November 11th – 17th, 2019

The astrology for this week of November 11th through the 17th of 2019 can be a highly productive week despite this week being the last full week of this Mercury retrograde.

Although few people are receptive listeners, we can understand a great deal by listening, contemplating what we’ve heard, and then considering how we choose to respond to the information imparted.

Our mind this week can be sharp, able to cut through the superfluous and get to the fundamentals. Our intuitive sense is likely to be heightened with an ability to put things together so that everything fits neatly into place.

The Taurus Full Moon on Tuesday highlights our effectiveness. We can release matters that have no further significance, all the while developing the template by which we can successfully accomplish our goals.

The first half of the week has us able to achieve a lot. We are concentrating on the truly essential, unmoved by distractions, but focused on our intentions. Things could move quickly in the first half of the week.

As if astounded by our accomplishments, we might decide to do more than would be wisely determined. Taking on more than we can handle or spreading ourselves thin could have disastrous results. It may not upset what we have achieved during the first three days of the week, only create a kerfuffle towards the end of the week.

The end of the week and the weekend offer pleasant times at home. Responsibilities might intrude, but the sanctuary of home can be comforting and provide a respite where we are able to recharge our batteries, reinvigorate our spirit and have a sense of a job well done.

We close out the weekend with thoughts of doing something special and unique with someone, although we have to be wary of spending too much or an unexpected expense that could cost us dearly.

Monday, November 11th – Honoring Lost in Shopping – Uranus, Sun, Mercury. We begin the week on this Monday with the Moon in Taurus and the Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus. The Sun conjuncts Mercury. In the US, this Monday is Veterans Day, honoring those people who have served in the US military. In China, November 11th is Singles Day, celebrating those people who are single and a day popularized as a major shopping day by Alibaba, which in 2018 had sales of over US$30.8 billion in the twenty-four hour period. For some people, this day is a holiday and with the Taurus emphasis much shopping to acquire goods and services can be enhanced. With sales likely to be hawking ‘bargains’, people may justify their expenditures as early holiday shopping, purchases of necessary tools and equipment, or providing an important personal makeover. This Monday, coming as it does with the Master Number of 11 twice over [both in the month and in the day], could be a visionary time when we consider how best to streamline our operations and be more effective with less expenditure of energy. This is a good day to make changes, even though we might find ourselves in a push – pull between acquiring and getting rid of stuff.

Tuesday, November 12th – Nothing Falling Between Cracks – Neptune, Saturn, Mercury, Taurus Full Moon, Sun, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars, Jupiter. Tuesday has the Taurus Full Moon with the Moon opposed both the Sun and Mercury both in Scorpio, the Moon sextile Neptune, and the Moon trine both Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for nineteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Taurus and before the Moon enters Gemini tomorrow. Mars sextiles Jupiter. If we avoid getting highly emotional and hosting a pity party for ourselves, then this day can be highly productive and with us being extremely effective. This is a day for us to deal with the specifics in our lives with the idea of putting things together piece by piece. An either or quality could be part of this day. Either we can accomplish a great deal, tie up loose ends and provide room for new involvements. Or we might find ourselves overly critical, in a perfectionist strain, and seeing the flaws in everything and everyone. I would suggest the former. Someone may provide us encouragement and applaud our creativity and our ‘can do’ abilities. While we can get a lot done today if we stay focused, the challenge might be doing just enough and not doing too much.

Wednesday, November 13th – Planning Before Acting – Mercury, Saturn, Sun, Pluto, Neptune. The Moon moves into Gemini but makes no connections to the planets today. Mercury sextiles Saturn, Mercury trines Neptune, and the Sun sextiles Pluto. Although our inclination today could be for us to be all over the place, juggling any number of things, and getting involved in this, that and the other; it would be wise for us to put the brakes on any action before we have considered where we are going and what we are doing. Strategizing and planning our decisions and our actions can pay remarkable dividends. Our mind is sharp, able to draw both upon foresight and a solid template by which to achieve successful results. We can certainly be on top of things today, prioritizing our plans and moving ahead strategically, if we don’t get in our own way by distractions, diversions or trying to ‘rush the river’. Slow and steady today may prove far more effective than giving into a kinetic, frenetic energy. Although taking our time and allowing things to unfold before we launch forward would be the most sensible approach, it’s an approach we might dismiss to a far more active, although agitated, style.

