June 22nd – 28th, 2020

The astrology for this week of June 22nd through the 28th of 2020 has us in the first full week of Mercury retrograde and the first week of our summer season with us touching various bases associated with our home and family, our recreational enjoyments, our routine matters, and our special relationships — a week that offers us a little bit of everything.

We start the week concentrating on family matters, some of which may be residue from this past Sunday’s Father’s Day. Memories of times past, experiences long forgotten, and thoughts of the people with whom we have journeyed along our life’s pathway can make us moody and highly emotional. We might be lost in our reminiscences rather than addressing our present needs, but there will be time later in the week to be productive and address our routine matters.

The mid-part of the week could have us seeking out summertime activities and recreational pursuits with the realization that much of our pleasurable activities had to be put on hold during the recent lockdown in reaction to the virus. The latter part of the week and over the weekend may have us attending to details, the specifics of our daily routine. One thing we are likely to notice is that, as a result of the lockdown, our schedules have totally changed with many of us being far more flexible regarding scheduling and attending to the different commitments that compose our daily life.

The end of the weekend gives us a significant thrust of energy, as Mars exits Pisces to enter its own Sign of Aries. We have reclaimed some Fire, and a significant dose of it, and may now be considering initiating new projects, starting new beginnings.

Monday, June 22nd – Wistful More than Manic – Mercury, Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter. Yesterday’s Cancer New Moon, a Solar Eclipse, set the signature for the next two weeks and beyond. This Monday continues with the Cancer Moon with the Moon today conjunct Mercury, the Moon trine Neptune and the Moon opposed both Pluto and Jupiter. Our imagination can be heightened with a tendency for us to be wistful, looking at our life’s journey with feelings of regret, a sense of loss or opportunities never forthcoming. Although today we might see our life as a half glass of water that is half empty rather than half full, it would be wise for us to discipline our emotions and not fall into a negative spin. As the day progresses, we might feel the demands of routine matters, which we may have put aside to take the time to drown in our sorrows. We all go through our disappointments. If it’s necessary to release the feelings of disappointment, I suggest going to the wailing wall, setting an egg timer for five or ten minutes, and saying aloud all the sorrows, disappointments, and anger stored up. Once the egg timer goes off, let’s wash our hands and face and change our attitude to a more upbeat and positive stance. We could always see the failings or the disappointments in our life, but it is essential that we realize that our journey through this life experience is our own individual journey, unlike anyone else’s journey, and that our life is abundant in many blessings. Let’s focus on the wondrous gifts we have been given, avoid comparisons, and look on the bright side of life.

Tuesday, June 23rd – Getting a Grip – Mars, Saturn, Venus, Neptune retrograde. Perhaps we wrung out much of our ill ease yesterday, for this Tuesday has the Moon finishing its transit of Cancer with the Moon trine Mars. The Moon then enters Leo where today the Moon opposes Saturn, and the Moon sextiles Venus. Neptune turns retrograde. We can get a second wind on this Tuesday after a Monday that could have had us dithering about in an emotional state. Although we might prefer using this day as a ‘mental health’ day, we may find the responsibilities we postponed demanding our attention. This would be a day for us to address pressing needs early in the day, and then enjoy some fun activity with a special someone. Our sensitivity is likely accentuated, so we do need to be vigilant to the subtle, even subliminal, input from negative sources. These volatile times are times of intense disruption with stability and security shaken to its core, but we do not have to fall into despair and anxiety. This is a time for us to embrace the wise suggestion that ‘we never get more than we can handle’. We may have to reach beyond our comfort zone, but let’s assure ourselves that we have the ability and the skill set to deal with whatever comes our way. Pleasant times with those special people make us realize that we are not in our present situation alone and that we can successfully navigate the currents, no matter how turbulent they may seem.

