August 31st – September 6th, 2020

The astrology for this week of August 31st through the 6th of September of 2020 provides the energy for us to get our house in order up to the long Labor Day Holiday weekend, the unofficial end of summer in the US.

The week begins with us considering our future goals, perhaps our plans for the upcoming weekend. This is a highly productive week when we can strategize how best to accomplish our long-term goals and prioritize our steps along the way.

The Full Moon mid-week may light a fire under us as we contemplate how best to conclude certain matters and bring particular things to closure so that we have more space for other projects as we get back on track with our responsibilities and our new routine.

Old connections might pop up and demands placed upon us by a family member. Even if we are called upon to deal with someone’s issues, let’s not grouse and whine about it but address the matter in an innovative, streamlined manner.

We may surprise ourselves as to how effective and productive we can be by thinking outside the box, utilizing a best practices approach, and just getting things done.

Like a fly at a picnic, we might have someone this week that proves to be annoying, buzzing around, turning our focus from our personal interests to their insistent needs. Although we might feel that someone is hampering our plans, let’s keep in mind the proverb: “there, but for the grace of god, go I“. It might be wise for us to do what needs to be done expeditiously, without getting suckered into any emotional drama.

The weekend is the long Labor Day holiday weekend in the US with two Sign changes. Mercury exits its own Sign of Virgo to enter Libra on Saturday, followed on Sunday by Venus exiting Cancer to enter Leo.

While we continue to pay attention to our tasks and projects, we are also increasingly enjoying our interactions and quality time with our special someone[s].

Monday, August 31st – Distant Thoughts. Monday has the Aquarius Moon with the Moon making no connections to the planets today. We may spend much of our day in the wide realm of possibilities. Various things can be especially appealing today. If we would focus on what we need to get done, we are likely to be productive. More likely, we might find this day is a day of conversations, discussions, and a ‘mental health’ day when we just take some time to enjoy ourselves and think about things. The next three days can be highly productive, so this Monday might be better spent devising plans for the upcoming holiday weekend or for future engagements. We all seem to be coming out from under this lockdown that has gone on for several months. As if coming out from a long hibernation, we might want to consider the present conditions and give thought to our intended plans under the changing circumstances. This is a good day for quality time with a special friend or just by ourselves. We don’t have to get caught up in the crazy-making antics occurring in the world, but rather we can create a sanctuary and enjoy a serenity far distant from the madding crowds.

Tuesday, September 1st – Astute with Panache – Mars, Mercury, Pluto. Monday and Tuesday of this week may be slow going. We’re not interested in setting the world on fire, no matter how fiery conditions seem. Tuesday begins with the Aquarius Moon sextile Mars in the early morning hours. The Moon then goes into Pisces, but the Pisces Moon makes no connections to the planets today. Mercury continues its trines to the Capricorn-transiting planets. Last Saturday, Mercury trined Jupiter. Today, Mercury trines Pluto, followed on Thursday by Mercury trine Saturn. We may feel a thrust of what we wish to pursue as a future project, and we could devise the most expeditious means to realize our goals. Our mind is sharp, able to cut through the hype or the superfluous to get to the heart of any matter. It is unlikely for anyone to put one over on us today. Our conversations can be concise and to the point with no one able to effectively contest our ideas. Not only can we be passionate in our beliefs. We also have a certain style to how we present ourselves. We may not start off by preaching to the choir, but by the end of what we have to say we could have even the most opinionated singing our praises.

Wednesday, September 2nd – Going My Way – Pisces Full Moon, Sun, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, Saturn. Wednesday continues with the Pisces Moon with the Pisces Moon opposed the Sun at the time of the Full Moon [1:22 AM EDT]. The Moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus, the Moon sextiles Jupiter in Capricorn, and the Moon conjuncts Neptune. Venus opposes Saturn, and the Sun trines Uranus. Our sensitivity may be ratcheted up severalfold. If we don’t put on blinders and feel ourselves restricted either by past connections or by present responsibilities, we can be open to some surprising situations that seem like magic or mini-miracles. This is a day for us to be open to receive, for unexpected situations may put a smile on our face. Things can happen easily and quickly without too much effort on our part, so long as we don’t get in our own way. We might choose to take a different trajectory from whatever we have scheduled. This day is a day to embrace spontaneity, even impulse, and not be limited by past experience or habitual behavior patterns. This Wednesday could prove to be an exciting day. We just have to be flexible and adaptable to the shifting sands and changing conditions of these times.

