July 27th – August 2nd, 2020

The astrology for this week of July 27th through August 2nd of 2020 demands full engagement of key characteristics during these most disruptive times: flexibility, adaptability, patience and humility.

This is a week of push-pull. With the end of July and the beginning of August, this week gives us a feeling of a summer not fully engaged or completely enjoyed slip, sliding away. Talk of school sales may filter into our consciousness and with it a confusion as to what the format of school openings will be, or what the format of our lives will become.

Confusion seems rampant this week as we veer between what we want life to be and the various options imposed by the restrictions due to the virus contagion. Fact and fiction may be hard to distinguish between, but why should that surprise us when consensus opinion reigns as the determining factor in what true reality is.

This week challenges us to continually evaluate what is truly going on as we cross a narrow balance beam that often feels as though we have ‘clowns to the left, jokers to the right’.

Lewis Carroll would be hard pressed to come up with the freakish reality in which we find ourselves cast.

Trusting our instincts or drawing upon our rational mind may have little use this week with the kaleidoscopic swirl of myriad ideas, thoughts and reports that all seem contradictory and present a most bizarre landscape through which we are to navigate our journey.

This is a week when it may be essential for us to take everything with a grain of salt, or better a salt lick, regarding what we assume to be happening.

We’ll get through this week, but it might be better if we maintain a bemused attitude to the foibles of humankind and recognize that we are passing through a very strange fun house, not really much fun.

Monday, July 27th – False Hopes – Lunar T-Square, Sun, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, Mercury, Mars. Monday begins the week with the Moon moving into Scorpio where today the Moon triggers a Fixed Sign T-Square with the Scorpio Moon square the Sun in Leo and the Moon opposed Uranus in Taurus. Jupiter sextiles Neptune, Venus squares Neptune, and Mercury squares Mars. A tug-of-war between our restraints and our willfulness could play out as we start the week. Our optimism can give rise to ill-conceived projections. Like ‘wrong way Corrigan’, we could start off in one direction today, only to change our trajectory and move into a different direction. Let’s avoid being like the dog chasing its tail with us winding up going around in circles, accomplishing little, except creating major dustups for ourselves. Relying upon our own over-confidence or other people’s input might lead us down a garden path that seems good at the outset, only for us to be ensnared by brambles as we proceed further. This is a day for us to pull in the reins, not jump to conclusions, or move too quickly too far ahead, or force issues. On the contrary, this day asks us to maintain full awareness and with anticipation of unexpected situations arising that demand we do the tai chi moves, be flexible and adaptable and work with the energies rather than trying to control whatever is going on. Monday may be difficult, but tomorrow is likely to be a better day ahead.

Tuesday, July 28th – More in Synch – Lunar Grand Trine, Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday might have had us flummoxing about, caroming from one difficulty to another, with a great deal of activity but little resolution. In contrast, Tuesday might truly seem like a walk in the park. The Moon continues its transit of Scorpio with the Scorpio Moon today triggering a Water Grand Trine as the Scorpio Moon trines Mercury in Cancer and the Moon trines Neptune in Pisces. The Moon also sextiles both Jupiter and Pluto both in Capricorn. Whereas yesterday nothing may have made any sense, and nothing seemed to fit together neatly, this Tuesday is a day when things can come together easily and effectively. Perhaps there was too much stress and strain on our part yesterday. We might have exhausted ourselves, and this day finds us more receptive, more open to the natural unfolding, and better able to work with the energies rather than attempting to control them. Our intuitive sense is highly attuned today, and we could easily find the expeditious means to advance our goals. This Tuesday could prove the most productive day of this week. This is one of those days when we might acknowledge our ‘knowing without knowing’, a day when we may feel divinely guided as to all the right moves and recognize that success is ours.

Wednesday, July 29th – Well Deserved Breather – Saturn, Sun. What a roller coaster we may have felt that we’ve been on. Monday was liable to have been manic with us spinning our wheels and banging our heads. Tuesday seemed to allow us to put everything neatly in place and be highly productive in the most expeditious ways. Wednesday has the Scorpio Moon sextile Saturn early in the day before the Moon exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius where today the Moon trines the Sun. We often consider the weekend and especially Sunday a time to rest, relax and recharge our batteries. That may have been the old ‘normal’. These intensely disruptive times call for us to grab our moments of relax and recharge whenever we can find them, and this Wednesday may be that day for this week. We might begin the day tying up loose ends and completing certain tasks we may not have completed on Tuesday, but this Wednesday is largely geared to having a good time, enjoying ourselves and catching a breath, all very necessary prior to the next few days when we have Mercury opposing the Capricorn-transiting planets, and when things could go off the rails. Whether we are able to get out of town physically or only in our mind’s eye, this is a day for us to step off the track and focus on those things that give us pleasure and bring a smile to our face. Even the Eeyores and the Debbie Downers, who only see life as a dystopian nightmare, have to look up every now and then and see the beauties and blessings in our lives. This is a day to appreciate all the good things in or life and to affirm that ‘life is good’.

