August 10th – 16th, 2020

The astrology for this week of August 10th through the 16th of 2020 starts off rocky, crescendos mid-week with the need for us to engage the British affirmation of ‘keep calm and carry on’ before we come to the weekend that offers glimmers of returns to a familiar normalcy.

We begin the week with unexpected curveballs knocking us off center. Whatever we have planned for the start of the week may have to be recalibrated. Surprising news can increase our expenses and force us to address issues we were not planning for. Communications and travel may be problematic at best, necessitating our developing contingency plans to our scheduled events.

We have the opportunity to draw upon our resilience and our abilities. As the wise and true saying goes: “we never get more than we can handle.”

While we are capable of picking up the pieces, altering our intentions and going a different way, a major power intensity might test us mid-week.

This week has two of my least favorite energy configurations: Mercury square Uranus on Monday, and Mars square Pluto on Thursday. These two configurations can indicate things being ‘too hot to handle’, with our thinking and communications radically off on Monday, followed by our physical energy intensifying with liabilities of acting out and belligerent behavior mid-week.

Once again, it would be wise for us to dampen our reaction to the energies operating and embrace the slogan ‘keep calm and carry on’.

No matter how off the wall things might seem to get this week, the weekend allows us to get a grip, be far more adaptable and flexible to changing conditions, and take on a more proactive approach in successfully navigating the changing landscape. We may not return to our ‘same old, same old’ normalcy, but we are likely to be determined to create a new ‘normal’ for ourselves, no matter the radical change in the landscape that serves as a backdrop in which we are to operate.

Monday, August 10th – What You See Is NOT What You Get – Venus, Uranus, Mercury. The week begins with the Moon in Taurus with the Moon sextile Venus, the Moon conjunct Uranus, and the Moon square Mercury. We also have my least favorite aspect for travel and especially air travel: Mercury square Uranus. We might be looking for calm, seeking security and stability, when suddenly an unexpected situation is liable to arise testing our ability to be flexible and adaptable in changing circumstance. Whatever we have planned for this day, it would be wise for us to have contingency plans. Communications can be off, and there may be computer and Internet difficulties. Wanting to get on with things, we might easily skip over significant particulars. We have to be wary that we don’t neglect the cautionary words of ‘the devil is in the details’. Any rigidity or fixity in what we assume to be going on could wind up with us getting a whack on the side of the head. This is one of those days when we need to be mentally sharp and vigilant in regard to unexpected curveballs that could throw us for a loop. Although we would prefer to have a peaceful start to the week, such a situation is highly unlikely. On the contrary, this Monday is one of those days when we may have to ‘dive, duck and dodge’ incoming. The less impulsive and reactive to incidents today, the more our responses can be measured and better considered.

Tuesday, August 11th – Humility and Effective – Jupiter, Sun, Neptune, Pluto. Monday may have begun the week with various curveballs and unexpected news that might have upset our schedule and forced us to alter our plans. Tuesday continues with the Taurus Moon with the Moon today square the Sun, the Moon sextile Neptune, and the Moon trine both Jupiter and Pluto both in Capricorn. One of the challenges for each of us during this time of paradigm shift is maintaining humility, getting out of our own way, and doing the tai chi moves by going with the flow of the universal energies unfolding rather than forcing our will upon matters. Yesterday might have tested our flexibility and adaptability, but this Tuesday allows us to be far more effective and productive, if we don’t get in our own way. Taking the time to devise our strategy and plan our actions can make us far more productive, expeditious in accomplishing our plans, and ultimately successful in our efforts. During these times of intense disruptions, it is wise for us to maintain humility, be vigilant to the conditions around us, and mindful as to how best to move our interests forward. These times are far different than anything we have encountered previously. It is important that we keep attentive and appreciate that the universe is unfolding in its own asequential, sometimes seemingly bizarre, manner. We’re along for the ride, at times able to steer our course, other times when we need to hold back and respond to the most interesting twists and turns.

Wednesday, August 12th – Fasten the Seat Belts – Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course. Wednesday has the Taurus Moon completing its trine to the Capricorn-transiting planets, as the Moon trines Saturn in the early morning hours. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for six hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Taurus and before the Moon enters Gemini. The Gemini Moon makes no connections to the planets today. Early Wednesday would be a good time to tie up loose ends and bring certain involvements to completion. Whatever we were involved with yesterday that we didn’t have time to conclude, this Wednesday morning is a time to put on the finishing touches and wrap things up. This day may have us throwing wide open our realm of possibilities, with everything considered, nothing discounted. We might feel our physical energy ramping up with a liability of our getting belligerent, even confrontational. This day is far better served getting our energy out, engaging things that please us, and doing some physical exercise. We could feel like a volcano with a great deal percolating below the surface. The steam vents to release our energy would help us avoid exploding. This is not a time to allow our resentments or frustrations to build up, since we are on the verge of experiencing a highly energetic, even explosive, energy in tomorrow’s early morning hours – Mars square Pluto.

