May 4th – 10th, 2020

The astrology for this week of May 4th through the 10th of 2020 suggests that we get our house in order with our multi-faceted components of usual tasks and obligations, our personal relationships, and our intentions for our future.

This week can be a highly productive time, no matter the limitations or the parameters in which we find ourselves. If we don’t grouse about circumstance and conditions, we could be highly effective in playing the cards we’re dealt.

The week begins with a reach out to someone we trust for their advice and their perspective both in regard to our particular situations and our future intentions. We may feel as though we’ve landed in a tilt-a-whirl world where our stability and security have been shaken by the sudden shifts and dramatic changes in the backdrop of our doing life, but these times demand the admonition of the Pluto influence: ‘adapt or die’.

Reset, reboot, recalibrate are all part of these extraordinary times of transformation. Either we be flexible in our movements and decisions or we are liable to be crushed by the vagaries of these changing times. An essential factor in our disposition now is the willingness to adopt an attitude of believing that things do in deed work out, even if our belief has to be solely a blind faith in the goodness of the universal unfolding.

Whether as a consequence of our lives having been narrowed by the lockdown or our need for comfort by drawing upon other people’s support, it’s interesting to note that there has been over the past few weeks more communication with friends and relatives than previously. The volume of emails, texts, phone calls seems to have ratcheted up significantly, and so it might seem during the early part of the week.

We might put on hold our responsibilities and obligations in order to embrace the succor from someone or from other people. Recognizing that we are all in this together can increase a sense of unity and greater compassion for our fellow beings with a greater willingness to support and assist each other. Although there is a flippant statement that ‘when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping’, we might discover under the present hardships that some of the greatest characteristics of humankind come to the fore — true evidence of spirit in action.

As the week progresses, we may decide the need to do a good house cleaning, inventory our ‘stuff’ and see what we might wish to be rid of. The narrowing of our parameters through this present lockdown may have made us aware that much of our ‘stuff’ has been needless distractions, mindless diversions.

Under the influence of the Scorpio Full Moon mid-week, we could determine what to eliminate from our lives and what to focus on. As if ridding ourselves of the dross and the superfluous, we might hone in on what we now consider to be the truly essential, focusing more on the meaningful and true purpose rather than wasting our time and our energy on the superficial or the meaningless.

From a concentration of our focus and our energies during the mid-week, Friday and Saturday open the door to a more expansionary and upbeat time. Plans for our future when the restrictions are lessened may be geared to a stretch beyond our usual conditions and an exploration of new interests and new activities more resonant with whom we have become during this hiatus of personal transformations.

Sunday is Mother’s Day, and we might find ourselves taking a walk down Memory Lane as we remember times past and oblige an appreciation for our own mother and those who have mothered us along our journey.

This week is a mix of energies similar to the kaleidoscopic mix of these times. Increasingly, we are likely to affirm the sentiment expressed in 1976 by the Grateful Dead: “What a long strange trip it’s been”.

Monday, May 4th – Reach Out of the Darkness – Saturn, Sun, Mercury. Monday begins the week with the Moon moving into Libra where today the Moon trines Saturn. The Sun conjuncts Mercury. Tomorrow, the Moon triggers an Air Grand Trine with the Libra Moon trine Venus in Gemini and the Moon trine Mars in Aquarius. These two days may be geared to our relationships with discussions concentrating on how people are coping with the present circumstance of the lockdown and their intentions for their future. Back in the 1960’s – 1970’s and despite the political divide over the US engagement in foreign wars in southeast Asia and the internal discord with the civil rights movement and political assassinations, there was also an idyllic quality, a sense that there could be a better way, that there could be better days. The belief in brighter days, an upbeat vision of community with people helping people, was held out as not merely an impossible dream but rather a tangible prospect. Could we come back to that sense that no matter what is going on in the world-at-large, we too can contribute to a groundswell for better days? Monday and Tuesday of this week could make us aware of the important of the special people in our life. Heart-to-heart discussions could give us both the encouragement and wise suggestions for our journey forward. Life may have been turned upside down, but out of the topsy-turvy of these times we can take off the blinders, work with peripheral vision, and consider what options and alternatives we might wish to engage in our days ahead. This Monday provides us support from our own contemplations and the input from a special person[s].

