March 9th – 15th, 2020

The astrology for this week of March 9th through the 15th of 2020 offers us a ‘hallelujah’ as we end the three-week Mercury retrograde cycle that has been challenging for many people and for the society itself.

Although we shall still have to read between the lines, utilize our due diligence and not buy into the hype or illusions being presented; this week does allow us to get on with matters and in a way that draws upon our intuitive foresight and our detailed implementation.

This is the last full week of the winter season prior to next week’s Vernal Equinox and the beginning of the Spring season. It is also the last full week of Saturn’s transit of Capricorn before Saturn enters Aquarius next week for a brief introduction to Saturn’s transit of the Fixed Air Sign.

As if in justification for what we have been besieged by over the past weeks, we might use this week to embrace our ‘Spring fever’, a tendency that would waste some positive energies this week to get things done.

The week begins with the Virgo Full Moon with Neptune fully engaged. Hysteria may ramp up severalfold as worst case scenarios are discussed as likely possibilities. If we don’t fall prey to the fears and anxiety-provoking media, we could discover that no matter how difficult our problems might be we have the wherewithal to devise a successful resolution.

Mercury ends its three-week retrograde cycle early in the week. During this Mercury retrograde, all the phantoms of an apocalypse have been paraded out for us with the threat of a coming dystopia.

As the week proceeds, the Pisces-transiting planets sextile some of the Capricorn-transiting planets. By maintaining our concentration on our own individual journey and our personal destiny, we can accomplish a great deal. Things could seem to unfold as if on greased wheels, easily and without many bumps in the road. Like life itself, the key element to a successful week is balance — to consider our most significant matters to address, prioritize our involvements, and not be distracted by fascinating diversions nor take on more than we can handle.

This week could be a highly productive week, a week when we can get back on track, attend to what we need to get done and not fall into the victim mode. This is a week when we can do life effectively and productively rather than being done in by life.

Monday, March 9th – Another Manic Monday – Mars, Neptune, Virgo Full Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury direct. Monday starts this week with a frenzy of activity. We can have our act together and be highly functional, or we might find ourselves moody, emotional and hypercritical. The Virgo Moon today trines three of the Capricorn-transiting planets as the Moon trines Mars, Jupiter and Pluto, all in the Cardinal Earth Sign. The Moon opposes Neptune and the Moon opposes the Sun at the time of the Virgo Full Moon. Late in the day, Mercury ends it’s three-week retrograde cycle and turns direct. This Monday could be rather manic, and it would be important for us to plan our day before we start out. Otherwise, this day might only be a helter-skelter of a mess. Whenever Mercury changes direction, things get especially squirrely. Miscommunications, misdirections, misunderstandings and a broad range of ‘misses’ can occur. Appearances and realities might not mesh, but that situation has vexed us over the past three weeks during this Mercury retrograde and probably far longer during these disruptive times. Let’s keep in mind that if we go manic today, the flip side of manic is… depressive. We need not be depressed or manic if we would focus on our projects and activities and what we wish to get done.

Tuesday, March 10th – Slow Down to a Halt – Saturn. Tuesday begins with the Virgo Moon trine Saturn. The Moon then goes into Libra where today the Libra Moon makes no connections to the planets. After a Monday that might have been frenzied and somewhat convoluted, Tuesday is a day for us to pick up the pieces. Whatever we need to do, I would suggest doing so in the morning hours. We might conclude certain matters that we were trying to accomplish yesterday. As the day progresses, we could go into a slow down mode. Apart from savoring pleasures for ourselves, we may have a tendency to withdraw, whether physically or emotionally. Our sensitivity is likely to be ratcheted up, and we might prefer some ‘alone’ time rather than a lot of social interactions. We can make nice with people without revealing much. The rest of this week allows us to be highly productive as long as we are not interrupted by someone’s intrusion. This Tuesday is a good day for us to reinvigorate ourselves and condition ourselves in preparation for major energy exertion over the next few days in advancing our interests.