Wednesday, June 24th – My Way or Another Way – Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. Wednesday continues with the Leo Moon with the Moon early today square Uranus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for thirty-five and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before the Moon enters Virgo tomorrow afternoon. One of the major challenges for each of us during this paradigm shift is an issue of letting go and trusting the process, even if our trust is solely based on blind faith. Wednesday could have us in a tug-of-war between our need of being in control of our life situations and the unexpected twists and turns of these present times. Conditioned into an arrogance of believing that we are masters of our circumstance, we can find ourselves hard-pressed by the curveballs thrown at us from the most unexpected sources. Today and tomorrow would be good days for us to spread our wings, explore our possibilities, and consider alternatives to the ways we normally do things. If we would take off the blinders and work with peripheral vision and be open to the magic of serendipity, we might realize that the universe works, that good things can come to us without our forcing them to occur but rather by our being open to receive. If we choose to participate in recreational activities today or tomorrow, we might learn that we do not have to spend a fortune in order to have a good time. The person who spends the most not always gets the greatest benefits. Like little children who experience the awe and wonder in life, let’s keep our eyes and ears open to the magic of these times.

Thursday, June 25th – Wait for It – Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Venus. The Void-of-Course Moon that began early yesterday continues on into the first half of this Thursday as the Moon completes its transit of Leo without making any further connections to the planets and before the Moon enters Virgo. Late today, the Virgo Moon sextiles the Sun, and the Moon squares Venus. Yesterday and much of this Thursday are geared for re-creational pursuits, no matter what we choose to do. It would be wise for us to suspend our insistence to be productive and to do, whether our doing is important work or just busy work. The sense of a ‘time out’ in order to enjoy ourselves, to enjoy our life, may be called for on this Wednesday and Thursday. Recharging ourselves allows us to be more productive as we come into the second half of this Thursday. We can attend to what we need to get done, but it would be wise not to overwhelm ourselves with our ‘to do’ list. As we start back up into a more productive mode, let’s avoid putting too much on our plate. A ‘go slow’ attitude would be suggested for this Thursday. Similar to a car accelerating, we should start off slow and then gain the momentum and the speed, which we shall have more of tomorrow and Saturday.

Friday, June 26th – Innovative Means – Uranus, Mercury. Friday has the Virgo Moon trine Uranus, and the Moon sextile Mercury. By drawing upon streamlined methods and utilizing due diligence, we can accomplish a great deal on this Friday. We can get more bang for a buck both in regard to financial expenditures and expeditious means. This is a day when things could easily fall into place, especially if we maintain an awareness as we procced. We might determine the easiest and fastest way to get things done. Getting rid of the extraneous and focusing on the truly important may help us clean up our space and provide enough room for us to engage a new trajectory. Let’s keep in mind that with the paradigm shift we are co-creators with the universal unfolding. Today is a day for us to be open to receiving clues from the universe as to which project and what direction works best for us. Attention to detail will fine tune our efforts.

Saturday, June 27th – Getting Focused, Avoiding Distractions, Energetic Thrust – Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Mars Aries. Saturday has the Virgo Moon opposed both Neptune and Mars, and the Moon trine both Pluto and Jupiter. The Moon then goes into Libra where later today the Moon trines Saturn. Mars exits Pisces to enter its own Sign of Aries. We might have accomplished a great deal on Friday and continue to do so on this Saturday, if we don’t get sidetracked by distractions. Planning before executing could save us a great deal of bother. If we stay focused, we are likely able to envision what we wish to achieve both in the big picture of our intended result and the small picture of the necessary details that compose a successful conclusion. By dealing with our present responsibilities and by completing what we might have started on Friday, we can spend the latter part of the day in the company of someone we enjoy and give thought to our future prospects. The end of the day might have us feeling ever more energized and ready to put future plans into operation. The Mars entry into its own Sign of Aries gives us Fire, the Fire Element lacking since the end of April except for the Moon’s transits through the Fire Signs. Our desire to strike out on our own, machete in hand, and carve our own path of exciting adventures is stirred, as we feel the fire in our belly.

Sunday, June 28th – Pedal to the Metal – Venus, Sun, Mercury, Mars, Saturn. Sunday continues with the Libra Moon with the Moon today trine Venus and the Moon square both the Sun and Mercury both in Cancer. Mars sextiles Saturn. Late yesterday and much of today are good times for companionship and social get-togethers. Family matters or home projects might feel like wing clippers today, keeping us from striking out for parts unknown and instead keeping us bound to situations that we would wish to postpone or get out of. This is a day when we want to be out and about, exploring the far reaches of our world, and have a sense of being able to call our own shots without interference. Instead of any confrontational engagements, let’s attend to our commitments early in the day and then head out with the pedal to the metal.