Tuesday, May 5th – Celebrating the Small Importances – Lunar Grand Trine, Venus, Mars, Pluto, Jupiter. Tuesday continues with the Libra Moon with the Moon triggering a Grand Trine in the Air Element as the Moon trines Venus in Gemini and the Moon trines Mars in Aquarius. The Libra Moon also squares both Pluto and Jupiter both in Capricorn. We may have some matters to deal with, but if we could postpone them and put them off for a later date, we are likely to do so. We would much prefer spending time chatting up people, thinking about our future plans, and engaging anything other than our routine responsibilities. Even if we do attend to the matters at hand, we are liable to do so in a perfunctory manner with important details possibly falling between the cracks. We could be entranced by so many different things today but with a tendency to skip from one thing to another with little in-depth consideration of any one thing. Let’s take this day as a ‘mental health’ day. Without putting any pressure on ourselves, we might take off our blinders and be open to considerations of anything and everything. This is a far more mental day than a practical productive day. We may entertain a vast array of possibilities with the ability to winnow down some of our considerations over the next two days. Far better for us to take a breather, throw wide open the realm of potentials, and not be concerned about their practicality. Our prospects today may know no bounds. We can narrow our choices subsequently.

Wednesday, May 6th – Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right – Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Uranus. After two rather pleasant days, days when we might have enjoyed traipsing through la-la-land rather than being productive or effective, Wednesday and Thursday shift the energy significantly. The Moon moves into Scorpio early on Wednesday and today the Moon triggers a Fixed Sign T-Square with the Scorpio Moon square Saturn in Aquarius and the Moon opposed Uranus in Taurus. We’ll have the same Signs in the T-Square tomorrow, just different players. Our intensity can ratchet up on this Wednesday but so too can our rigidity. This period of time is a time of major transformations — transformations in our society, transformations in our individual selves. During any transformation, there is a tug-of-war, the push-pulls between old and new. And so it may be on this Wednesday and Thursday. On the one hand, we might want to maintain a semblance of stability and security even to the point of the complacency of our discontent. On the other hand, we are being impelled, whether by our own personal choice or from the prodding of the universe, to move forward in new directions, to consider options and devise alternatives to the ways we have been doing life. Much of this push-pull might seem more like being stuck in the middle, all the while walking a narrow balance beam with anxiety of taking the wrong step and falling either back into the discomfort of our old patterns or falling into scary, unfamiliar patterns. Wednesday and Thursday are two good days to do a major house cleaning, getting rid of stuff that no longer interests us much less serves us. But we can get stuck wondering whether we are throwing out important elements of our past or significant contributions to our future. Let’s not be catatonic but instead determined to begin the release process.

Thursday, May 7th – Trusting During the Bottom Falling Out – Scorpio Full Moon, Lunar T-Square, Sun, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter. Wednesday might have had us in a quandary as to what to hold onto and what to let go. Even if we waffled in our rigidity yesterday, this Thursday allows us for a greater semblance of movement. The day begins with the Scorpio Full Moon [6:45 AM EDT] with the Scorpio Moon opposed the Sun. The Scorpio Moon today continues triggering the Fixed Sign T-Square, similar to yesterday, only with different players. The Moon today opposes both the Sun and Mercury, and the Moon squares Mars in Aquarius. To offset our stuckness, the Moon also trines Neptune, and the Moon sextiles both Pluto and Jupiter both in Capricorn. Mercury sextiles Neptune. Tuesday might have had us lollygagging about, being far less productive and more likely to tune out from our mundane concerns. Tuesday could have had us taking off, if only mentally and emotionally, from our daily rituals and taking a grand adventure in our mind and possibly in our conversations. Thursday may have us on a more constructive jag and one that could go on for the next ten days. The primary issue will be eliminations of the superfluous in order to make room to concentrate on the more meaningful. Trusting our instincts and drawing upon our intuitive sense, we could discern the truly important and differentiate our priorities from the distractions that lead us nowhere. If we would avoid getting adamant about what we want and the way we intend to do it and be open to the signals from our gut, we could forestall unnecessary problems and devote our time and energy to our most appropriate ambitions.