Wednesday, March 11th – Sidestepping Other People’s Needs – Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Sun. Wednesday continues with the Libra Moon with the Moon today square three of the four Capricorn-transiting planets. The Libra Moon squares Mars, Jupiter and Pluto, all in Capricorn. The Sun sextiles Jupiter. Our compassion can be fully engaged today. Our desire to assist someone may know no bounds. Although we could be incredibly helpful and likely wanting to be of assistance, we have to be wary that we don’t involve ourselves in a bottomless pit, where no matter how much we do for someone, we could always do more. This is a day for us to avoid co-dependency with the recognition of the truth to the statement that ‘we can help someone lift their burden, but we cannot carry their burden for them’. Our confidence may be strong today with a ‘can do’ attitude. It would be wise for us to focus our efforts and not get diverted by someone’s insistence. Someone may be a naysayer and critical of our efforts. Let’s not allow anyone to deflate our optimism or enthusiasm. There are times when it’s important for us to look at criticism from someone with the reminder ‘to check the source and check their agenda’.

Thursday, March 12th – Out of the Way – Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Venus. In the early morning hours of Thursday, the Moon completes its transit of Libra with the Libra Moon trine Mercury and the Moon square Saturn. The Moon then enters Scorpio where today the Moon opposes Uranus and the Moon opposes Venus. If we have our own responsibilities or encumbrances of other people that we’ve taken on, this Thursday can have us wrap up loose ends. We do not want to be tied down by past issues, much less someone’s grievances, so it would be best to attend to outstanding matters early in the day. As the day unfolds, our energy shifts dramatically. Having dealt with what needed to get done, we may decide to go shopping with the intention of changing things around in our environment. We might rid ourselves of old items and replace them with new items. A sense of the impending Spring season could warrant a spruce up, a sense of renewal and new beginnings that the forthcoming season promises. ‘Out with the old, in with the new’ may be our guiding focus. Clearing a path in order to be more streamlined and better able to pursue our interests can make us highly productive over the next two days.

Friday, March 13th – Highly Productive – Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Sun, Pluto. There’s nothing to fear on this Friday the 13th, for this day is replete with strong and positive energies. The Moon continues its transit of Scorpio with the Moon today trine both Neptune and the Sun both in Pisces, and the Moon sextile Mars, Jupiter and Pluto all in Capricorn.
Just as the number 13 reflects the concept of transformation into a higher state, this Friday can be highly productive and effective as we draw upon our foresight and planning to expeditiously deal with our tasks and engage our projects. Nothing is likely to fall between the cracks on this Friday. On the contrary, we can deal with the specifics, be expeditious in our methods, and neatly fit things perfectly together. Friday and Saturday are two primo days to get things done with little resistance and virtually no hiccups along the way. We might prefer enjoying good times with good friends, but these two days are best served doing what needs to be done in ways that allow for successful completions. There are times for work, and times for play, and they don’t always go in accord with our usual schedule. Friday and Saturday offer us greased wheels to take care of business and get things done smoothly, easily, and successfully.

Saturday, March 14th – Doing What Needs to Be Done – Mercury, Saturn, Mars, Neptune, Sun, Pluto. The Moon completes its transit of Scorpio early on Saturday morning with the Scorpio Moon square Mercury and the Moon trine Saturn. The Moon then goes into Sagittarius, but the Sagittarius Moon makes no connections to the planets on this Saturday. Mars sextiles Neptune, and the Sun sextiles Pluto. Our thoughts may turn to distant realms today, but our eyes are focused on what is right in front of us. We continue with a ‘get it done’ attitude today, even if we would prefer to do something else. This Saturday continues the highly productive day of yesterday, and we might be in gear to focus on what we feel we need to do. Much of our energy is geared towards the morning hours. We have the determination and persistence to bring closure to various matters that we began yesterday. Even as the Moon moves into Sagittarius, we still have some gas left in our tank to finish up our main priorities. With a persistence and determination today, we could virtually move mountains. If we have taken care of the most significant projects, then the latter part of the day can be time to do whatever catches our fancy with a sense of a task well done.

Sunday, March 15th – Ides of March – Neptune. Having likely expended a great deal of energy over the past two days, we may choose this Sunday as a day of relaxation, reinvigoration and recharge. The Moon continues its transit of Sagittarius with the Moon square Neptune. Unless we have a plan of action, we could find ourselves spinning our wheels on this Sunday. And why not? Coming off two intense and highly productive days when we might have focused on our projects, tasks and responsibilities, this Sunday can be one of those days when we are just decompressing from the straight-out expenditure of energy of the past two days. There may be all sorts of possibilities on this Sunday for us to pursue, and we might choose to try out various things without a singular concentration on any one particular thing. This is a day when we can explore new horizons, get out of Dodge, and enjoy free time without any commitments, or else it may be a day when we might just choose to idle at home, luxuriating without the compunction to do anything.