Thursday, September 3rd – Neatly Together – Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Moon Void-of-Course. Elements of magic we might have experienced yesterday filters into this Thursday. This is a day when we can put spirit into action. Much of the energy occurs in the morning hours. We begin the day with the Moon continuing its transit of Pisces with the Pisces Moon today sextile both Pluto and Saturn both in Capricorn, the Moon opposed Mercury, and the Moon trine Venus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost six hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Pisces and before the Moon enters Aries later in the day. Mercury completes its trine to the three Capricorn-transiting planets with Mercury today trine Saturn. If we can keep our emotions in check, this Thursday can be a highly productive day. It would be wise for us to prioritize our schedule before we start out, for plans made can be plans kept without otherwise being distracted by other things that we feel we ‘need’ to do. This is a day for us to bring certain matters to conclusion. We are in the waning Moon from Full Moon to New Moon, far better for completions than initiations. And we are finishing up the monthly cycle as the Moon ends the Zodiac cycle with the Moon completing its transit of the last Sign of the Zodiac, Pisces. Late in the day, the Moon enters Aries but makes no connections to the planets. A great deal can be accomplished early in the day with us champing at the bit at the end of the day.

Friday, September 4th – Irritations Before Resolutions – Venus, Mars, Mercury. Friday has the Aries Moon, but the Moon today makes no contacts to the planets. Similar to late yesterday, this Friday does not have a great deal of energy to connections. We could find ourselves spinning our wheels or accepting the fact that today might best serve us as a ‘play’ day rather than any intentions on our part to get a great deal done. We could even consider making this upcoming long holiday weekend even a little bit longer and start it on this Friday. Our productivity may have been a great deal stronger the first three days of September. While there are no Moon contacts today, Venus squares Mars early in the day and Mercury sextiles Venus later in the day. Relationships may be dicey to begin the day. We might feel that either someone is hampering us or their emotional needs to be too draining. Late in the day, we can clear the air and have a reconciliation. If anything erupts in the morning, it can be smoothed over in the afternoon. It is far better to find agreements with other people than poke confrontations, and today would be better suited to enjoy pleasurable activities rather than participate in aggressive overtures.

Saturday, September 5th – Not on My Watch – Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Mercury Libra. Saturday continues with the Aries Moon with the Moon today squaring the three transiting Capricorn planets of Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. Mercury exits its own Sign of Virgo to enter Libra [3:46 PM EDT]. No matter our obligations or commitments for this day, we are likely to prefer doing things spontaneously and getting off the track of our familiar activities. If we try to deal with responsibilities, we may do so in a haphazard manner, glossing over specifics just to get things done. It would be wiser to put aside any demanding tasks and allow ourselves to just enjoy this long weekend. Our summer has been hampered by lockdowns and restrictions imposed upon us by the response to the virus contagion. We could feel well deserving of a final summer blowout of good times. With Mercury entering Libra, we can be less critical and more collaborative with other people. Believe it or not, we might even be willing to consider opinions that run counter to our own beliefs. We may even get back to the true essence of thinking and discussions whereby thesis – antithesis leads to a synthesis and perhaps to a greater understanding.

Sunday, September 6th – Life is Good Without Excess – Mars, Venus, Venus Leo. Whether we were hampered by our ‘shoulds’ yesterday or not, we are committed to having a good time on this Sunday. The day begins with the Moon finishing its transit of Aries with the Aries Moon trine Mars. The Moon then moves into Taurus, where today the Taurus Moon squares Venus, shortly after Venus has moved from Cancer into Leo [3:22 AM EDT]. We start the day in an expansive mood and wanting to present ourselves in a good light. This Sunday could find some of us going shopping, wanting to polish our appearance through additions to our wardrobe, maybe a personal makeover, and willing to ‘shop ‘til we drop’. We may be feeling far more social and wanting to be on center stage. We are willing to share the spotlight, but we are committed to being in the light too. Let’s avoid spending too much, doing too much, all with the intention of making ourselves look good, even better. We can easily justify a spending spree by arguing that our expenses may have been sharply curtailed during the lockdown. But why go there? It would be wise for us to keep track of our financial budget, appreciate that we might have whittled down our personal debt over the past few months, and that we could be on a more solid financial footing now, but with questions as to what the changing circumstances in the world are likely to bring to our personal financial realm. We can certainly enjoy ourselves but our enjoyment doesn’t always necessitate excess in expenditures.