Friday, May 8th – Look to the Distant Horizons – Saturn. Friday has the Moon entering Sagittarius with the Moon today sextile Saturn. The last two days may have had us doing an inventory taking, engaging the push – pull between holding on and letting go, and attending to cutting away the dross in our lives. While we might have been quite intense these past two days, Friday has us lightening up. We are likely to feel more upbeat and in an expansionary mood. We may consider all sorts of possibilities for ourselves, including plans to fly away at some indefinite future when we are released from the imposed lockdown we have been suffering through. We could make summer plans, consider our options for future projects, all with a look to our days ahead. Connections with other people can provide fun conversations, catching up with what has gone in their lives, realizing the camaraderie even with those people with whom we have had little contact in the recent past. This is a day for us to spread our wings, even if our wingspan is done more on a conceptual level. We may have a greater sense that the tight restrictions will soon be lifting even if in gradual measures. We have been willing to accede to the governmental restrictions, but increasingly we want to end our hiatus and explore the elements of our new ‘normal’. We are ready to put our reset into practical application and get back in the game, even with the parameters of the game having dramatically shifted.

Saturday, May 9th – Cutting Through the Fog – Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Venus, Mercury, Pluto. Saturday continues with the Sagittarius Moon with the Moon today triggering a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon square Neptune and the Moon opposed Venus. Mercury trines Pluto. In an expansionary mode, this Saturday could have us considering all sorts of possible involvements. We may feel that we have a myriad of possibilities available for us to engage. We are looking to express our creative talents in whatever venue that presents itself. We may be more interested today to be on center stage, to lead rather than to follow. Dealing from a high level of nervous energy, we are liable to take on more and more with little discernment as to what we are choosing to participate in. While our discernment can be lacking, fortunately we have Mercury trine Pluto to provide a laser-like focus to highlight those activities that serve a useful purpose and those that would only be some form of busy work. Our discussions today can be insightful and to the point without stepping on anybody’s toes. On the contrary, we may be looking at the most positive characteristics in other people, often to the point of being overly generous in our evaluations of people, giving people the benefit of the doubt and a willingness on our part to do more for them than they would do for us. If we decide to assist someone with their personal concerns, let’s keep in mind the wise admonition that ‘we can help someone lift their burden, but we cannot carry it for them’.

Sunday, May 10th – Attitude of Gratitude – Mars, Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Neptune. Sunday begins in the early morning hours with the Sagittarius Moon sextile Mars. The Moon then moves into Capricorn where today the Capricorn Moon trines Uranus. Mercury trines Jupiter, and the Sun sextiles Neptune. Sunday is Mother’s Day, a day when we honor our Mother and reflect on where we have been on our life’s journey. While we might have a sense of obligation on this Sunday, we can enjoy some scintillating exchanges as we give thought to our memories and share our past experiences. Family interactions are highlighted on this Sunday, and many of our thoughts may be positive remembrances of good times past rather than the scars and wounds that sometimes occur in growing up in family. We may be feeling soulful on this Sunday with an appreciation of where we have come on our life’s path. This hiatus from our daily ways of doing life that this lockdown has imposed has also provided the opportunity of reflection, contemplation and a consideration of the truly essential in our living. Each of us has had the opportunity to consider what we define as quality of living with a greater commitment to fully engage quality over quantity in our days ahead. Today, we have the opportunity of expressing our gratitude to those important people in our life. We may be focused on Mother today, but we can also appreciate the nurture and comfort, the mothering, that many people in our life have provided us — the attitude of gratitude.