Thursday, August 13th – Thar She Blows – Mercury, Mars, Pluto. The Moon continues its transit of Gemini with the Moon sextile Mercury late in the day. While this energy configuration of the Moon Mercury is a most pleasant one, another energy configuration today ratchets up the energy in a possibly unsavory manner. Early Thursday morning, Mars squares Pluto. This week has two of my least favorite energy configurations. Monday gave us Mercury square Uranus, where our communications and travel may have been unexpectedly upset forcing the implementation of contingency plans. And today we have Mars square Pluto with the liability of explosive behavior, the liability to violent acting out, and the need for extreme caution in our physical actions. This is a day that demands we be vigilant and mindful, not let down our guard, and to be measured in our movements. Someone I know with this energy configuration can be very pleasant, very kind to animals, but does not know nor is able to regulate the physical force they often exert. Presently, this person is awaiting trial for committing four homicides. The energy under the Mars square Pluto can get away from us whereby we act without thinking things through, much less account for the consequences of our actions. It is far more likely for us to be triggered and to respond with extreme action. Today it is essential that we count to ten before acting and give thought to what we are doing and why we are doing without giving into the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’. There can be significant earthquake and volcanic activity and intense atmospheric storm systems on this Wednesday and Thursday.

Friday, August 14th – Time for a Breather – Neptune, Sun, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course. Early Friday morning has the Gemini Moon square Neptune, followed by the Moon sextile the Sun in Leo, and the Moon sextile Mars in Aries. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for twelve hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Gemini and before the Moon enters Cancer. We may have been shaken by events over the past two days, and our sleep state might be restless Thursday evening into Friday morning. Despite our anxieties and concerns during the night, we could awaken with a determination to explore a wide range of activities for us to possibly pursue. It may seem as though the dust has settled, and we can get on with our lives. We can consider fun events for us to enjoy over the weekend and also do any necessary shopping for back to school supplies or our autumn wardrobe. Perhaps we are getting used to extreme incidents during these intense times, for we may be able to get over the shock sooner than we might have in days past. Not that we are oblivious to the fears and concerns. We are just more likely to tone down our reaction, as though we are becoming numb to the craziness occurring in the world-at-large.

Saturday, August 15th – Resting, Waiting, Indulging – Venus, Uranus, Uranus retrograde. Saturday continues with the Cancer Moon with the Moon today conjunct Venus and the Moon sextile Uranus shortly after Uranus turns retrograde. No matter whether we have errands to do or a blank schedule, we might opt for the comforts of home and start this day in a slow mode. With so much intensity during the week, this Saturday is likely geared to rest, relaxation and re-creation. We may use the morning hours to fix up our home environment, spend time with family, and luxuriate in the sanctuary of our own space. We do need to tread carefully today, for with Uranus turning retrograde we might get one of those wild whipsaws that leaves us stunned and at a loss, a loss of either words or monies. If we can build into the day, starting out slow and calm yet anticipating unexpected situations to arise, then the latter part of the day might have some interesting surprises and can prepare us for a highly active Sunday. This weekend is focused on good times, enjoying ourselves, and feeling at the top of our game.

Sunday, August 16th – More, More, More – Neptune, Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun. Hopefully we took some of yesterday to catch our breath and recharge our batteries. For this Sunday is anything but calm and gentle. On the contrary, this Sunday is high energy, active and fully engaged with us possibly looking to put the pedal to the metal. This Sunday continues with the Cancer Moon with the Moon today trine Neptune, and the Moon triggering a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon square Mars in Aries and the Moon opposed the three Capricorn-transiting planets of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. In the evening, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for five and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections as the Moon completes its transit of Cancer and before the Moon enters Leo early Monday morning. The Sun trines Aries. Our energy may know no bounds today. We could feel as though we can take on the world, and we might even try to do so. While we are likely to prefer the comforts of home today, we can have an itch to get going, do something, and fully engage the day. That’s all well and good but in our choices we are likely to create an over-extensive ‘to do’ list that could have us running around all day. Not that we don’t have the energy for it. We probably do, but we have to be wary that we don’t expend our energy in trying to do too much and then even more. This day calls for time management, whereby we balance both our tasks and obligations with pleasurable activities and good times.