the Moon in Aquarius but with the Moon making no connections to the planets today. There is not a great deal of energy today for us to push forward or aggressively advance our interests. On the contrary, this day might best be served like a blank slate whereby we can draw and engage whatever catches our fancy. No schedules, no commitments that we have to attend to. Similar to yesterday but without the same push, this Sunday is a day for us to do whatever. The major energy today is the Sign shift of Mercury with Mercury exiting Libra to enter Scorpio [3:41 AM EDT]. Our thinking can be far more intense, unwilling to accept anything shallow or on a superficial level. We are more interested in pulling back the Wizard of Oz curtain to see what is really going on. Superficial conversations would exhaust us, for we are far more perceptive and desirous of getting to the heart of any matter. While Mercury rules Gemini and with Mercury in that placement there can be a great deal of talk, Mercury in Scorpio is likely to be more concise and succinct in its discussions. More may go on than meets the eye, but there is a recognition that the wheels are turning. This placement of Mercury in Scorpio could be intimidating with the recognition that there can be times that the Scorpio Mercury can be biting and cutting. While Mercury goes through Scorpio, we need to enlist our most diplomatic and charming persona, for otherwise discussions can be heated with communicators taking no prisoners and with a liability of injuring our relationships.