February 10th – 16th, 2020

The astrology for this week of February 10th through the 16th of 2020 can have us highly productive, sorting through and getting rid of the extraneous until we come to the end of the week and — wait for it, wait for it — the first of this year’s Mercury retrograde.

With the beginning of the week likely to be effective in dealing with our mundane matters, it would be wise for us to address our pressing needs. With the Mercury retrograde looming, it is better for us to take care of important business prior to the Mercury retrograde or else wait the out the three-week Mercury retrograde cycle and attend to significant matters after Mercury turns direct late on the 9th of March.

The mid-week can have us distracted with preparations for Valentine’s Day or celebrating with friends and colleagues before we come to Friday, Valentine’s Day.

After all the kerfuffles of recent weeks, we might choose the mid-week period to concentrate on our relationships and engage good times with good friends. We might put aside our responsibilities, diminish our interest in the goings-on of the world-at-large, and participate instead in fun get-togethers, especially if we used the first two days of the week to have head down and plowed through our tasks and obligations.

The weekend would be a good time for us to rid ourselves of the outmoded and the outworn. Getting lean and mean in regard to eliminating from our lives the superfluous and needless distractions that often consume our time and energy would be advised as we come into the Mercury retrograde to end the weekend and to begin a three-week cycle that can be confusing at best, a constant parade of screw-ups at the worst.

Monday, February 10th – Best Practices, Best Results – Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune. Monday begins the week with the Virgo Moon opposed both Mercury and Neptune, and the Moon trine Jupiter. We may have a lot on our plate as we start the week, and it would be suggested that we plan our schedule with an emphasis upon the most important matters as our priority. Proper planning would allow us to effectively use time management, expedite our activities, and provide us the opportunity of accomplishing more than if we just go helter-skelter into the week. We have to be wary not to get distracted by superfluous activities or to get drawn into someone’s emotional drama, a never-ending saga that might be more manipulative than solution-focused. Monday and Tuesday energy configurations propel us towards a best practices approach and the ability to get successful results. Let’s keep in mind the forthcoming Mercury retrograde. Like a fire under us, the impending Mercury retrograde can give us the thrust of energy to deal with our most important issues early in this week and prior to the three-week cycle of liable madness and mayhem. Monday and Tuesday are two good days for us to keep our head down, deal with what we need to get done, and complete certain affairs.

Tuesday, February 11th – Ramping It Up – Pluto, Saturn, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course. Tuesday continues with the Virgo Moon with the Moon trine both Pluto and Saturn. The Moon squares Mars just before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for five hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Virgo and before the Moon enters Libra later in the day. Monday and Tuesday are two primo days to get things done and deal with our responsibilities and outstanding matters. Things can fall neatly into place if we have the intention of putting on blinders, focus our attention and concentrate on our mundane issues. Such an attitude of ‘get ‘er done’ [a phrase popularized by the comedian Larry the Cable Guy] can be highly effective with us being surprisingly productive. It would be important for us to use this Monday and Tuesday as two days when we can tie up loose ends, make significant decisions and attend to important matters. As the day progresses, we might take off the blinders, consider a broader perspective of possibilities, and engage any number of matters. That’s all well and good as long as we took care of business earlier on this Tuesday and yesterday. The evening hours and the next two days can be a run-up to Valentine’s Day on Friday with us seeking out friends and that special someone to celebrate our relationship connections.

Wednesday, February 12th – All This and More – Lunar T-Square, Venus, Jupiter. The Moon in Libra today triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the ‘two good guys’ of the planetary realm. The Moon opposes Venus and the Moon squares Jupiter. This is one of those days when our appetite might know no bounds. A sense of balance is likely to be lost, and the liability to excess could be extreme. Our generosity may stretch our financial expenditures beyond what would be reasonable. With much of our attention focused on someone else’s concern, we can be overly accommodating even to the point of capitulating to someone else’s desires and to our own detriment. Although we could be a mark to be taken advantage of today, the fault is likely to fall to our actions than to the other person. Relationships might be dicey, and we could swing between overly accommodating someone to resentment that our own personal needs are not being met. This is a day that demands collaboration and a level playing field to our personal interactions, no matter how skewed we make the field to be.