Thursday, November 14th – Miscues, Missteps – Lunar T-Square, Venus, Neptune. Thursday continues with the Gemini Moon with the Moon triggering a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Venus, and the Moon square Neptune. Venus squares Neptune. Earlier this week, we could have been highly productive. In the process, we might have assumed that everything was going our way and we may have become self-adulatory, believing that we could do no wrong. And that would be a problem and a good example of our getting in our own way. We have to be selective and highly discerning in what we choose to hear and from whom we choose to hear it. We can be led down a garden path if we allow ourselves to be flattered or we give up ou r own judgment for someone else’s suggestions. This Thursday could be highly confusing with a liability of spinning our wheels or heading down in the wrong direction. It would be wise to put major decisions or actions on hold until we have a clearer mind and are able to discern substance from appearance. This is a day when it is essential that we evaluate what is truly going on and engage my suggestion ‘to check the source, and check their agenda’. We could be sold a bag of goods if we buy into hype and sparkling presentations. By allowing things time to unfold we can avoid getting caught up in the illusions and delusions that seem to be operating on some many different venues.

Friday, November 15th – Switch It Up – Jupiter, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Uranus. Friday finishes the Moon’s transit of Gemini and as it does so the Gemini Moon opposes Jupiter, and the Moon trines Mars. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for four and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Gemini and before the Moon enters Cancer where today the Moon sextiles Uranus. If we were confused yesterday about whatever is going on, we could start this Friday like Wrong Way Corrigan, heading off in the wrong direction confidently and enthusiastically. Our optimism might lead us down a garden path. If we would use the early part of this Friday to consider our options and alternatives, take into account possibilities and future prospects without acting upon them, we could save ourselves a great deal of grief. Acting without thinking may prove problematic at the least, catastrophic at the max. Fortunately, the shift in energy as the Moon transits out of Gemini and into Cancer can mitigate any damage we might have done. Our attention diverges from the wide spectrum of choices, some plausible, others highly implausible. We become more interested in starting the weekend early, spending time dealing with home and family matters, and engaging in some fun unexpected event later in the day.

Saturday, November 16th – Pause that Refreshes – Lunar Grand Trine, Mercury, Neptune, Saturn. Saturday can be a primo day thanks to the Cancer Moon triggering a Water Grand Trine with the Moon trine Mercury in Scorpio and the Moon trine Neptune in Pisces. Later in the day, the Moon opposes Saturn. Saturday is a good day for us to luxuriate in our thoughts, our contemplations, and in the sanctity of our home. When we push the pause button in our fast-accelerating pace of life, ideas and greater understanding can come to us. Some alone time today might reap incredible rewards. Our intuitive sense, the ability of ‘knowing without knowing’ may be especially strong today. We don’t have to figure everything out but instead to be open to receive insights and affirmations that come during those quiet times we offer ourselves. This is a good day for us to attend to matters around our home, feather our nest, and enjoy the blessings of our family and closest friends. Any reveries we take for ourselves today might be broken by commitments made for the evening hours. Much of this Saturday allows us to loll about in our own happy, safe place. The evening hours could have us back on track dealing with obligations.

Sunday, November 17th – Dancing to Someone’s Tune – Sun, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Mars, Uranus. In some societies and stronger at some other point in time, Sunday was considered a ‘day of rest’. Such a belief may not hold any longer, and certainly in astrological terms this Sunday is anything but a day of rest. Yesterday, definitely so, was a day when we might have taken time to relax, recharge and be spiritually infused. This Sunday, not so much. The Moon today completes its transit of Cancer and in the process the Moon trines the Sun, and the Moon triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Pluto and the Moon square Mars. Later in the day, the Moon exits Cancer to enter Leo and closes out the week late in the day with the Moon square Uranus. Our responsibilities may determine this Sunday’s schedule. While our emotions are engaged and our compassion accentuated, we could go out of our way, go the extra mile, and help someone deal with their perplexing problems. This day is more about someone else rather than our self. We do need to avoid being co-dependent, taking on someone’s issues, and maintaining healthy boundaries between our being of service and not falling into self-sacrifice. If we overstep our bounds, then we might experience a pushback from the person we are trying to help, somewhat akin to the idiom ‘to bite the hand that feeds you’.