Thursday, July 30th – Blinded by the Light – Mars, Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter. Thursday begins the day with the Sagittarius Moon trine Mars. Later in the day, the Sagittarius Moon triggers a Mutable Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces and the Moon squares Venus in Gemini. Mercury opposes Jupiter, and Mercury trines Neptune. We may be gung-ho to put our mark on our projects and our involvements. Our confidence may know no bounds, and we might feel as though we could virtually move mountains and accomplish more than humanly possible. Today begins a several days process of Mercury opposing the Capricorn-transiting planets culminating with Mercury opposed Saturn on Monday at the time of the Aquarius Full Moon. If we would get a grip, slow things down, and think before we act, we could avoid all sorts of problems, especially those due to overconfidence and a tendency to grab at things without considering the implications. We do need to avoid being too adamant in our opinions over the next few days. Today is a day for us not to role play being a ‘legend in our own mind’, for our intentions could be misinterpreted and our relationships suffer as a consequence. Let’s trust our intuitive sense, get a ‘feel’ for our audience, and be diplomatic in our conversations.

Friday, July 31st – Lining it Up. Friday has the Moon moving into Capricorn but making no connections to the planets today. We are on the threshold of a project-oriented weekend, a weekend when we might strive to accomplish a great deal before we take an August break from our routine. The more we can prioritize our intended activities for the weekend, line up the various items we wish to address and see a timeline of mid-Sunday to focus on our goals before social engagements later on Sunday, the more effective we could be. These three days could be highly productive. We may wish to have nose to grindstone, concentrate on what we wish to get done, and unwilling to brook any interference. There may not be a great deal of energy on his Friday, so let’s just intend to put one foot in front of the other without expecting a great deal to complete or conclude. This may be more of a day to get the ball rolling. Like a snowball going down the mountain, gaining momentum, and becoming an avalanche, our planning today may make us more productive and effective tomorrow with us finishing up outstanding details on Sunday before we take a needed break.

Saturday, August 1st – Outside the Lines – Uranus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto. Saturday has the Capricorn Moon trine Uranus, the Moon square Mars, the Moon conjunct Jupiter, and the Moon sextile Neptune. Mercury opposes Pluto. This is a day when we may want to go our own way without interference from anyone or anything. We are likely to start the day with a thrust of energy, determined to accentuate our individuality, and draw upon the innovative to accomplish our plans. We are not interested in the input from anyone. We know what we want, and we know how to get there. Conversations could become heated largely through misunderstandings and taking things the wrong way. The day can have us running around, while things settle down in the evening hours. We may be a little much for people during the early part of this day with us being headstrong, even belligerent, but the evening hours seem far more pleasant. In the evening, we seem to have removed the chip from our shoulder, a chip largely related to any sense of blockage, obstacles or sense of restraint we might have felt. It is suggested that we respect the choices of other people and not try to have them hew to our line of thinking or ways of doing things other than their own. Today and tomorrow highlight personal choices even when decisions step outside the lines.

Sunday, August 2nd – Rebel With or Without Cause – Pluto, Mercury, Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Uranus. Saturday and Sunday may be two days when we accentuate our independence, no matter the consequences. But they are also two days when we might be highly resourceful and accomplish a great deal. To some degree, people may need to be left to their own devices, otherwise any sense of intrusion could escalate into confrontations. Sunday continues with the Capricorn Moon with the Moon today opposed Mercury, and the Moon conjunct both Pluto and Saturn. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over four hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Capricorn and before the Moon enters Aquarius. The Sun squares Uranus. These weekend days might be better suited to getting things done, focusing on our projects, and addressing our responsibilities. If we keep our head down, have nose to grindstone, we can be highly productive. We do have to watch our communications on both Saturday and Sunday, for there is a liability of everyone being snarky and not taking kindly to idle chatter or opinions different from their own. This is a day not to ‘rush the river’. If we would attend to what needs to get done without wasting our energy to do something different or to gloss over significant details, then the latter part of the day frees us up to engage in good times with good friends. First things first today, and the first relates to our tying up loose ends and completing outstanding matters. Later in the day, we have the time and space to do whatever catches our fancy.