Thursday, February 13th – Here, There, and Everywhere – Pluto, Sun, Saturn, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course. Thursday has the Moon completing its transit of Libra with the Libra Moon square both Pluto and Saturn both in Capricorn, the Moon trine the Sun, and the Moon sextile Mars. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for three hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra and before the Moon enters Scorpio later in the day. No matter what we have on our plate for this Thursday, our plans might be interrupted by various phone calls, text messages and other reach-outs by people who are thinking of Valentine’s Day tomorrow and thinking of us today. When we were children, we might have given valentine cards to most, if not all, of our classmates. This Thursday may be reminiscent of that time when our heart-felt good feelings poured wide and touched any number of people. We might not accomplish a great deal today regarding our routine matters; our heart and mind just are not there today. This Thursday is a good day for relationships and thoughts of future expansion, even plans for distant travel to reunite with friends that are fun to consider whether the journeys actually occur or not, but not a day to be focused or highly effective.

Friday, February 14th – Spirit or Matter – Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter. Friday is Valentine’s Day, and this Friday has the Moon in Scorpio opposed Uranus to begin the day, and the Moon trine Mercury and the Moon sextile Jupiter to end the day. We might be more concerned about the ‘how’ we indicate our love and appreciation for someone rather than the depth of our spiritual connection. In Christian theology, Jesus is attributed to have said: ‘Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.’ The question of spirit and matter has been a question that has plagued humanity from time immemorial. And this Friday might be an example of this paradox. We may begin this day more interested in purchasing something of a material nature — flowers, chocolates, other gifts — to show our love and devotion to someone. As the day proceeds, our gift to someone may be far more present as we truly open up on a soul level to the spiritual connection we have with someone. The idea of ‘soulmates’ may be bandied about at times, and often in a flippant manner, but there is truly the sense of an extraordinarily deep connection we have with someone, with some people — a connection that transcends this one life experience and engages many lifetimes in our past incarnations, and lifetimes we are likely to have in future dimensions. This Friday might start a little bumpy but evolves through the day into that spiritual depth of connection. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Saturday, February 15th – Ever Present – Neptune, Pluto, Sun, Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course. Saturday continues with the Scorpio Moon with the Moon today trine Neptune, the Moon square the Sun, and the Moon sextile both Pluto and Saturn both in Capricorn. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over five and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Scorpio and before the Moon enters Sagittarius towards the end of the day. Although we might prefer to take the day and just do whatever we wish on a whim, this day is better served by completing certain matters. Let’s keep in mind that Mercury turns retrograde late tomorrow. Whatever we can conclude as far as important matters today, the better it would be. Otherwise, we’ll still have time tomorrow before Mercury turns retrograde, but our head will be less interested in dealing with mundane matters. This Saturday is a day to stay present and do a good cleanup and clear out.

Sunday, February 16th – Here We Go Again – Venus, Mercury, Mars Capricorn, Mercury retrograde. The Moon in Sagittarius today trines Venus and the Moon squares Mercury just after Mercury turns retrograde. Mars exits Sagittarius to enter Capricorn, where Mars is exalted and increases the power of the Capricorn Stellium as Mars joins Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in the Cardinal Earth Sign. This Sunday may be a day when we might want to get out of Dodge or just enjoy ourselves in pleasurable activities. Although we have an increasing thrust to accomplish our goals, we start to do so under the opening of the Mercury retrograde. And this Mercury retrograde can be especially vexing sine much of it occurs with Mercury backtracking through Pisces, a Sign of Detriment for Mercury. Diffuse thinking and confusion may be ratcheted up severalfold with us liable to miscommunications, misunderstandings and all sorts of possible screw-ups. Although during these times it is important that we heed the warning ‘be careful out there’, under this Mercury retrograde the next three weeks demands that we be ever more so.